Barriers to communication


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Barriers to communication

  1. 1. Barriers to communication Cameron Ramsay
  2. 2. Noise• Noise can be found all over the place and can cause people to loose concentration or to get distracted. Like if someone was to work in a class room and there were other student in the room that were playing music it would most probably make them loose there concentration.• The way to stop this might be to invest in some noise cancelling ear phones.
  3. 3. Distractions• Distractions are when something or someone distracts you from your work. This can be anything from using Facebook, listening to music, someone talking to you or even animals.• The way in which you can try and stop this is by either removing yourself from that room and going somewhere else or by turning off the mobile device till after you are done, or you can have to that its on a time so that in half an hour you will be allowed of it again.
  4. 4. Lack of concentration• Lack of concentration can come from either not paying attention in lesson or mucking around. This then can cause you to loose where you are or not know what to do next.• A way to fix this to take small break that you can regain you concentration, or by sitting at the front of the class room and asking the teacher afterwards what has been said.
  5. 5. Irrelevance of communication• Irrelevant communication is communication that is not relevant at that time and can distract you.• You can stop this by saying that you will talk about the bit of information or gossip after after I have finish my work.
  6. 6. Poor proofreading• Poor proofreading can be caused by either being lazy or leaving things to the last minute so that you don’t have enough time to check it. Proofreading is important because without it you would look silly be sending an email to a job interview with spelling and grammar mistakes.• A way to fix this is to make enough time to so proofreading or to ask are friend or colleague from them to do it.
  7. 7. Alternative viewpoints• Alternative viewpoint are where two people dont see “eye to eye” i.e. they can’t agree on what carpet to get.• A way to fix this is by taking a moment stepping back and thinking it from there prospective.
  8. 8. Disability• Disability can hinder people when there in the working environment and can cause some people to be scared of going into one. Disability can be from a whole range of things from lost limbs to brain damage.• A way to get around this is by talking to your employer explaining what wrong and then trying to find a solution for it.
  9. 9. Language difficulties• Language difficulties can be difficult, when communicating with someone, it can also be hard as well.• Away to get around this is by using translating websites or translators to help you.
  10. 10. Jargon• Jargon is hard to get across, and is difficult you can say to much or you can say to little and offend people.• The best way to get around this is to think before you speak and if you do offend someone then apologise and say your sorry.