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Publication contracts & Author’s rights


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Workshop on publication contracts and licensing for authors of scholarship. Given at Texas Tech University Libraries.

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Publication contracts & Author’s rights

  1. 1. Publication Contracts & Author’s Rights
  2. 2. You own what you create.
  3. 3. • Copyright occurs at the moment an idea is fixed in a tangible form of expression • What is copyrighted? • Literary works • Musical works, Dramatic works, Pantomimes and choreographic works • Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works • Sound, Motion pictures and other A/V works • Sound recordings • Architectural works What is Copyright?
  4. 4. •TTU and the Board of Regents: •Intellectual property •Sponsored research •Disclosure for commercialization & trademarks What is Tech’s Policy?
  5. 5. The “rights” in copyright • Make Copies • Distribute the work • Prepare derivatives • Publically perform or display • License to 3rd parties • Transfer rights to 3rd party
  6. 6. The Process
  7. 7. New Research Lifecycles Image: UC Irving Libraries
  8. 8. Life after Publication •Share •Dissertation or Thesis •Teach •Reuse •Post Image: Steven Snodgrass under CC-BY
  9. 9. Publishers: Need •Right of First Publication Want •Reproduction •Distribution •Derivatives
  10. 10. Save what you sign. Save versions of your manuscripts.
  11. 11. Loosing Your Copyright • Licensing allows specific rights to be retained: • Authors keep copyright and license other rights (e.g., first publication) • Publishers take copyright and license rights back (e.g., reproduction, derivatives) • Licensing + Patents • Visibility and Opportunity Image: Micah Vandegrift
  12. 12. Contract Terms Table: Brett D.Currier under CC-BY-NC
  13. 13. Contract Terms Table: Brett D. Currier under CC-BY-NC
  14. 14. Contract Addendums & Negotiation •Resources •The Library Can Help! •Addendum •Negotiation Tips
  15. 15. Camille Thomas Scholarly Communication/ Copyright Librarian Office 132C (Makerspace area) 9am-4pm