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Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIS)


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This is a presentation I did for my Production of Networked Information class, which was a programming class in HTML, CSS and Java. In addition to learning concepts and languages, we presented on a topic relevant to front-end web design.

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Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIS)

  1. 1. Web APIs Camille Thomas LIS 5362
  2. 2. • Application Programming Interface • What does that even mean? What is an API?
  3. 3. • Integrated o Drag & Drop • Standardized • Open APIs • Examples: o Google Maps o Facebook Graph o Amazon Types of APIs
  4. 4. • a.k.a. What does this have to do with dev? • • HTML5 • RESTful vs. SOAP Client-side development
  5. 5. • WHATWG- Hypertext Application Technology Working Group • W3C History
  6. 6. • Mashups! • Example: Evolution
  7. 7. • How does it work? • Simple machine • Lets you write apps that use other apps o Twitter API • Google Entrepreneurs Tutorial BUT HOW??
  8. 8. Google Maps API demo Simple Demo