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Overcoming imposter syndrome


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Talk given to Rails Girls Bristol in March 2014. Personal journey with imposter syndrome and some ideas about how to overcome it.

Twitter: @camille_

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Overcoming imposter syndrome

  1. 1. Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Camille Baldock, @camille_, Software engineer
  2. 2. People with impostor syndrome are unable to internalise their accomplishments and are convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved.
  3. 3. Live demonstration
  4. 4. I’m not the most qualified person to give this presentation
  5. 5. I hope no-one finds out I’m faking it
  6. 6. Now I think about it, I’ve done some public speaking before.
  7. 7. Those had questions at the end, and it’s really hard to fake it during questions!
  8. 8. So there won’t be any questions at the end of this talk.
  9. 9. This will be my last public talk
  10. 10. Maybe I’ll just write a blog post about it
  11. 11. But the internet is huge! And there are better writers out there. No-one will read it..
  12. 12. So I’m going to keep those thoughts to myself
  13. 13. Stop that inner monologue
  14. 14. Get perspective
  15. 15. Talk about it
  16. 16. Don’t be afraid
  17. 17. You can do stuff too
  18. 18. Keep track of your accomplishments
  19. 19. Stay humble
  20. 20. Questions ?