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CanadianCMF 2016 Annual Report


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Annual report for Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation. More information about organization:

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CanadianCMF 2016 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2016 ANNUAL REPORT Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation
  2. 2. FOUNDATION Not-for-profit organization run by committed voluntary Millennials working to improve race relations in Canada, by mitigate racism, racial discrimination, and create cultural understanding through multicultural education.  Leaders in Diversity Award, 2016 CLICKS Projects 20% Research 20% Events 20% Advocacy 20% Services 20% FIVE WORK STREAMS 12,157 views 325 likes 20 followers 150 followers 2,000 views AWARD
  3. 3. "And to cap it all off, our organization received the 'Leaders in Diversity' award for our significant contribution to diversity in Canada." MESSAGE FROM OUR BOARD The year 2016 was in more ways than one, a truly banner year for us. True to our mission of educating and engaging all citizens with the purpose of improving race relations, our activities attracted local and national attention. We hosted the first ever Canadian Anti-Racism Arts Festival that received rave reviews; our documentary YYC Colours played to a sold out crowd, our #ICameAsARefugee campaign received worldwide attention, and to cap it all off, our organization received the 'Leaders in Diversity' award for their significant contribution to diversity in Canada. And our work has only just begun. We have a team of talented, hardworking and passionate community leaders actively working behind the scenes to champion the mission and vision of our organization and at its helm is an exceptional, tireless and brilliant CEO, Iman Bukhari whose trailblazing ways have profoundly raised awareness of racism in Canada.   I heartily congratulate the team for a year of outstanding and ground breaking achievements.  by Mae Chun, Board Chair BOARD MEMBERS: Mae Chun, Chair Amtul Khan, Vice Chair Suraj Gurung, Board Sachin Sudra, Board Greg Bennett, Board
  4. 4. "One of the best parts of my work is how real the change is." -Iman Bukhari, CEO TEAM MEMBERS: Iman Bukhari, CEO Asjad Bukhari, CFO Quais Amer, President Mansharan Toor, Policy Analyst Rick Alvarez, HR/Business Elise Ahenkorah, Partnership Saniya Khan, Outreach  Sedri Noor, Outreach MESSAGE FROM OUR TEAM Each year, I am excited to see the change our organization brings. It's not easy being grassroots and running on nothing but passion, but we do a real good job at it. One of the best parts of my work is how real the change is. This year I was able to lead two of our best projects yet. YYC Colours, our documentary on racism took me about one and a half year to complete, and so far we have had about 100 screenings this year since its release in April. This is huge. The best part for me is that the screenings have almost always come with dialogue attached. This was the exact purpose of our documentary and now it has been screened in several cinemas across the country, schools, workplaces, community organization and more. Our other awesome project was the Anti-Racism Arts Festival. We have wanted to make this happen for a while now, but this year was the first time we were able to make it a reality. Folks who participated had a great time learning and engaging in anti-racism action through arts. I feel proud that we are working to create change through creative ways. This is not easy, but so worth it.  by Iman Bukhari, CEO
  5. 5. This year our organization was able to complete over 50 presentations, workshops, and engaging activities with students, workplaces, community organizations and clubs. Topics covered in our sessions related to multiculturalism, anti-racism, inclusion, diversity, understanding colonialism, and privilege. OUR WORK IN SCHOOLS, AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS, AND THE COMMUNITY Every day war, execution, and natural disasters force thousands of people to flee their homes. In order to escape, they leave everything behind – all except their hopes and dreams for a better future. Our I Came As A Refugee campaign sheds some positive light on refugees and celebrates their contribution to our society. This poster and video campaign is a response to anti-refugee feelings. This campaign highlights six different refugees that came to Canada, and tells their stories through their own words.  I CAME AS A REFUGEE O U R W O R K I N 2 0 1 6
  6. 6. YYC Colours is a documentary that is created to start discussions about racism in Calgary and Canada in general. The film took over a year and a half to produce. We spoke to hundreds of people and over 100 interviews were recorded through a community call to action that contributed to the content of the film. The goal is to have people view the film and start having honest conversations about racism and privilege in our society. The subject of race can be very touchy, but if we as a society don't engage in the conversation and understand the problem, racism will never end. Our cinema screenings were all sold out and as of this year, we have had over 100 screenings across Canada. The film will continue being screened until April 2017. It will be released online afterwards. YYC COLOURS O U R W O R K I N 2 0 1 6
  7. 7. The Anti-Racism Arts Film Festival  took place during February and March of 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. This is because February is Black History Month and in March takes place the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We had over 40 participants in the film challenge and about 20 participants in the poetry jam.  About 150 citizens came out to the arts activities in February. The red carpet screening in March was a great success with over 350 attendees. The night showcased all the completed films, along with awards and prizes going to the winners. We look forward to hosting another successful festival next year. ANTI-RACISM ARTS FESTIVAL O U R W O R K I N 2 0 1 6