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Romania school presentation


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Romania school presentation

  1. 1. Scoala Gimnaziala Caraula
  2. 2. Doljcounty
  3. 3. From geographicalpoint ofview, Caraula islocated insouthwestern of DoljCounty, 51 km fromCraiova
  4. 4. Caraula term comes from Slavic andmeans: security, guard, sentinelThe name comes from the nearby hillwhere was installed a guard postVillage existence is documented underthat name since 1597.It is proved by the archeologicalfindings that the commune of Caraulais sitting on the same heart since thefirst half of XIXth century, near 1820.
  5. 5. Nowadays the number of familiesand residents is as follows: 1200families, 2340 inhabitants. Of these160 families have a rrom ethnicitywith 750 habitants. The inhabitants of the commun are dealing with agriculture and its various branches: raising animals and birds , gardening and wine growing
  6. 6. Hall of Caraula
  7. 7. Monumentrebellion of 1907 in Caraula
  8. 8. Church ofCaraula
  9. 9. In the village ofCaraula, DoljCounty,there is an oldcemetery of stonecrosses from around the18th Century, although itmay be older than that.
  10. 10. houses
  12. 12. The school from Caraula start operating since 1842 .The documents attest that since 1848 there is a local schoolwith two classrooms and an officeThe school has worked with several interruptions caused byhistorical events and the building burned and was rebuiltand repaired several times.The current local was built between 1910-1912 and addedsince 1970 five more classrooms, completed in 1974
  13. 13. schoolentrance
  14. 14. halls
  15. 15. Fanus Neagu,Spiritual Patron of the school
  16. 16. Kindergartenoperates its ownbuilding,built in 1971 with 4classrooms whereit operates the 3groups ofpreschoolers.
  17. 17. Nowadays the school from Caraula has 8classrooms, 3 laboratories, 1 teachers’office, 1 secretary and school manageroffice, 1 room for food and 1 library, a gym.297 students and 30 teachers are carryingon here. Of these, 163 students are enrolledin primary education, and 134 in thegymnasium.In this place operates 8 grades for primaryschool and 7 classes for secondary school
  18. 18. InfoLab
  19. 19. Physics Lab
  20. 20. Biology Lab
  21. 21. secretary and school manager office
  22. 22. classroom
  23. 23. Library
  24. 24. The teaching staff maintains a high level ofprofessional competence and didacticexigency. In our school 30 teachers carryout their activities. Their currentactivity is completed with a long series ofscientific, cultural and sport activities inwhich there are involved most of the pupilsand whose main aim is the harmoniousaccomplishment of the students’physical, intellectual and moral profile.
  25. 25. sports field
  26. 26. Halloweenparades
  27. 27. theatrical performance
  28. 28. In order to keep our national folklore alive, our schoolhas developed different educational partnershipswith schools in urban and rural areas The school offers equal opportunities to all the students, regardless of ethnicity or religion, provides cooperation between ethnic groups , promotes tolerance and tends to satisfy every student’s needs, in order to guide him/her to change and respect democratic values, to personally state him/herself in an inclusive background.Constantly maintaining the balance betweentradition and modernity, pupils andteachers, together with all the partners in childreneducation, try to contribute to the increase of theprestige of our school inside the community.
  29. 29. partnership with the HumanitarianFoundation "Terre des Hommes""Holiday in my community," it triedto persuade students dropout inthe position to realize theimportance of education act theirsubsequent social formation.
  30. 30. non-formal education camp incollaboration with the NationalRomanian Scouts
  31. 31. S.O.S the nature
  32. 32. Trips