Scheduling the advertising and executing the advertising program


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Scheduling the advertising and executing the advertising program

  1. 1. Scheduling The Advertising and Executing The Advertising Program
  2. 2. Scheduling The Advertising  Scheduling directly refers to the patterns of time in which the advertisement is going to run. It helps fixing up the time slots according to the advertiser so that the message to be delivered will reach target audience in a proper way with proper timings. Models Of Advertising Schedule •Continuity •Flighting •Pulsing
  3. 3. CONTINUITY The run ads whole year round. The advertisements under this type run at regular and fixed intervals. The main advantage here is reminding about the products to the customers continuously. This model helps maintain a continuous and complete purchase cycle. This is a best model for the products having continuous demand all the year round.
  4. 4. •This model is also called “BURSTING”. •This absolute season based products model. The ads here run at very irregular intervals. Advertisements are for very shorter periods and sometimes no ads at all. •The advantage of this model is there is very less waste of funds as the ads run only at the peak time when the product demand is on high. Flighting
  5. 5. Pulsing • Pulsing combines flighting and continuous scheduling by using a low advertising level all year round and heavy advertising during peak selling periods. Product categories that are sold year round but experience a surge in sales at intermittent periods are good candidates for pulsing.
  6. 6. Points to remember while scheduling an advertisement: •Selecting a proper media type for running ads •Selecting a correct time for running ads so that the purpose is solved. •Advertisements should be sufficient enough to deliver the message to the target.
  7. 7. Executing The Advertising Program
  8. 8. Execution of Advertising • It refers to the manner in which an advertising appeal is carried out or presented. A particular advertising appeal can be executed in a variety of ways and a particular means of execution can be applied to a variety of advertising appeals Execution Styles in Advertising •Slice-of-Life •Testimonial •Fantasy •Humorous •Animation •Comparison •Demonstration •Musical •Straight Sell
  9. 9. Slice-of-Life • It based on a problem/solution type of format. •The ad attempts to portray a real-life situation involving a problem, conflict or situation consumers may face in their daily lives. •The ad then focuses on showing how the advertiser's product or service can resolve the problem.
  10. 10. Testimonial There is a particular person speak on behalf of the product or service based on his or her personal use of and/or experiences with it.
  11. 11. FANTASY This type of appeal is often used for image advertising by showing an imaginary situation or illusion involving a consumer and the product or service. “The Big Race” (2006)
  12. 12. HUMOROUS Humor can be used as the basis for an advertising appeal. However, humor can also be used as a way of executing the message and presenting other types of advertising appeals. “You're Not You When You're Hungry” (2010-2011)
  13. 13. ANIMATION This technique used animated characters or scenes drawn by artists or on computer. Animation is often used as an execution technique for advertising targeted at children.
  14. 14. COMPARISON This type of execution involves a direct or indirect comparison of a brand against the competition.
  15. 15. DEMONSTRATION This type of execution is designed to illustrate the key advantages or benefits of a product or service by showing it in actual use or in some contrived or staged situation. MUSICAL Conveys the message of the advertisement through song. STRAIGHT –SELL or FACTUAL MESSAGE It relies on a straightforward presentation of information about the product or service such as specific attributes or benefits.
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