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Communicating and disseminating your Horizon 2020 project


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As the European Union Horizon 2020 funding programme unrolls, communication and dissemination activities are set to be more prevalent in each research project. In order to meet the Impact criterion of the evaluators by getting the best support and visibility, projects have to implement a complete communication and dissemination strategy.

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Sparks & Co is a European science communication agency specialised in Horizon 2020 projects based in France.
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Communicating and disseminating your Horizon 2020 project

  1. 1. Impact for your European project Communicate innovation and expertise to pairs, users, investors, regulators, policy-makers, the media
  2. 2. European research funding Horizon 2020 8th European Framework Program 77 billion € dedicated to European research Sources: Horizon 2020 by the European Commission
  3. 3. FP7 versus Horizon 2020 1/3 Impact • Communication • Dissemination • Exploitation 1/3 Scientific excellence 1/3 Project management The main difference in the evaluation process lies in the weight of communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. Validation criteria for Horizon 2020 Sources: Guide to the submission and evaluation process, European Commission
  4. 4. Why communicate about your project? Increase success rate for funding Raise policy- makers awareness Attract new partners and scientists Enhance reputation Exploit your results with the industry Sources: Communicating EU research and innovation - guidance for project participants, European Commission 1. To show how European collaboration has achieved more than would have otherwise been possible 2. To show how the outcomes are relevant to our everyday lives 3. To make better use of the results, by insuring take-up by decision-makers, the industry and the scientific community.
  5. 5. When should you worry about communication? Idea Consortium Proposal Validation Implementation Deadline Grant Agreement signature Include science communication experts from the proposal stage as partners within the consortium to increase the strenght of your Impact section.
  6. 6. How much do communication activities cost? When you include communication experts as partners, the European Commission pays for their contribution to the project. R&I: Research and Innovation actions • Communication and dissemination activities are 100% funded • and account for ~4% of the total budget
  7. 7. The communication strategy of your Horizon 2020 project visual identity communication materials website impact monitoringpress relationssocial media
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