Night Photography Basics


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The key to taking stunning night photos is knowing how to control the amount of light that enters your camera. In this presentation, we look at the various ways you can improve your night photography by manipulating your camera, as well as the photography equipment and accessories you can use to take your night photography to the next level.

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Night Photography Basics

  1. 1. Night Photography Basics Tips for Shooting at Night
  2. 2. Great Night Photos Are Within Reach Thanks to the technology available in DSLR cameras, excellent night photos are now within reach. To get there, it’s important to know how to use your camera, as well as the settings and equipment that will allow you to make optimal use of the available light.
  3. 3. First Thing’s First – Manual Mode Before you get started, it’s important to switch your camera into Manual mode. This will enable you to control the amount of light that gets let into your camera.
  4. 4. Increase Your ISO Number Your camera's ISO number regulates its light sensitivity. To increase light sensitivity, increase the ISO number – but do this slowly, as high ISOs increase the chances you will also capture “noise” in your photo. The best way to mitigate this is to play around and increase your ISO slowly, modifying it as the light changes.
  5. 5. Shooting RAW Shooting photos in the RAW allows your camera to capture the highest amount of information possible. This gives you more color, light and detail to play with in post production – that is, when you use a program like Photoshop or Lightroom to alter and improve your photos.
  6. 6. Cameras for Night Photography Of course, the camera you carry has a lot to do with the images you’re able to capture. If you are interested in pursuing night photography, it’s a good idea to invest in a camera that takes stellar night photos. This includes the Canon Mark III and the Nikon D800.
  7. 7. Night Photography Gear In addition to an excellent camera, it’s really important to use a tripod so that you can keep your camera steady, as this will enable you to take the best photos possible. In addition, a great lens is worth its weight in gold. We like the affordable Canon 50mm f/1.8. Nikonites should pick up the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G and prepare to be dazzled.
  8. 8. About Cameta Cameta Camera is a true brick-and-mortar camera store in Amityville, NY. We’ve been selling photography equipment and distilling advice to professionals and hobbyists alike more than 25 years. For more photography tips, visit our blog at