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Comstock resume 2013


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Comstock resume 2013

  1. 1. Hi! I’m Cameron Comstock And this is my not-so-traditional resume.
  2. 2. I’m a contemporary communications pro!and have a reputation for solving business challenges with the use of contemporary communication. Social Media – Employee Engagement Crowd Sourcing – Decision Making Virtual Collaboration - Learning Collective Knowledge Sharing - Efficiency On Line Presence – Personal Branding Idea Development - Innovation Gamification – Performance Improvement
  3. 3. I do this because its in my DNA:
  4. 4. And I have passion for helping people connect, collaborate, learn, engage, be inspired and take action to change their world, facilitated by contemporary communication. The image on the left is a large chalk board on display in cities all around the country where anyone can write a response to the question “Before I die I want to ….”. The technology is chalk and board, the invitation is open to all, and the outcome is a unique and often moving experience. This board is a real world collaboration tool and an example of what inspires me in the digital space.
  5. 5. Im capable of some really cool stuff… Top Performing Front Line Manager (10 + Years of Experience leading AARP Care, Sales, Swing & Billing) 2008 Excellence Award Winner – Top Performing Front Line Manager 2010 Standing Ovation Award Winner – Virtual Employee Engagement 2011 Standing Ovation Award Winner – Career Passport 2012 Standing Ovation Award Winner – Deliver The Difference Team 2012 Communications Lead for GLOBE Employee Resource Group, work in this role supported breaking membership records.
  6. 6. And even more cool stuff … weConnect team member since 2009, creator of teamConnect concept that ultimately defined virtual team collaboration for the Enterprise. Co-Presenter of Hartford Social Media strategy to Disney executives in 2010. 2011 - New Media Consultant for United Way Flash Mob 2012 - New Media Consultant for Enterprise Operations Transformation Office 2012 - Gamification Innovation Experiment for Leads Meeting 2012 - Social Media Consultant for YoPro’s Consumer Markets Innovation Challenge 2012-2013 - Collaboration Consultant for SI&T and Internal Communications on the future state of iConnect
  7. 7. You see, I want The Hartford to beTHE Employer of Choice! Contemporary tools like iVoice lead the way in making this happen and are directly aligned with all our key priorities. Placing someone with my unique skills, passion and experience at the helm of such a tool is in your best interest!
  8. 8. Don’t know what Im talking about? Google “Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement”
  9. 9. Contemporary Communication Changes a lot …And so do IHere are my favorite sources of learning that I stay in constant connection to.
  10. 10. What’s Next?Here are some of the newer concepts Im currently experimenting with:Automated InnovationCrowd Based Problem SolvingJugaad Innovation
  11. 11. Enough about me.How can I help you?
  12. 12. I was serious about that whole Employer ofChoice thing! Let’s Connect ….. 619-219-3489 Facebook – ck Twitter – LinkedIn – on-comstock/25/200/517