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Tips to Handling Dental Emergencies - #PPT

Did you knock out your tooth or any emergency dental issues? Are you in pain? Do you know how to deal with dental emergency? See the PowerPoint presentation for more details.

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Tips to Handling Dental Emergencies - #PPT

  1. 1. Decide if you have an Emergency or Not
  2. 2. Wash Your Hands before putting them in Your Mouth
  3. 3. Save Broken Pieces of Teeth
  4. 4. Place Knocked Out Teeth back in your mouth if possible
  5. 5. Control Any Bleeding by applying direct pressure
  6. 6. Search Online for a Dentist
  7. 7. In Locating Dentists Search a Site that Specializes
  8. 8. Check the Local Dentist Ads
  9. 9. Call Dentists
  10. 10. Thank You for Wacthing Camden High Street Dental Practice 0207 388 6108 22 CAMDEN HIGH STREET, LONDON, NW1 0JH