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How to yutzu workshop.montreal

  1. 1. by
  2. 2. Agenda  The Cultureplex Laboratory  What is Yutzu?  Why use Yutzu  How to use Yutzu  Your first Yutzu2 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20112 How to use only
  3. 3. The CulturePlex Laboratory WHO? •A research laboratory within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at UWO. WHAT? •und erstand culture and cultural interactions across tim e and space. HOW? •experts in d ifferent areas of the hum anities •other d isciplines •use of often highly custom ized technologies For example: •The VL3 •Sylva •Thesis Projects3 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20113 How to use only
  4. 4. What is Yutzu? • collaborative online tool • allows you to compile information on the Web into an organized portfolio -- a Yutzu. • each individual Yutzu is part of the Yutzu website at | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20114 How to use only
  5. 5. Motivation  Absence of a true Mashup Service  Visualizations through Intuitive UIs5 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20115 How to use only
  6. 6. What is a yutzu?  Is a collection of m ultim ed ia provid ed with interesting and m eaningful visualization  It is ed ucational, research and ad vertising tool6 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20116 How to use only
  7. 7. Why use Yutzu? • easy and quick way of ensuring presence on the world wide web. • Free online platform. • you choose the material to be shown display it in an attractive manner. • collect information, pictures and videos from other online sources such as wikipedia, youtube, flickr etc. • privately (visible only by the yutzu collaborators) or publicly (for everyone on the web to see). • embed in any website.7 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20117 How to use only
  8. 8. What can Yutzu be used for? • Education • Research • Presentations • Generating content (journalism, blogs) • Advertising • Freelance • Small business • Travel8 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20118 How to use only
  9. 9. The Tools in Yutzu9 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 20119 How to use only
  10. 10. Yutzu News  Wizards for courses, research, galleries, interviews. • Select the type • Get into a step-by-step guid ed process.  Multilanguage Yutzus10 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 201110 How to use only
  11. 11. DEMO11 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 201111 How to use only
  12. 12. Thank you! Questions? Check out the “How to Yutzu” ( OR Email: camelia@cultureplex.ca12 | Internal Yutzu Workshop, September 201112 How to use only