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Planning your radio programme

For use by Mr Day's GCSE Media Class to prepare their Radio coursework

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Planning your radio programme

  1. 1. Planning your Radio Programme You will need to include • Jingle/signature tune • Welcome • Introduction – outline of contents • Vox-pop • OB = outside broadcast • Studio discussion with experts/commentators Planning Your existing worksheets Analysis of AT LEAST 3 magazine programmes, one al least should be for a similar target audience as your piece • Name of programme • Radio station • Date and time of broadcast • Target audience • Timings of elements The proposal – a PowerPoint to include • Names of students • Name of programme • Target audience • Who will play what role • Timeslot/day to be broadcast • Length of show • Subject focus • Contents • Timings Use as many images as possible – photos of you, examples of target audiences (moodboard?) Show time – Thursday period 5 All students to participate Suggested approach • Set your groups • Brainstorm your programme – do not spend AGES on this • Prepare the PowerPoint jointly • Each one of the group prepares an analysis of the magazine programme as homework KLD Monday, October 18, 2010