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What is empower network

  1. 1. What Is Empower Network?byKathryn Alexander | on January 12, 2013 A Detailed Review of Empower NetworkIt was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe. They each have streets to the golden seatsstory.David was once a broke homeless guy that lived in a van with his wife. He went from mlmbusiness to other marketing businesses trying to find his success. I related to his story aboutbeing broke and wanting to succeed at making money online.David Sharpe battled drug and alcohol abuse and he used to work in the construction industry. Icould even relate to David Woods story, not that I personally battled those but someone close tome had and I watched them struggle until they succeeded to beat their addictions. Now, TodayDave and Dave are making 6 figures every month through EN.The reason I got into Empower Network was for the success story of Niamh Arthur who wentfrom a Starbucks job to stay at home family and able to retire her husband so he can stay hometoo. She makes over $12,000 a month now. Her story struck me as the life I want for my family.So with her guidance that’s exactly what is going to happen.Now I have been a part of network marketing companies before. And I failed with them. I waswith Watkins and Visalus and Gold Canyon. The biggest issue I kept on running into was notmaking sales or finding people interested in starting a home business where you go do homeparties. I also wasn’t fully interested in the company or product and didn’t have much help orsupport. Also I only made $2-$10 for every sale. Instead of selling some product at an in homeparty for $50-100 and keeping a small percent of the sale, David setup the Empower Network sothat I get to keep 100% of every sale. AND NO HOME PARTIES!
  2. 2. So I went ahead and paid the 25 bucks to get access to the blogging system. because of their100% commission structure that all of what I had just paid was going to Niamh’s family to helpher succeed more – which was fine and I actually felt good about.What is inside the Empower Network?The Empower Network provides 4 products packages.1.) A blogging platform and 8 Fast Track training series, which you get as soon as you signup.What is it? It’s a fully customizable turn key blogging solution, pre-formatted and integratedwith the social networks, to help you attract more traffic, capture more leads, and build yourbusiness faster, better, and with less resistance.Also lot’s of customers just love to blog and share their thoughts and ideas online through oureasy to use blog.Most people have no idea how to set up a blog, or how much work and money goes into tomaking it look good. So for only $25 per month, you get a customizable blog complete withhosting, and the ability to customize certain features of the design. No techy stuff needed by thecustomer – it’s set-up instantly, so there’s no hassles, headaches or time loss.The basic blog platform also comes with a series of 8 Fast Track training videos and adownloadable core checklist. Dave And Dave go over everything you need to get started. Theygive explanations of how and why the blogging platform works and how to make money withyour new Empower Network business. This Fast Track comes all in a package with the $25blogging platform, and has Everything you need to get started.2.) The Inner Circle is their audio series of interviews with industry experts.For only $100 per month, you’ll get the best ongoing audio training you’ve ever heard in yourlife. There is interviews of industry Phenom’s who want nothing more than to help you makemore money, have a better life, and build your marketing automation business.Each audio is a 45-60 minute interview of a marketing legend. You can download them andlisten to it in your car, your ipod, or iphone. Plus – you can get resell rights if you want, theability to refer the training to others, and earn 100% commissions.3.) The Costa Rica Intensive PackageThis is a 11 hour video series filmed on location at a $3,000 private retreat in the mountains ofCosta Rica.
  3. 3. You’ll learn how to build a viral marketing machine like you’ve never imagined possible. Thisretreat was filmed BEFORE we built the Empower Network, and I actually teach HOW we’vedone what we’ve done.Why is this valuable? Dave and Dave and many others used this information to do millions ofdollars in info product sales in Empower Network.4.) The $15K Formula.The $15K Formula is also a educational video series. Each video provides 2-3 hours worth oftraining on a single marketing area. They are constantly adding new ones that are included if youhave already purchased the 15K package. Some video topics include, the elements of creatinggreat and useful content for social media. Another video talks about the specifics of paidadvertising, like how to setup a Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaigns.There is More……One of the most common questions: Are there any extra fees or costs? I mean if the EmpowerNetwork pays out 100% commissions, how do they stay in business right?The answer: there is a monthly affiliate fee of $19.95. This allows the customer to access their e-wallet payment system (like paypal). This fee goes to support not only the payment system, butalso to support customer service, other staff and the business structure that are necessary torunning a whole company. This is a business! It is not a job or a hobby! MLM affiliate marketing is just that – marketing. No product or service ever sells itself without marketing!In order to make any sale, the reality is that you will have to put effort into marketing yourbusiness. While the company does have great products to sell, keep in mind that you will have toput your effort in upfront before you see any results.However, Empower Network does give you an exact system to follow. Here are the main 2 outof the 8 Core Commitments:
  4. 4. 1. Blog daily – create good and useful content people will want to read 2. Market daily – distribute that blog posts so that people who will find it and actually see itAGAIN…… this is not a job and it is not a hobby. It is abusiness!! “A business is meant to provide you and your family with an economic means of survival and prosperity. It is meant to not only put food on the table and shelter over your head, but to also make your life more comfortable in general. It is meant to be profitable and it is meant to grow in profitability so that you can live a better life as the business grows.”Keep in mind that the Empower Network is a business. You will have to put time into educating yourself about how to run your Empower business from your sponsors and the products within Empower Network. You will have to put time and effort into working the Empower system to get your business to grow and expand to where it is mostly automated without much effort. You will need to invest money into marketing and advertising to make sales (notice I said INVEST, not spend – the whole idea is that you make your money back and hopefully much more over time). This can come later if you are short on funds at the beginning.BUT the Empower Network business also comes with manybenefits that other businesses do not: You have a team to help support you so you are not operating alone. My team is the Rebel Marketing Group! Show you what needs to be done and encourage you through each success.(When you join ME you are also put into the Rebel Group and get a free downloadable manual with great marketing information.) You have a proven system that has already been tested – you just have to follow it. Super Easy video’s to watch and 8 Core Commitments. You can get started for only $25 per month!! Super cheap for a whole business! Every sale results in 100% commissions paid directly to you. No Other business can guarantee that. You can do everything sitting at home- No More home parties or getting out of bed on a schedule to go to a crappy job, and no more kids at daycare!SO Now that you have read all about Empower Network you are probably wondering….. IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?This is what’s most important at the end of the day. Is this a good fit for you? Will you be able tocontinue blogging long enough to start making sales? Will you be willing and able to work atyour business to be successful?
  5. 5. I wrote this so you can see everything there is to Empower Network and make an informeddecision for yourself and your family.If you are thinking…..YES THIS WOULD BE PERFECT FOR ME! And you are interested in joining Our Rebel teamand get the free marketing manual, then I would encourage you to click the link below or on theside Now.I truly love working my Empower Network business and have learned an incredible amount ofonline business marketing and sales information! Although my brain is still adjusting to all theinformation I was blogging and making sales in my first month!You can make sales fast too with the guidance and support of our team. You are not going to bethrown into the business blind and left there to fail. NO! You will be put in touch with our daily growing group to help show you how to become successful!I hope this blog helped to inform you more about Empower Network so you can make yourinformed decision today.Cheers!