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Music video research 2012


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Deadlines and content for A2 Media Studies

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Music video research 2012

  1. 1. Music Video Research June/July 2012By the end of term you need to have completed the following tasks.This constitutes the bulk of the evidence for research (rememberresearch and planning accounts for 20 marks overall, and will need tobe clearly visible on your personal blog.Work delivered after the end of term will suffer a mark penalty for latedelivery. Your initial commentary on some MVs of your choice (task due for completion 15 June) Cut counts on 3 MVs – can be the same as the above, with the cut rate worked to cuts per minute to ensure you take out the variable length of tracks. (Number of cuts/number of seconds) x 60 The essay on the history and future of MVs – due date (extended) Friday 6th July Goodwins analysis “documentary” due Friday 6th July A detailed Goodwins analysis of a MV of your choice (illustrated), to include a comprehensive commentary using the Super Furry Animals model analysisI aim to make time to review your progress 1-2-1 before the end ofterm.Over the summer you will need to search for a track which you canuse in your main project. You will get a full briefing on this.KLDMonday, 9 July 2012