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Phone call


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Phone call

  1. 1. Practice task The Phone callAS Media Studies
  2. 2. Content» Establishing shot» 2 characters» The call must include at least 2 lines of dialogue from each character» The narrative should have a closure» Show a range of different shots
  3. 3. The Phone Call» Film no more than 80 seconds long» Target is 60 seconds» Work in groups of up to 3» Can be no more than 6 groups
  4. 4. Pre Production» Storyboard or Comic Life» Location scout» Mise en scene  Costume  Props
  5. 5. Post Production» Must add» Titles» Transitions
  6. 6. Timetable» Lesson 1 planning» Lesson 2/3 shooting» Lesson 3/4 uploading» Lesson 5 editing» Lesson 6 titles/transitions/saving» Lesson 7 - showtime
  7. 7. Practice task The Phone callAS Media Studies