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Big Data and Analytics


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The CSC Big Data Analytics Insights service enables clients who do not have an analytics capability to implement the business, data and technology changes to gain business benefit from an initial set of analytics based on a roadmap of changes created by CSC or provided from a compatible set of inputs.

CSC Analytic Insights Implementation has four phases:

Stage 1: Analytic Engagement
Stage 2: Analytic Discovery
Stage 3: Implementation Planning
Stage 4: Embedding Analysis .

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Big Data and Analytics

  1. 1. © 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Cameron Bradbury +44 (0) 7748 761954
  2. 2. 2December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. We at CSC see Big Data as the enabler to connect manufacturing management to the pulse of operations — it moves decision making from awareness to insight to proactivity, giving innovative manufacturers the ability to anticipate customer requirements and exceed them at competitive margins
  3. 3. 3December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. In Today's Environment, New and Expanding Amounts of Data Are Available But Untapped >35M simultaneous online users 6B+ smartphones, 1.2B mobile workers 6K GPS apps @ iTunes Annual satellite data = stack of DVDs 4x height of Empire State Building Data doubles every 18 months 20 TBs of sensor data/hour 247B emails/day 50B connected machines by 2020 Real-time machine-to- machine data feeds critical information and predictive models Adaptive solutions with real-time response Thousands of order and shipment lines per day across the global network Remote real-time monitoring and visibility into shipment events 98,000 tweets/ minute 1B+ users/ month
  4. 4. 4December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Across Industries, Clients See the Possibilities of Merging Legacy Data and Business Intelligence with Big Data and Analytics … Financial Services Utilities Transportation Health and Life Sciences Retail Telecommunications • Real-Time Fraud detection • Risk management • 360° view of the customer • Real-time route optimization based on traffic and weather • Maintenance optimization and asset tracking • 360° view of the customer • Click-stream analysis • Real-time promotions • Predictive buying • Sentiment analysis Law Enforcement • Real-time multimodal surveillance • Situational awareness • Cybersecurity detection • Real-Time CDR processing • Churn prediction • Geomapping/marketing • Real-Time Network monitoring • Epidemic early warning system • Real-Time ICU monitoring • Remote healthcare monitoring • Predictive Diagnosis • Analysis of weather impact on power generation • Real-Time Transmission monitoring • Smart grid management • Predictive maintenance • Real-time parts flow monitoring • Product configuration planning • Real-time manufacturing operations monitoring and control Manufacturing
  5. 5. 5December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. These Core Manufacturing Business Functions Can Capitalize on the Wealth of New and Complex Data Plant Operations and Production • Operational equipment effectiveness • Environmental, water, and energy management for sustainability • Employee health and safety trends Sales and Customer Management • Customer intelligence and expert analysis • Customer churn reduction • Sentiment and morale scoring • Neighbor analytics – what customers’ peers are doing Asset Management and Maintenance • Shift from time interval to condition-based maintenance • Real-time visualization of status and condition of critical equipment • Tracking of employees, vehicles, and mobile test equipment Product Quality • Product quality improvement • Reduction of reworks and wasted resources and materials Service and Aftermarket • Warranty and reliability optimization • Customer new product expectations Financial and Support Services • Real-time credit analysis for new customers and large orders • Compliance and regulatory reporting • Accelerated financial consolidation, reporting. & analytics Big data allows every business function to make dynamic decisions based on real-time structured and unstructured data from multiple sources
  6. 6. 6December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Bringing Together Big Data and Analytics Technologies Creates Competitive Advantage Analyze Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics Performance Management Data Sourcing 010010 00010101 1101001 0011100 Transformed Customer Experience Quality and Sustainability Optimized Risk Management and Compliance More Profitable Operational Models Interpret Optimized Plant Assets Advanced Visualization Mobility Collaboration on Insights BIGDATA ACT
  7. 7. 7December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Creating value from data CSC BD & A Capabilities
  8. 8. 8December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Big Data Platform Enables Insights Cloud-Enabled Scalable Distributed Powerful Integration Any Data Source, Real-Time to Batch World-Class Managed Services and Big Data Expertise Industry-Leading Security Capabilities APP 3 Flexible Deployment Options Public Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Dedicated Cluster Enterprise Private Cloud CSC Big Data Platform as a Service APP 1 APP 2 REAL TIME BATCH AD-HOC Agile Big Data Application Development Environment – Including Infrastructure, Software, and Fully Managed Operations w/ White Glove Support and Robust SLA Management, all as a Subscription Service
  9. 9. 9December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Fully Integrated and Managed Big Data Platform as a Service Making it faster, easier, and far less costly to develop and deploy big data applications Ad HocBatch Big Data Platform as a Service Flexible Deployment Options Real-Time CSC Command and Control Deployment Center Operations Center Support Center Application Center Knowledge Center Amazon Web Services CSC Hybrid Cloud Services CSC BizCloud HC Dedicated Hardware Enterprise Grade Security Access Control Compliance Support Perimeter Security Activity Monitoring Audit Logging Encryption Malware Protection Hardened OS ETL Data Transformation Business Intelligence Data Mining Advanced Analytics Geolocation INTERACTIVE Hive w/ Tez Impala HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Spark ROW PostgreSQL DOCUMENT Elasticsearch MongoDB GRAPH TitanDB COLUMNAR HBase Accumulo DataStax STREAM Kafka Storm Spark Streaming
  10. 10. 10December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. CSC Big Data & Analytics Portfolio – Capabilities CSC Big Data Platform Innovation Flexible Deployment Options Public Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Enterprise Private Cloud Dedicated Cluster Platform Transformation – Data Migration Factory – Performance Optimization Data Warehouse Master Data Business Intelligence Performance Data ETL / CEP / Streams Analytics DB / Grid Data Architecture Data Modeling and Design Data Migration, Integration, and Interoperability Performance Tuning & Optimization Master Data and Metadata Management Data Profiling and Governance Data Platform Design and Implementation Data Quality Risk Insights Product Innovation Smart Operations Customer Intelligence Augmented and enhanced data quality, data load, migration, integration and governance IBM SAP Oracle Microsoft Informatica Open Source Data Platform Modernization and Automation Data Cleansing, Transformation, and Augmentation
  11. 11. 11December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Client Value Achieved • Prioritized Roadmap of Initiatives to Achieve Growth Vision within 2-3 years: BU Growth from $200M to $1B Through Analytic Insights ACHIEVING BUSINESS VALUE THROUGH ANALYTICS Client Value Achieved • 331% ROI • Payback Period of 2.1 Months • 2% Yield Improvement = $300M Client Value Achieved • Reduced time to onboard customers by 80% • Improved visibility on service levels • Increased customer satisfaction Client Value Achieved • BSL Met Strategic Objective (ITaaS) • Reduced Costs by 20% • Improved Analytic Cycle Time by 50% Client Value Achieved • Access to Information in Minutes versus Weeks • Speed: Solution Deployed within Days • Access to Key Next Gen Talent Client Value Achieved • Speed to Market: 30 Days to Platform, 60 Days to Full Working Mobile Telematics Application • Flexible Deployment Options BIG DATA & ANALYTICS CUSTOMERS – GLOBAL AVERAGE NET PROMOTER SCORE OF 41.4
  12. 12. 12December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Case Study • Decision makers struggle to leverage information • Analysis and data-driven decisions not timely • Difficult to determine root causes Global Mfg. KPI Dashboard • Enabled via SAP Business Objects Xcelsius • Utilize Balanced Scorecard Framework & SCOR • Focus on executive sponsorship • Design with end-state global enterprise perspective in mind Solution Results Quantitative • $1.3M annual reduction in cost of goods manufactured • $1.4M one-time reduction from working capital Qualitative • Enabled faster, more informed decisions • Accurate information with trending and insights A Fortune 500 company with a long tradition of bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace. CSC enables manufacturing cost reduction, applying big data and analytics in agriculture and chemicals. Challenge Global Supplier of Agricultural and Chemical Products
  13. 13. 13December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Case Study • Flight analysts have to characterize the various stages of flight to understand possible aircraft damage based on maneuvers and flight modes • Analysis is critical to maximizing life of critical defense assets while protecting life of its flight crews -- but the analysis takes far too long • CSC created a powerful flight data analysis and visualization framework, dynamic database, model adaptation, and automated self-monitoring algorithms. • Together, these technologies rapidly load and analyze thousands of flight files per day, significantly improving Navy’s ability to assess fleet operations and identify potential precursors to aircraft mishaps. Solution Results Quantitative • 90 % of maintenance was unplanned; now this metric has been reduced to about 40% Qualitative • Enabled faster, more informed maintenance/retirement decisions • Accurate information with trending and insights United States Navy aircraft carrier air operations performing combat or non-combat missions. CSC Enables Predictive Analytics to Improve Maintenance for Military Aircraft. Challenge U.S. Navy Flight Operations
  14. 14. 14December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Case Study • Leverage data collected from hundreds of oil and gas wells to improve financial return on drilling and completion activities • Maximize life-time recovery of petroleum products from wells • Create custom metrics and dashboards that integrate technical results of each job with operations and financial performance data • Focus on project and well cost, vendor performance, well test results, environmental, health and safety, and HR compliance Solution Results • 100% improvement in estimating and tracking project costs • Provided understanding of “best” way of planning field work • Improved process of awarding work to best vendor for the type of work • Increased profitability and ROI for well remediations • Aided worker safety An independent explorer and producer of natural gas and liquids. CSC Petroleum Enterprise Intelligence helps increase profits by creating integrated oil fields. Challenge Major Global Exploration & Production
  15. 15. 15December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Case Study • Increase customer satisfaction • Increase operational efficiency • Enable the business to extract new insights • Conducted 5-week big data strategy assessment • Established cloud-based big data platform • Built the apps and analytics to capitalize on the data • Improved customer satisfaction – Reduced churn – Reduced support costs • New product management capabilities, fixes • Better supply chain coordination • Increased security • New data and analytics products • Increased cross-sales and up-sales • Increased renewals • Better license compliance HGST, a Western Digital company, develops innovative, advanced hard disk drives, enterprise-class solid state drives, and external storage solutions and services. CSC improved customer support and product quality. SOLUTIONCHALLENGE RESULTS
  16. 16. 16December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Case Study Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. CSC provides infrastructure that uncovers revenue opportunities in customer support. • The client wanted to quickly evaluate the use of big data and the value that it brings as it relates to identifying new business opportunities • Time to market was a key factor in the decision to implement a comprehensive big data platform. The client realized: – A bare platform would not be easy to manage – Their staff does not possess the skills to operate a bare platform – They needed to focus on the big data applications, rather than the platform • CSC designed and configured the solution, built and deployed it in the cloud, and developed ETL flows to transport Web log data within 90 days: – Aggregating lots of different data sources to create one massive Web log data set – Decorating logs with Geo and industry information using IP address – Adding data science algorithms to clean up data for better insights • CSC managed the hardware, platform components, and data flows, in addition to providing continued support/consultation services to the client • Cisco is generating insights on how customers interact with their customer service portal, and improving their services for happier customers and more streamlined business: – Faster path to ROI with both tech and services – Creating a real-time product insights dashboard – Ability to prove the value of big data internally through the mining of data and generation of insights and reports for product teams – Scalability to more data sources and use cases SOLUTIONCHALLENGE RESULTS
  17. 17. 17December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Smart Manufacturing Solutions CSC is a successful global systems integrator in manufacturing for aerospace, automotive, chemicals, and natural resources Full Life-Cycle Approach Our uniquely modular Shape-Transform-Manage, full life-cycle approach keeps the focus on business outcomes Expertise in Turning Data into Recommendations Combining the right data sets and applying the right analytic techniques to unveil new insights Leading Data Catalog 15,000+ data sources Our Clients Choose CSC Because of Our Unique Strengths in Big Data and Analytics TECHNOLOGY DATA SOLUTIONS Technology Leadership Working with Hadoop since its creation Faster Time to Value Standing up a big data platform in less than 30 days, for rapid business value Technology Independence Delivering best-of-breed solutions, from open source to global partners, optimized for your need and budget
  18. 18. 18December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 18December 1, 2015© 2014 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. How Can You Get Started? Ask CSC how big data can make a difference in your organization Learn more by contacting Cameron Bradbury –