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1 institutions and audiences initial


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1 institutions and audiences initial

  1. 1. Media StudiesInstitutions and Audiences
  2. 2. Course requirements Creative realisation of Media  Coursework Micro deconstruction of Media  Textual analysis  Coursework Macro level analysis  Representation Understanding how media institutions currently operate Ability to explore ideas about how audiences use media
  3. 3. Exam Counts for 50% of overall marks 1 compulsory question relating to unseen extract from TV drama, shown 4 times in the exam 1 compulsory essay Marks divided equally
  4. 4. Exam question example Discuss the issues raised by an institution’s need to target specific audiences within a media industry which you have studiedThis question carries the equivalent of 1/4 of the AS marks GET IT RIGHT!
  5. 5. InstitutionsIn a media context an institution is“An organisation or company that provide media content whether for profit or other motive” Involves the relationship between  The business,  The media product  The audience
  6. 6. The Media Triangle The Organisation
  7. 7. The Media Triangle Originator The Organisation
  8. 8. The Media Triangle Originator The OrganisationThe Product
  9. 9. The Media Triangle Originator The OrganisationThe Product The Audience
  10. 10. The Media Triangle Originator The Organisation £The Product The Audience £
  11. 11. Traditional view Single media companies  Broadcast  Newspapers  Recordings  Publishing  Film  Video games  Magazines IF ONLY IT WAS THAT SIMPLE
  12. 12. The multimedia reality Companies today are all involved in multi-media activities Companies today are often global New media brings new opportunities
  13. 13. News International BSkyB/Fox/Astra - Broadcasting Programme making - Simpsons Sky digital subscriptions Times/Sun/Wall Street Journal - papers Examine in detail
  14. 14. The Sun Newspaper Website Mobile phones Calendars Games via bingo
  15. 15. Activity In groups, discuss to report back on the following organisations  BBC  Sony  AOL Time Warner  Virgin Media
  16. 16. Report back
  17. 17. Media StudiesInstitutions and Audiences