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Visual Resume Camila juan

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Visual resumepdf

  1. 1. “When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” -Howard Schultz  
  2. 2. Where I come from I was born on 1992 at the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p://">juanmedez1</a>  via  <a  href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1p://">cc</a>  
  3. 3. I grew up in a family that supported me at all times And gave me the opportunity to develop my self as a creative individual. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan  
  4. 4. Since very young I knew I wanted to become an artist and I already could Identify what my inspirations were coming from and What my dreams in life were. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan  
  5. 5. Through all my life I worked really hard to improve my art skills Dreaming that someday I would be able to become the artist I wanted to be. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  6. 6. Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p://">CuteRock1995</a>  via  <a   href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1p://">cc</a>   Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p:// 29506615@N03/2846998862/">NaNo  TheVideoGamer</a>  via  <a  href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1p:// #147">cc</a>   I was inspired and motivated by amazing Anime shows like Rurouni Kenshin and Card Captor Sakura.
  7. 7. Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p://">Stuck  in  Customs</a>  via  <a  href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1ps://­‐nc-­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>   My biggest dream is to travel to japan and join one of my favorite Anime studios to work with them as a team and create amazing projects. I am a responsible and passionate person that is willing to adapt to any creative idea and work hard for it.
  8. 8. My strengths as an artist Drawing Modeling  Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  9. 9. Ever since I could remember I have wanted to apply my strengths to become a Manga/ Anime artist. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  10. 10. A lot of times I gave up because I was not happy with my skills. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  11. 11. But thanks to the passion I have for this career I didn’t let that feeling stop me.   Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  12. 12. Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p://">Cholo  Carlos</a>  via   <a  href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1ps://­‐nc-­‐nd/ 2.0/">cc</a>   Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p:// 19043905@N06/5557707045/">animaster</a>  via  <a  href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1ps:// licenses/by/2.0/">cc</a>   Seeing new anime shows come out and amazing art from other artists motivates me to keep working hard till I become the best.
  13. 13. Old Work Photos  belong  to  Camila  Juan  
  14. 14. Newest work Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  15. 15. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan    
  16. 16. Why others should work with me? Others should want to work with me because I am very passionate and I give my very best at all times. I have dreams and goals that I will make sure become true and we together can work for our common dream. Photos  belong  to  Camila  juan  
  17. 17. I like to work with people that is as passionate as I am and that is willing to adapt themselves and work as a team to make the best of it. Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h1p://">lumaxart</a>  via  <a   href="h1p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h1ps://­‐sa/2.0/">cc</ a>  
  18. 18. I want to be the kind of employee that can make a good environment out of work and the one that never works because work doesn’t feel like a task but like a hobby. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" -ConfuciusPhotos  belong  to  Camila  Juan  
  19. 19. Contact Information Facebook: deviantART: Instagram: Phone Number: 407-285-3347
  20. 20. I hope you choose me, we can make great things together J