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Aeration with Bubble Tubing™


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Bubble Tubing™ is a fine bubble linear diffuser that provides bottom aeration. It can be installed on its own or integrated in the OctoAir-10™ industrial diffuser or the CanadianAir Diffusion™ system for the following applications:
• Aeration to improve water quality and for the optimal health of the ecosystem
• De-Icing to keep waterways open or protect infrastructures
• Bubble Curtains to act as underwater barriers

Bubble Tubing™ is proprietary product. Available worldwide but made in Canada for:
• Lakes & Reservoirs
• Shallow & narrow canals
• Mining Tailing Ponds
• Wastewater
• Leachate Ponds
• Fracking Produced Water etc.


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Aeration with Bubble Tubing™

  1. 1. Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser by:
  2. 2. CANADIANPOND.CA • Lake Water Quality Management • Aeration • De-Icing • Bio-Augmentation
  3. 3. • Durable • Flexible • Self- sinking • Low maintenance • 5 year warranty
  4. 4. Aeration ImprovesWater Quality in a
  5. 5. • Lakes & Reservoirs • MiningTailing Ponds • Waste Water • Leachate Ponds • Industrial Applications • Fracking Pond etc.
  6. 6. Field tests reveal a 9 foot drop in sediment 6 years after the installation of our OctoAir-10™ diffuser. Drinking water reservoir,T