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the journey of Otto


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the journey of Otto, presented in the 2017 Xi'an China Maker Faire, is the adventure of how 2 Latin makers with a lot of passion for robots are enabling everyone in the world to build their own robots.

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the journey of Otto

  1. 1. the of Otto
  2. 2. why like to robots? make do we
  3. 3. create characters the joy of animating mechanical objects and giving them personality
  4. 4. interactive machines to play and learn
  5. 5. to be a real maker you need to be passionate about your “work”
  6. 6. truly open source hardware all electronic parts are standard components very easy to buy basically everywhere we don’t try to create some sort of business strategy so people buy from only one source (that is not truly open source!) hardware and code are open, even packaging is open!
  7. 7. by sharing openly our knowledge we enable everyone in the world to build robots
  8. 8. we aim to make a difference with Otto “to create social impact or value for the public, rather than just for personal or shareholder wealth” (Austin, 2006)
  9. 9. inspiration
  10. 10. name OTTO
  11. 11. team
  12. 12. passion requires effort and sacrifice without being a workaholic
  13. 13. open source bipeds bipeds are the biggest and broadest family among open source robots in Otto DIY we encourage people to copy, remix and redesign
  14. 14. the family before
  15. 15. and now ... CLOSE QUIT PREV NEXT
  16. 16. what can Otto do?
  17. 17. Otto can... RESET G V S 3 25 49 810 VinGnd
  18. 18. why is Otto special?
  19. 19. Otto is more than just a robot! he is a robot with heart and soul
  20. 20. the act of building and coding your own Otto will create an emotional attachment between you and him that will become a long-lasting friendship
  21. 21. our Vision is to create a truly emotional robot that connects with all people allowing everyone to interact socially imagine emotion games through Otto that enable people to cooperate and learn
  22. 22. satisfaction we share all our knowledge for FREE and we get great contribution from the Otto Builder Community without even expecting so much support
  23. 23. one of the motivations to continue is to see Otto Builders making greater things
  24. 24. you can also be a maker! build your own Otto!
  25. 25. thanks! 谢谢!
  26. 26.