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Camden Town Unlimited Bid Review


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The 2010 Bid Review from Camden Town Unlimited.

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Camden Town Unlimited Bid Review

  1. 1. Leadership team report This is the final year of our BID term. In April 2006, when we began our work, drug dealers were rife on the streets of Camden Town, the pavements were narrow and overcrowded, and our biggest employers, the creative media companies, were dis-enfranchised and looking to vacate the area. Against this background, we can be justly proud of the major improvements we have achieved. The newly widened and nicely landscaped streets are free of drug dealers, major employers are reporting higher satisfaction levels amongst their staff and Camden Town is one of the most desirable business locations in London once again. What’s more we have done this in a climate of cost cutting, including implementing our own efficiency measures such as freezing levy and staff pay over the past few years to ensure that our levy structure remains fair and transparent. CTU has championed the voice of business and delivered this updated Vision of Camden Town as an innovative and vibrant business district to policy makers and media opinion formers alike. In delivering this message, CTU have re-established Camden Town as a vital driver of London’s economy and therefore firmly back at centre stage to political and policy making decisions. CTU have then been in a position to influence major regional policy and funding decisions, such as Crossrail and the Mayors Economic Development Strategy and ensure a better deal for our members and Camden Town as a whole. Looking to the future – the BID renewal Camden Town Unlimited has delivered significant improvements over the past four years, but we believe there is still much to do. We have launched a major consultation and look forward to meeting you ahead of our renewal campaign to ensure we continue to deliver the projects that most matter to you. In this review we discuss initial ideas on what we would look to deliver in the next term, and we want your feedback – after all this is your business. Simon Pitkeathley Chris Shaw Alex Proud Richard Terry Chief Executive Chair Vice Chair Vice Chair 1 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 1 29/7/10 23:16:15
  2. 2. We want to put business at centre stage to drive regeneration Camden Town Unlimited were appointed in careful stewardship, remain a safe, secure and eye-catching and innovative business 2006 with an overwhelming priority to reduce vital destination in the future. offer will attract footfall and like-minded drug crime and anti-social behavior. We want to build on Camden Town’s companies that will strengthen the • A safe, clean and We believe, like any good business, it is vital to reputation as a centre for the creative business offer and make it an international pedestrian friendly destination for arts, design, fashion, music develop a growth strategy that isn’t dependant on single issues or single projects. Camden industries, world class nightlife and new fashion. We believe that providing a unique, and media. commercial district Town Unlimited has consistently gone beyond • A sustainable High treating the symptoms and has strived to articulate a long term, sustainable Vision which Short Medium Long Street environment builds from the bottom up. It is not enough that excites and tackle crime with a strategy limited to only Reputation increasing resources – we need a holistic delights, and is the approach which ensures the problem won’t location of choice for return if resources are withdrawn. Independent and creative business centre innovative and inspiring Therefore, we developed a step change approach, which not only delivered an businesses Streetscape improvements immediate reduction in crime but has put in • Establish Camden place a series of vital support strategies, such Tackling crime, anti social behaviour and drugs as improving the public realm and attracting Town at the heart a broader customer base to the area that will Our strategy - delivering long term, sustainable change for Camden Town of London’s creative ensure Camden Town will, with continued industries community 2 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 2 29/7/10 23:16:15
  3. 3. Our Vision for Britannia Junction, a new public space at the heart of Camden Town 3 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 3 29/7/10 23:16:17
  4. 4. The Roundhouse Opportunity Gateway to North London APTN Markets MTV CBS Outdoor H Bauer Camden 20 minute Town along the Markets Getty Images Sheppard Robson Major PR & Digital Media Hub York & Albany CAMDEN TOWN UNLIMITED BID DISTRICT French ARUP OPPORTUNITY Connection, 10 minute w Hugo Boss Champagn Kings Cross Central New Art • £2 Billion investment – how do we make Gallery Camden Town is a major hub for creative industries in London, with sure Camden Town has integrated links with REVLON, Y&R / RKCR, Kings Cross EMAP, ASOS over 5,000 (25%) of its workforce is employed in this field, • £4.9 million sq ft of office space including MTV, EMAP, ASOS, RKCR and Getty Images. • 500,000 sq ft of retail space Camden Town provides London with a cultural and creative sector like • 2,000 new homes and apartments no other. We want this quarter in partnership with Kings Cross and • 25 acres of open space UK Ce Medical Euston, and for NW1 to become the postcode of choice for creative Inno businesses, a label that represents innovation, winning new contracts and high-quality employees alike. This will drive footfall, new customers and OPPORTUNITY Euston higher average spend customer profile to the area – good news for us all. Euston • £1 billion development currently on hold – how do we make sure Camden Town benefits? Opportunity Good Access to Central London We Co 4 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 4 29/7/10 23:16:19
  5. 5. OPPORTUNITY • Using property to drive long term change • Camden High Street South = 4 times less • Delivering Camden • Increased profile of the • Major progress on expensive than prime space in Kings Cross Town First... large number of cultural cutting crime and the 20 minute walk along the canal • Lots of vacant/derelict units institutions and major perception of crime • Potential for use of space in new, innovative way • £3 million creative design/media to stimulate footfall invested to date • An additional 28 sector presence uniformed officers London • High Street North – • Increased profile of dedicated to the BID University of Arts Completed May 2010 proximity of major district until 2011 international transport • Over 50 Members on • Funding secured for Kings Cross connections at St CBAC Radio Scheme 10 minute walk to Britannia Junction; Pancras Champagne Bar implementation • 65 ASBO’s served • Encouraged creative on drug dealers over scheduled September entrepreneurship and 2011 BID term attracted high quality Kings new businesses • 76% of businesses • Cobden Junction – Place reported that crime The German Detailed design work • Delivered an innovative had significantly reduced Gymnasium ongoing with TFL new pop up shop during the BID term UK Centre for Medical Research & and LB Camden programme, showcasing Innovation 30 groundbreaking • High Street South – new shows The British Design phase completed • Delivered Collective, Library OPPORTUNITY • £2 million invested in a major new spaces Partnerships Chalk Farm Road to host international • Building relationships between the major creative/ commercial partners in the area launches and creative • Creating new business opportunities by working • Legible London – funding shows together and increasing b2b activity agreed to extend the • Establishing a commitment to Camden Town from creative start ups innovative West End Wellcome signage scheme to Collection Camden Town 5 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 5 29/7/10 23:16:20
  6. 6. Since our inception, reducing crime and anti social behaviour has been our core objective. Whether it’s your staff feeling safe on their journey A long term, sustainable strategy to work, preventing theft from your business, or It is essential that Camden Town persists improvement strategies, such as a better attracting new visitors, keeping crime and the in keeping crime at bay. CTU will continue quality public realm and diverse business mix perception of crime down is essential. to lobby to ensure our dedicated policing means Camden Town can sustain a crime free From funding over 1000 security patrol hours, team remains in place until our long term environment without these resources. lobbying for extra policing and facilitating a growing radio link scheme, our projects have been a major factor in reducing crime by a year on year average of almost 30%. Working in partnership with the Met Short Medium Long Police and London Borough of Camden, we have strived to step up police presence in Camden Town, Reputation which now has a dedicated additional team of 18 PCSO’s and 10 PC’s. re CTU have helped foster a dialogue between Independent and creative business centre residents and the night-time economy to reduce crime and anti-social behavior from major venues., Streetscape improvements including Koko, Proud Camden, the Electric Ballroom and The Ice Wharf. Tackling crime, anti social behaviour and drugs Our strategy - delivering long term, sustainable change for Camden Town LB Camden, the Met Police and CTU working in partnership have transformed Inverness St in recent years 6 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 6 29/7/10 23:16:22
  7. 7. WE SAID / WE DID CTU delivers. Below are the commitments we outlined under Cut Crime in our BID proposal in 2006, and the projects we have delivered to make Camden Town a safer and more profitable location for your business. We will We Did We will We Did We will We Did We will We Did increase - Directly paid for over 1000 establish Camden Town Unlimited provides three services increase the - Appointed a dedicated Radio Link manager in initiate 65 ASBO’s have been served on hours of security patrolling, security and secured another 6880 An anti- - One stop shop for any effectiveness Camden Town (theinonly an ASBO drug dealers in dedicated service the Camden Town presence additonal hours from LBC/ Met police social anti-social behavior/ street issues – of the Borough) project on the - Secured over £2million behavior 020 7380 8260 Business - Increased effective targeting membership by 50% and streets investment in additional policing resources hotline - CBAC radio link, Radio Link in partnership with the drug connecting business - Secured an additional 28 direct to CCTV and on- Met Police dealers uniformed officers dedicated duty PCSO/wardens - Developed the adopt-a- to Camden Town shop scheme, assigning - Work with the Met a local PCSO to each Police to publicise Safer Neighbourhood participating retailer direct line ‘We have significantly Adding value – going increased police presence, further for Camden Town and as a result, people feel CTU are active members of CTOG, the local crime prevention partnership which has managed a £150,000 budget delivering safer. Without the continuous number of local initiatives related to begging, on street alcohol support of CTU, this abuse, fly posting and other anti-social behavior. Representing the business community in Camden Town, CTU provide a transformation would not united and effective voice. have been possible.’ Camden Town Unlimited also has a seat on the Local Strategic Chief Superintendent Dominic Clout, Borough Commander Partnership, a high level group of key stakeholders and partners controlling a budget to deliver Boroughwide change. CTU have used this position to ensure Camden Town remains one of the boroughs key indicators focusing attention and The former Leader of the Council, Keith Moffitt, and former Borough advocating additional resources for Camden Town. Commander, Mark Heath, launch Camden Towns new Police force in 2008 2 7 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 7 29/7/10 23:16:23
  8. 8. Camden Town First is crucial to delivering sustainable and long term change The largest and most significant project that we Since the strategy was launched in September 2007, High Street North, secured funding have delivered to date is Camden Town First – a £10 a design partnership including CTU, TfL and LB commitments on a second and million streetscape strategy that boldly outlines a Camden have completed detailed design work on entered into detailed discussions on series of public realm projects that will transform four of the five projects, consulted on and delivered a third. our commercial environment. By creating a package of improvements that can be phased, leading to Short Medium Long incremental improvement, we have achieved much of the programme and have a blueprint for the next Reputation BID term. This is the second step in our long term regeneration strategy. We believe that significantly Independent and creative business centre upgrading the physical environment will support the work of our crime reduction partnership by Streetscape improvements preventing opportunities for criminal activity to return, and in addition attract high quality Tackling crime, anti social behaviour and drugs businesses to the area. Our strategy - delivering long term, sustainable change for Camden Town Simon Pitkeathley, CTU Chief Executive, & Councillor Chris Knight lay paving slabs for High Street North - Phase 1 of our £10 million public realm strategy 8 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 8 29/7/10 23:16:24
  9. 9. WE SAID / WE DID CTU delivers. Below are the commitments we outlined under Clean & Green in our BID proposal in 2006, and the projects we have delivered to make Camden Town a more attractive and pedestrian friendly environment. We will We Did We will We Did We will We Did improve the - A comprehensive £10million public realm facilitate the - We lobbied extensively for a Compulsory Purchase Order deliver - In partnership with LB Camden, we have cleaned a 3756 pieces quality of the renewal programme redevelopment for the burnt out buildings at immediate of graffiti from sites in Camden agreed with key partners Mornington Crescent, a process streetscape - Over £3 million invested of vacant which is now underway cleansing Town. We guarantee to remove all reported serious incidents of in the projects to date and derelict - Our programme of Pop up solutions graffiti within 24 hours, and all other incidents within 7 days - Over 60m of railings buildings Shops has vastly improved the appearance of the High Street, and remove and unnecessary street clutter removed from with vacant premises being graffiti the streets transformed into hotbeds of creativity ‘Camden Town Added value – going Unlimited has beyond our BID Proposal overseen a major - Updating Camden Lock Bridge upgrade of the quality The famous Camden Lock mural, across the railway bridge, is one of the most photographed images in London but was in a - Smart Green Business A range of free support will be available to SMEs of the High Street, serious state of disrepair. Not only did CTU secure £50,000 within the BID area from July 2010 to improve which have had a from L’Oreal to re-paint the mural, but also commissioned a environmental performance and reduce costs. new bold image for the reverse to represent the presence of The services include environmental audits and huge impact on how a major design/media business cluster around the Lock. advice, resource efficiency clubs, recycling and waste our clients and staff - Supporting major infrastructure projects collection services and more. view the area’. and planning applications. - Recycling Since 2006 CTU has responded to 59 planning applications, 22 In September 2009 we investigated the feasibility of Justin Smith, Conran Design Group license applications and 15 major consultations on behalf of setting up a collective recycling scheme in Camden Camden Town Unlimited, and supported a number of schemes Town. Using the funding secured from the European at Planning Committee. Regional Development Fund, we hope to roll out the scheme within this year. Completing work on High Street North 2 9 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 9 29/7/10 23:16:25
  10. 10. Camden Town is the most vibrant, eclectic and creative district in London Preparing for 2012 The traditional heartland of new music, fashion The upcoming 2012 Olympics and subsequent and design, we aim to maintain Camden Town’s legacy will bring both opportunities and challenges reputation as the most distinctive area of London for Camden Town. When people come to Camden, and worldwide visitor destination. they want something fresh and unique. We cannot stand still in what we are offering, and must continue Camden Town Unlimited’s promotion strategy has to develop our creative offer and celebrate the three elements: distinctiveness of Camden Town. - Support & develop the world renowned Signing up wedge card holders at MTV and Sophie Ellis Bexter & new music scene ‘For me Wedge is about Richard Jones relaunch Sodastream in our pop up shop - Re-engage new audiences by promoting the cultural ‘hidden gems’ alongside the more famous bringing the community Short Medium Long attractions together. Wedge has - Creating a year long programme of activity that changed the community Reputation generates ongoing positive press coverage and word of mouth amongst key influencer groups on this street and We have delivered an unprecedented £350,000 has pulled everyone Independent & creative business centre investment programme, delivering two major international marketing campaigns in partnership together’ Jon Moran, The Spreadeagle Streetscape improvements with Visit London, Time Out and the Guardian, supported six festivals generating international press coverage and hosted over 25 press trips, Tackling crime, anti social behaviour and drugs re-framing the press perception of Camden Town amongst key influencers. Our strategy - delivering long term, sustainable change for Camden Town 10 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 10 29/7/10 23:16:27
  11. 11. WE SAID / WE DID CTU delivers. Below are the commitments we outlined under Celebrate & Promote in our BID proposal in 2006, and the projects we have delivered to ensure Camden Town remains one of London’s top visitor destinations, attracting over 6000 people an hour. We will re-launch We Did We will provide We Did the Camden - We continue to support a series of events and festivals celebrating Camden Town, including The Camden Crawl, a local business - We match-funded the Time Out/Visit London Guide to Camden Town, a comprehensive international marketing campaign that Re-Mix Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in London, which directory distributed 500,000 copies of our guide across the UK and US with promote the draws in crowds of over 15,000 visitors each year key media partners the Guardian and Time Out Camden Fashion – We also supported The Camden Fashion Show, Camden - We introduced the Camden Town Wedge card, an online directory Happening and delivered a Pop up shop scheme which of over 100 businesses advertising special offers to over 10,000 Show and provide showcased 30 art shows and events, ensuring a year local wedge card holders (and over 100,000 across London) local events. round programme of high profile events ‘Local employees Added value – going and residents are beyond our BID Proposal our core customer The Camden Market fire Camden Town Unlimited led the PR and Camden Town Wedge Card – making lunchtime more interesting base and Wedge marketing response to the Camden Canal We introduced our hugely popular Wedge Card is the ideal market fire in February 2008. Interviewed on Card scheme to advertise locally exclusive several major international broadcasters, CTU way of attract successfully managed the immediate media offers and discounts in our best retailers, bars and restaurants. Over 10,000 cards have been new regulars with response to reassure local and international distributed, and cardholders are updated with visitors that Camden Town remained open and exclusive offers – the majority of the market retail areas were new weekly offers by our e-newsletter and online updates. CTU have further supported we are delighted!’ unaffected, ensuring other retailers were not participating retailers with targeted publications Jeremy Ledlin, The Monarch affected by a drop in footfall. Furthermore, such as The Christmas Big Book of Wedge, CTU led the award winning ‘Turning London distributed to all major offices and residents On’ campaign, which increased average spend, in the area. attracted an additional 110,000 visitors and Our Chair Christopher Shaw & Will Fulford meet Nicky Gavron, the former generated 31 positive international press stories deputy Mayor of London to discuss the fire recovery package 11 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 11 29/7/10 23:16:27
  12. 12. Using our empty spaces as an opportunity to diversify business activity and generate footfall and press during the recession. As part of a package of initiatives to battle the Branded by local design practice and CTU Members, perception of Camden Town, and bringing new recession, we worked with local landlords to make Conran Design Group, the shops have also been customers and investment to the High Street and use of their empty retail space, whilst also providing occupied by CTU members RKYR and Dexter generating a real identity change for the area. a platform for creativity on the High Street. Moren Associates, who used the space to provide We welcome applications to use the space from any free support to local businesses. Our first Pop up opened in June 2009, and since of our BID members to use the space. If you’d like the initial launch, all three shops have been filled Initially developed as a project to drive footfall to to get involved please call 020 7380 8260. with art, high fashion and design from some of the high street during the recession, the potential the UK’s most exciting creative talent. In total, the for this project to revitalize the high street is shops have hosted over 30 exhibitions, including enormous. The press coverage generated from environmental and graduate fashion brands, art this scheme has completely changed the media collectives and high profile PR launches. RKCR, a CTU member, launched the first Worn With Love - a new boutique fashion label Botox 69 - Over 1000 visitors over three weeks High Street ad agency 12 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 12 29/7/10 23:16:30
  13. 13. ‘The pop up shop was 30 unique exhibitions/retail events to the area a fantastic opportunity 50 international media articles to deliver an innovative, Provided a showcase for the creative talents of over high profile campaign 75 creative young people in Camden Town with international £30,000 investment from public and private sector reach for our agency whilst also re-engaging International expressions of interest our team with the local area, and we couldn’t have achieved it without CTU’ Matt Steward, RKCR (Y&R group) Who’s Jack, one of London’s hottest online magazines, hosted a collaborative show with The award winning Dexter Moren Associates, a CTU member, the best of London’s photographers and launched London’s first architectural drop in clinic graphic designers 2 13 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 13 29/7/10 23:16:32
  14. 14. Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 14 29/7/10 23:16:40
  15. 15. Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 15 29/7/10 23:16:49
  16. 16. We want to make Camden Town the most ‘Collective’, at 37 Camden High Street is an business friendly location in London, attracting the innovative new office concept, developed from top entrepreneurs, most innovative new creative a design partnership including CTU, Dexter businesses, hottest promoters, groundbreaking Moren Associates, Conran Design Group and LB designers and talented artists to set up in the area. Camden delivering high quality design space for new companies and individuals working in the creative We believe delivering a diverse and vital business industries, and re-affirming London’s reputation as mix is the nest step to embed the long term social one of the most dynamic creative business capitals. and economic benefits we have delivered through With flexibility at its core, the space functions as our crime and public realm projects. a dynamic open-plan office during the day and In order to attract the top talent, CTU are private venue hire at night to be used for launches, identifying all the barriers to entry for these exhibitions and other outlets. businesses and delivering showcase projects These small businesses are the MTVs, Y&Rs and which positively promotes business and business ASOS of the future and we want them to grow orientated property developments. Business tenants use Collective during London up connected with Camden Town. Festival of Architecture 2010 installation 16 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 16 29/7/10 23:16:59
  17. 17. ‘As a startup company, Collective has ‘The opening of Collective is another step towards equipping provided us with a Camden Town with the space it fantastic opportunity needs to establish itself as the creative district of choice’ and made us look at Councillor Keith Moffit, Former Leader, London Borough of Camden Camden in a new way. There is a real creative buzz about the space and surrounding area’ Louise Naunton Morgan, Hato Press Our new Pop up space: Collective. A new 24 hour commercial space, part business incubator, part gallery, it has added a focal point for the creative industries on Camden High Street 2 17 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 17 29/7/10 23:16:59
  18. 18. Keeping Camden Town open. London Underground are delivering a major tube upgrade We immediately notified all our members and initiated programme, increasing speed and capacity by up to 20% a far reaching lobbying campaign, retaining PR & Public ahead of the Olympics. Whilst we support the need for an Affairs consultants and engaging with key players including improved service of the northern line, we are determined London Underground, Transport for London, the Mayor’s that any upgrade and infrastructure works will not come office, Department for Transport and Tube Lines, the at the expense of the business community. PPP company responsible for delivering the upgrade. As a result of this campaign, we entered into detailed dialogue The initial programme proposed 33 consecutive full line with Tube Lines Chief Executive and were very close to closures and 16 months of early weekday closures (last agreeing a much reduced closure programme of around trains south running at approx 10.30pm). The impact of 12 non consecutive weekend closures. this closure programme would be devastating, especially on the retail and late night economy. 18 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 18 29/7/10 23:17:02
  19. 19. ‘The original tube The Mayor has since announced that Tube Lines will be It is important to understand that aside from CTU and brought into public ownership and the upgrade work will London First, no other business organizations appear closure programme be carried out by London Underground. As a result, the to have succeeded in making Tube Lines and London final closure programme will be revised again, and may Underground understand the huge impact of the closure would have seriously well be further affected by public funding cuts. However, programme on local business. we can move forward with firm evidence of the viability Camden Town Unlimited will continue to fight on your impacted the pubs, of a reduced programme and strong relationships already established with key individuals who will determine the behalf to keep our tube stations open. bars and venues that length of the programme. make Camden Town special - I lose 25% of trade when the tube is closed. I am delighted CTU responded so quickly to this threat to our business’ Michael Nicholas, Camden Bars Group 2 19 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 19 29/7/10 23:17:03
  20. 20. This information is provided in line with Income Total Available schedule 4:3 of the Business Improvement Levy Income Voluntary memberships £462,845 £1,600 District regulations (2004) Radio Link Income £11,500 Interest Receivable £2,000 Total BID levy liability: £487,100.25 Other funding £64,000 Roll over £142,000 Concessions: £5,664.01 Expenditure BID Collection Rate: 95% Core Costs Total BID levy received: £462,845 Salaries £50,000 Collection Costs £17,000 Direct income received: £79,100 Administration £40,000 Allocated project funding carried forward: £142,000 Legal and accountancy fees £5,000 Tax £1,750 Total available for BID projects: £683,945 Rent Including service charge/Biz rates £27,280 Total project funding raised £1,925,000 Total Administration £141,030 20 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 20 29/7/10 23:17:03
  21. 21. Projects Additional funding secured Funding secured against projects Vision /Economic Stimulus Project costs + ERDF £45,000 Wedge - set up £19,000 Wedge Christmas £7,000 Pop up space - 22 Chalk Farm Road £11,000 Pop up space - 46 Camden Road £6,700 £10,000 Pop up space - 73 Parkway £17,000 Collective £60,700 £20,000 Website £22,000 Total Vision/Economic stimulus £188,400 Cut Crime Project costs £28,000 £800,000.00 7% Business crime manager £30,000 CBAC £7,000 9% NBIS £2,500 34% Total Cut Crime £67,500 11% Clean & Green Project costs + ERDF £45,000 £34,000 ERDF London Remade £10,000 Recycling £7,000 13% Streetscape Strategy: Britannia Junction/Legible London £75,000 £1,125,000 Total Clean & Green £137,000 26% Celebrate & Promote Project costs £29,000 Camden Crawl £7,500 Vision/Economic stimulus 34% Christmas lights £9,000 £45,500 Core Costs 26% Cut Crime 13% Total Celebrate & Promote £45,500 Clean & Green 11% Celebrate & Promote 9% Contingency £27,849 Contingency 7% * Percentage figures based on income not including roll over, as this was reported on last year Total Expenditure £607,279 Total Funding secured £64,000 Profit/Loss (to be re-invested next year) £76,666 Total funding secured against projects £1,925,000 2 21 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 21 29/7/10 23:17:03
  22. 22. The BID boundaries focus around the core business district running between Chalk Farm Road and Mornington Crescent tube stations, as well as the commercial area along Parkway, Kentish Town Road and Camden Road. 22 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 22 29/7/10 23:17:07
  23. 23. Street List Adelaide Road (pt) Hurdwick Place Albert Street Inverness Street Arlington Road Jamestown Road Bayham Place Juniper Crescent Bayham Street Kentish Town Road (pt) Beatty Street Kings Terrace Bonny Street Lidlington Place Bridge Approach Mandela Street Buck Street Mary’s Terrace Camden High Street Miller Street Camden Lock Place Millbrook Place Camden Road (pt) Mornington Crescent (pt) Camden Street (pt) Mornington Place (pt) Carlow Street Mornington Street (pt) Carol Street Nelson’s Yard Chalk Farm Parade (pt) Oakley Square Chalk Farm Road Oval Road Crowndale Road Parkway Delancey Passage Pleasant Row Delancey Street Plender Street (pt) Dewsby Terrace Pratt Mews Early Mews Pratt Street (pt) Eversholt Street (pt) Regents Park Road (pt) Gilbey’s Yard Regents Park Terrace Gloucester Crescent St Martin’s Almshouses Grand Union Walk St Martin’s Close Greenland Place Sign Makers Yard Greenland Road Stanmore Place Greenland Street Stucley Place Hampstead Road (pt) Symes Mews Harrington Square Underhill Passage Haverstock Hill (pt) Underhill Street Hawley Crescent Water Lane 23 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 23 29/7/10 23:17:10
  24. 24. Over the five years of our BID term, we have delivered an average of almost £4 return for every £1 invested by BID businesses, towards projects to make Camden Town a better place to work, live and visit. 2% 1% Five year income Total 11% 2006/7 2007/8 2008/9 2009/10* 2010/11** 16% Levy Income £401,828 £425,169 £418,443 £462,845 £476,730 £2,185,015 Additional income £73,622 £57,864 £68,527 £79,100 £57,100 £336,213 Surplus carried forward £54,499 £35,387 £9,666 £40,382 Core costs £119,162 £138,145 £141,020 £141,030 £152,000 £691,357 24% (Start up costs) £22,789 £22,789 Vision/Economic stimulus £45,000 £184,500 £178,000 £407,500 27% Cut crime £157,500 £95,500 £89,500 £67,500 £73,000 £483,000 Clean & Green £65,500 £189,000 £202,500 £62,000 £75,000 £594,000 Celebrate & Promote £55,000 £79,500 £45,250 £45,500 £40,500 £265,750 Contingency £56,000 £56,000 19% Project funding income £0 £2,350,000 £900,000 £1,925,000 £800,000 £5,975,000 *This does not include rollover **Allocated Start Up Costs 1% Vision/Economic stimulus 16% Core Costs 27% Cut Crime 19% Clean & Green 24% Celebrate & Promote 11% Contingency 2% 24 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 24 29/7/10 23:17:10
  25. 25. Our initial BID term is coming to a close. In will secure the future of commercial BID 2. The following pages outline new February 2011 we will be asking businesses activity in the area. It is vital we maintain projects for the next BID term. We would to endorse our achievements and our momentum on the success of the appreciate if you could take a few moments Vision for a better Camden Town by first term and build to consolidate our and fill in the feedback form, telling us what ‘Voting Yes’ to renew the BID for another achievements to date. you think of the proposed projects for five years. Democratically elected, a BID BID2 and any other priorities you feel are However, as we move into an era of can only be formed following consultation important for the second term. funding cuts and continued pressure on and a ballot in which businesses vote spending, we need to work even harder on our BID Proposal, our Vision for the if we want to achieve your backing for regeneration of the area. CTU will consult over the summer and launch our new BID proposal in autumn 2010. We believe we are at a pivotal stage in the regeneration of Camden Town. We have achieved a significant shift in focus in the perception of the area away from crime and drugs and have started a programme of major works which 25 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 25 29/7/10 23:17:12
  26. 26. - Keeping Crime Down We will continue to lobby for additional policing in Camden Town and ensure that extra policing hours are not cut. - Major Public Realm Improvements We are halfway through the delivery programme of our streetscape strategy Camden Town First, with two of the five projects due to be delivered and detailed design completed on another two. It is vital that we keep up the momentum on these projects to ensure Camden Town has an attractive public realm and is a safe and business friendly environment. - Regeneration of High Street South Camden High Street South continues to underperform, with multiple empty units, frequent turnover of tenants and a number of long term vacant units. Camden Town Unlimited will seek to revitalize this section through innovative retail programmes and long term property regeneration strategies. 26 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 26 29/7/10 23:17:13
  27. 27. - Driving down costs CTU Members will have the opportunity to participate in a joint procurement scheme, significantly reducing the cost of services. There are a number of jointly procured services CTU hopes to be able to offer its businesses, including electricity, gas and water, and even taxis, stationary and furniture. We expect the cost saving benefit to cover the cost of your BID levy at the very least. - International marketing campaigns and major festivals CTU will continue to work with our major media partners and key stakeholders such as Visit London, Visit Britain and Camden Crawl to deliver visitor campaigns and major festivals year round. - Representing business and working with the public sector to deliver quality service CTU will act as your, eyes and ears, monitoring service delivery, highlighting good practice and working with the public sector when services are not up to scratch. All BID services are provided in addition to those provided by the Local Authority and other organisations. 27 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 27 29/7/10 23:17:15
  28. 28. Christopher Shaw Alex Proud Richard Terry Berry Casey Caroline Seward Michael Doheny Cllr Theo Blackwell Cllr Chris Naylor (Chair) (Vice Chair) (Vice Chair) Hache Restaurant Getty Images The Worlds End London Borough of London Borough of Shaw Corporation Proud Galleries Arup Camden Camden (Observer) (Observer) David Gilbertson David Lynn Graham Goodkind Keir Emms Andy Godfrey Chief Supt Raj Jim Donovan Richard Pearl Not Pictured Emap MTV Frank PR Camden Lock Alliance Boots Plc Kohli (Observer) (Morrisons) (Observer) Michael Nicholas Market Metropolitan Police Resident (Camden Bars) CTU would like to thank all board members and staff, both past and present, who have made such a big contribution to our ongoing success. In particular, we’d like to thank the following who left us in 2010: Keith Moffitt, Mark Bensted & Ben Larsen. Simon Pitkeathley Matthew McMillan Clayton Clarke Rozanne Shipman Helena Sundarajoo Chief Executive Deputy Chief Business Membership Office Manager Executive Development Manager Manager 28 Camden Annual Review 2010_Vis 15.indd 28 29/7/10 23:17:17