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CanadianCIO Innovation Summit 2015: Workshop Session


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A set of exercises for IT leaders to better brainstorm new ideas and approaches to enabling the future of work. Conducted in Muskoka, Ont. on Sept. 21, 2015

Published in: Leadership & Management
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CanadianCIO Innovation Summit 2015: Workshop Session

  1. 1. The Process • Three different groups, will be presented with a different innovation methodology. • Teams will have half and hour to work through their exercise. • Judges will evaluate the results based on: • “What could we do if everything was possible?” • “How can we do it?” • “What can go wrong?” 2
  2. 2. ‘A Day In The Life’ • Pick 1-2 members of the group and ask them to recount a typical work day — meetings, travel, tasks, etc. • Create a timeline for these tasks. Discuss areas where technology could optimize or assist in the process • Do the same exercise by thinking through the day of a non-IT colleague in one of the member’s firms (ie, CEO, CMO, VP Sales)
  3. 3. ‘Empathy mapping’ • Create a sketch of the head of a common role in your firm that IT supports (finance, sales, marketing, operations, legal, HR). • Divide the poster into sections that outline what the character sees, hears, thinks and feels about a challenge or priority facing the business. • Explore technology ideas to help not only the outcome but the user’s experience. 4
  4. 4. ‘Remember the Future’ • Think three years out: What will be the biggest challenges/needs of business workers and how will IT departments have helped? What will you as CIOs have done? • Write down in point form the technologies, processes and key business outcomes that will have been involved • Outline at least three practical steps to realize this future today. 5