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Installation of xp


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Installation of xp

  1. 1. The installationof Windows XPBy Cammie HallBy Cammie Hall
  2. 2. Start When theWhen theinstallation firstinstallation firststarts this page willstarts this page willappear.appear. From there youFrom there youpress enter topress enter toinstall.install.
  3. 3. Terms and conditions Press F8 to agree.Press F8 to agree. If you want to readIf you want to readthe terms andthe terms andconditions you canconditions you canscroll down.scroll down.
  4. 4. Creating Partitions It is highlyIt is highlyrecommended torecommended tomake at least 1make at least 1partition or more.partition or more. This helps theThis helps thespace to bespace to beorganised in aorganised in alogical way.logical way.
  5. 5. Formatting the Partition Once againOnce againformatting all youformatting all younewly madenewly madepartitions ispartitions isrecommended asrecommended asthey help youthey help
  6. 6. Setting Up Now Windows XPNow Windows XPis being set up withis being set up withyour partitions.your partitions. This may takeThis may takesome time.some time.
  7. 7. The installation When this windowWhen this windowappears it showsappears it showsthat XP is set upthat XP is set upbut you will stillbut you will stillneed to wait.need to wait. It will still need toIt will still need toget its selfget its selftogether.together.
  8. 8. Language Pick a language.Pick a language. And also set up theAnd also set up theregion.region. If its wrong changeIf its wrong
  9. 9. Personalising software This is for thoseThis is for thosewho have set it upwho have set it upfor a network.for a network. Put in all thePut in all thenecessarynecessaryinformation.information. Name and name orName and name ororganisationorganisation
  10. 10. PNG Enter the productEnter the productkey.key. This will be on theThis will be on It should be easyIt should be easyto spot and haveto spot and havethe dashes in thethe dashes in theright spaces.right spaces.
  11. 11. Computer name and password With this you canWith this you caneasily identify youreasily identify yourcomputer, and itcomputer, and ithelps if it’s a network.helps if it’s a network. And the passwordAnd the passwordhelps secure it.helps secure it.People cannotPeople cannotaccess and get holdaccess and get holdof anything importantof anything importanton your computer.on your computer.
  12. 12. Date & Time This is important, asThis is important, asyou don’t want this toyou don’t want this tobe wrong. When on yourWhen on yourcomputer you rely oncomputer you rely onit for the date andit for the date andtime. If those aretime. If those arewrong everything canwrong everything canbecome messed up,become messed up,especially if you haveespecially if you havemeetings etc/meetings etc/
  13. 13. Network Settings For those less adeptFor those less adeptwith computer’s thewith computer’s thebest option for thisbest option for thiswould be typical.would be typical.This basically allowsThis basically allowsyour computer toyour computer toconnect to otherconnect to othercomputers in acomputers in
  14. 14. Domain If you want yourIf you want yourcomputer to becomputer to beapart of a domainapart of a domainor theor theadministrator of aadministrator of adomain then makedomain then makea domain. DON’Ta domain. DON’TFORGET to makeFORGET to makea domain namea domain namethat is specific forthat is specific forwhat you need.what you need.
  15. 15. Finish installation Now theNow theinstallation isinstallation iscomplete.complete. You can now go onYou can now go onyour computer withyour computer withwindows XP.