CambridgeIP: Marketing Your Technology in the Credit Crunch


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CambridgeIP offers advice and analysis strategies on how companies can best utilize their IP in consideration of the current economic climate.

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CambridgeIP: Marketing Your Technology in the Credit Crunch

  1. 1. CambridgeIP Marketing your technology in the credit crunch June 2009 Quentin Tannock (Chairman, Founder) Miranda Weston Smith (Senior Associate) © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Contents •  CambridgeIP – who we are •  Context – survey results •  Fact-based IP strategies – analysis techniques •  Case studies – accelerated IP marketing •  Appendix –  Our Thought Leadership –  Our Production Process © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved 2
  3. 3. CambridgeIP Snapshot •  Actionable business intelligence driven by patent data: –  We assist senior executives of leading technology organisations with fact based strategy development •  Thought Leadership and leading edge thinking applied to client projects: –  We are committed to continual improvement of our methods and our experts regularly contribute to patent strategy blogs, journals and textbooks •  International perspective: –  Our diverse team is drawn from around the world and we have offices in Cambridge and London, and representation in Boston, USA •  Global IP coverage: –  Our IP databases and proprietary search methodology offer unique patent landscape coverage; including China, Japan and South Korea 3 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  4. 4. CambridgeIP Strategy Consulting •  Technology Marketing: The CambridgeIP –  Advice on active companies and consortiums who could Advantage: leverage your patents and technologies around the world -  Multifaceted Team •  Competitive Intelligence: -  Deep Technical –  Database-driven analysis and custom reporting on who the Expertise competitors are, where they are located, when they -  Global IP Coverage became active and who they are partnered with -  Fact-based Advice •  Prospective Partners: -  Extensive Network –  Information on top corporate, university and governmental -  Referrals & partner candidates operating in your area of interest Introductions •  IP Landscape & FTO Input: -  Proprietary Methodologies –  Our global IP databases, proprietary methodologies and consulting provide unique patent landscape coverage, -  Rapid turnaround highlighting technology “white space” and informing your own FTO due diligence efforts 4 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  5. 5. CambridgeIP Executives & Selected Team Members •  Quentin Tannock (Chairman & co-founder): –  Founder of multiple Startup Companies, International Management & Strategy Consultant, Speaker and Author –  Expert in emerging technology IP mapping, analysis & consulting in UK & USA –  Member of UK government IP task force on industry-university R&D collaborations; Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators IP & Electronic Media Group •  Ilian Iliev (CEO & co-founder): –  Entrepreneur, Strategy & Policy Consultant, Speaker and Author –  Co-founder of successful startup companies spanning Intellectual Property, Medical Instrumentation and Electrical industries –  Strategy and innovation consulting for the senior leadership team of a Top 5 Global Corporate Law firm •  Miranda Weston-Smith (Senior Associate) –  Education: Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge –  Prior Experience: technology transfer manager at Cambridge Enterprise, formation of life science companies, seed capital investment experience •  Arthur Lallement (Associate): –  Consultant and Inventor in Life Sciences domain, based in Boston –  Discoverer of the optimal protocol to extract to extract the streptococcal antigen I/II (SA I/II), a major cell surface glycoprotein of Streptococcus mutans, for mass production –  Education: MBA (AIT), MIM (Ceram), MSc Molecular Biology (UPS) 5 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  6. 6. CambridgeIP Expertise Our methods and tools are applicable to the full spectrum of high- technology developments Our work experience in over 60 projects since 2007 has given us particular expertise in the following fields: • Energy –  Wind Energy, Biomass, Fuel Cells, Advanced Refrigeration, Photo Voltaics, Clean Coal / Carbon Capture, Concentrated Solar, Marine Transport • Health & Life Sciences –  Drug delivery; Medical devices; Medical imaging; Nanotechnology; Pharmaceutical formulations; Stem Cells & Regenerative medicine; Surgical materials; Wound healing • Nanotechnology –  Measurement innovations, Nanocomposite materials, Pharmaceuticals, Photonics, Photo Voltaics, Sensors 6 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  7. 7. Contents •  CambridgeIP – who we are •  Context – survey results •  Fact-based IP strategies – analysis techniques •  Case studies – accelerated IP marketing •  Appendix –  Our Thought Leadership –  Our Production Process 7 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  8. 8. PRAXIS/CambridgeIP survey •  21 technology transfer offices spanning a wide range of technology areas participated in a survey on patent marketing strategies •  Patents take between 1 to 5+ years to market, with most (around 30%) taking 3 years •  Respondents commented that their technologies are very early stage with the result that they are ‘not yet fit for industrial use’ and ‘do not satisfy market need’ •  60% of respondents said that lack of market need was the reason patent marketing failed 8 © 2009 Cambridge IP. All rights reserved
  9. 9. PRAXIS/CambridgeIP survey •  Top current methods for patent marketing are: face-to-face meetings, attending trade shows, consultancy advice, and your own websites •  However insufficient patent marketing resources are a significant reason for failure (causing around one third of failures) •  Survey respondents ‘top tips’ on reducing the time to market –  Utilise networks –  Very early research / commercial feasibility analysis / due diligence –  Allocate time to review progress regularly –  Take time to build relationships / partnerships with relevant active companies 9 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  10. 10. Contents •  CambridgeIP – who we are •  Context – survey results •  Fact-based IP strategies – analysis techniques •  Case studies – accelerated IP marketing •  Appendix –  Our Thought Leadership –  Our Production Process 10 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  11. 11. A few patent facts Patents as data are: •  Structured •  Comparable •  Objective •  Information rich Multiple data sources are freely available (an opportunity and a challenge!), eg: -  USPTO - -  Google Patents 11 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  12. 12. CambridgeIP Production Process Overview 12 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved Fidelity Internal Information 12
  13. 13. Reliable & efficient analysis of vast amounts of data enables fresh insights based on actual activity in your sector Examples of our analysis : Informing R&D strategies Sector composition analysis Technology Evolution Maps Identifying hot-spots and new Identifying technology migration areas of R&D activity across broad and diffusion patterns over time, technology spaces (this example: together with interdependencies Biosensors) IPC Relationship Map: 2000 The applications and location of client’s technology are dispersed IPC Relationship Map: 2007 Over time, 2 key clusters of application have developed 13 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  14. 14. Our unique, data intensive approach provides evidence to underpin your strategic and tactical decisions Examples of our analysis : Informing your licensing & collaboration strategies Network analysis Statistical analysis Visualising collaborations revealed Identifying most relevant & prolific in a 10,000+ patent dataset in the actors, year of entry to the space clients area of strategic focus and strategic importance of the space to them 14 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  15. 15. Our proprietary processes enable fast and comprehensive IP Landscape ® delivery Examples of our analysis: Informing your FTO analyses 116 Expired Patents 104 Likely Expiring Patents in 5 yrs In addition to PowerPoint summaries, we provide detailed datasets and further analyses in spreadsheet format © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved 15
  16. 16. Contents •  CambridgeIP – who we are •  Context – survey results •  Fact-based IP strategies – analysis techniques •  Case studies – accelerated IP marketing •  Appendix –  Our Thought Leadership –  Our Production Process 16 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  17. 17. Case Study 1: Rapidly gain understanding of an industry - Report ‘Energy Harvesting devices’ Client Profile The Integrated Products Manufacturing KTN approached CambridgeIP to create a report on global MEMS patent activity, with special focus on micro- & nano- scale energy harvesting devices - a space of particular interest to KTN members. Business Situation •  Emerging area of interest for the KTN membership, characterised by multiple technology approaches, varied sectors of application and globally distributed R&D efforts. A key driver was to provide KTN members with clear, evidence-based, information on R&D trends and commercial activity. Our Approach •  We defined the space and implemented a rigorous, multi-layer search strategy. A series of broad IP Landscapes were produced, providing context on relevant areas of activity, and deep analysis was conducted using the RedEyeTM suite of tools. •  A report detaining findings was developed for distribution to the KTN membership Results and Benefits •  We helped inform our reader’s collaboration and licensing strategy, by identifying the most active and networked players, and their relationships : •  Leading corporations : PerpetuuLtd (UK); Enocean GMBH (Germany) and Microstrain, Inc. (USA) •  Top research centres : California Institute of Technology (USA) and the University of Southampton (UK) •  Geographical hotspots of innovation :Germany (thermoelectric), the United Kingdom (electromagnetic) ; USA (radiation) •  Identified key growth sectors for energy harvesters : structural health monitoring, wireless sensor networks and healthcare applications •  R&D and Market trends analysis with reference to policy priorities •  Identified the most frequently used energy sources for energy harvesting (vibration and thermal energy) , and the top patented technical approaches (piezoelectric and electromagnetic)
  18. 18. Case Study 2: New insights and fresh licensing opportunities - IP Landscape® ‘Nano-sensor devices’ Client Profile A medium sized VC funded company delivering nano-enabled sensing solutions to the defense and homeland security sectors approached CambridgeIP for assistance updating their IP portfolio and developing an up-to-date patent landscape Business Situation •  Sophisticated and well-advised client with good understanding of its IP space and competitors, holding a relatively large patent portfolio. •  Key drivers were to improve understanding of adjacent IP spaces, increase efficiency and structure in IP intelligence gathering activities, inform investor communications Our Approach •  We audited the client’s patent holdings, developing indexed and cross-referenced patent databases; We defined the client’s space and identified adjacent spaces, undertaking IP Landscape and benchmarking analysis against the client’s existing portfolio. Business intelligence and key statistics were extracted using the RedEyeTM suite of tools. Results and Benefits •  Identified technology migration opportunities & threats from adjacent technology spaces •  Demonstrated client’s dominance of aspects of its IP Landscape •  The client used our independent findings and analysis in presentations to VC investors, as part of a successful Series C funding round. •  Identified existing, known, players and new entrants to the client’s core IP space – including newly active academic institutes and corporations •  Improved organisation of the client’s existing portfolio, laying a foundation for future portfolio management •  Identified portfolio gaps for our client to plug and areas for consideration in future patent filings
  19. 19. Case Study 3: Accelerate licensing strategy development – Early stage surgical materials technology Client Profile A leading UK University asked us to help identify market opportunities for an early stage surgical materials development Business Situation •  Previous market research had not resulted in uptake of the technology by corporate prospects •  A go / stop decision point was imminent as international PCT roll-out of an initial patent application approached Our Approach Results and Benefits •  20+ organisations were identified, were categorised by type and arranged in order of priority for approach by our client •  Marketing objectives and recommendations were made in relation to each organisation type •  Key geographical markets containing high profile licensing prospects were identified for addition to PCT designated states lists •  Information on similar approaches, including diagrams, were provided to client academic experts in a convenient format •  We defined the technology space and implemented a multi-layer search strategy that aimed at identifying •  licensing candidates •  potential collaboration partners •  key markets & applications •  critical geographical areas •  Information useful to marketing the technology •  Results and recommendations were presented to the client in a PowerPoint summary report, and cross-referenced Excel dataset •  A workshop with the client's TTO representatives and client’s academic experts aided understanding and dissemination of results and recommendations © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  20. 20. Our impact We measure success by our ability to create value for our clients clients We were very impressed: CambridgeIP's IP Landscape tool picked out all of the main inventors and competitors we knew of and showed us some new entrants. As a mature technology company we found the IP Landscape an important input for our IP management and investor communications needs. It would have cost us a fortune to do this with a traditional IP services provider..." — Billy Boyle co-Founder and Director of Owlstone Ltd "I wish it had been possible to access the IP Landscape earlier during the patenting process: it would have saved us time and money." — Daniel Jones co-founder and Director of Novexin Ltd (Now Expedeon) "CambridgeIP provided us with a highly personalised service that resulted in an informative patent-based technology landscape. The research outputs helped us focus our market research and enabled clear product development decisions. Ilian really sought to understood our business and our requirements and adapted his interaction to ensure that we had the correct search parameters to enable us to get the most from the patent landscape study." — Dr Chris Smith Technical Director of Wessex Technology Group Plc I was impressed by the speed of delivery, quality of data... and at such a low cost. I would certainly use CambridgeIP again.. - Dr Mark Eccleston CEO of Vivamer Ltd © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  21. 21. Our contact details Quentin Tannock Miranda Weston-Smith (Chairman and Founder) (Senior Associate) GSM: +44-077-8621-0305 Tel: +44-1223-370-098 Ilian Iliev Arthur Lallement (CEO and Founder) (Associate) GSM: +44-077-863-73965 Tel: +1-617-418-4493 Corporate Office Internet Resources Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd Website: Sheraton House, Castle Park Blog: Cambridge CB3 OAX UK Sign-up for our Free Newsletter UK: +44 (0) 1223 370 098 on our Home Page Fax: +44 (0) 1223 370 040 21 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  22. 22. APPENDIX Our Thought Leadership Our Production Process 22 © 2009 Cambridge IP. All rights reserved
  23. 23. Thought Leadership and leading edge thinking applied to client projects (1) We are committed to continual improvement of methods and tools Pending: From IP Assets to IP Revenues, chapter in European Patent Office approved textbook ‘IP Management in Europe’ Ongoing: Developing the most complete to-date patent landscaping exercise across 6 low-carbon energy technologies Jun 2009: “Challenges and Opportunities in the Licensing of Renewable Technologies”, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology May 2009: Patenting trends in the CleanTech space, presentation to Cambridge Network, Cambridgeshire’s high-tech community Mar 2009: Patent trends in low-carbon energy systems and emerging markets technology transfer, presentation to WIPO, Geneva Feb 2009: Marketing Patents, industry survey of 25 leading Universities and Research Institutes with assistance from PRAXIS 23 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  24. 24. Thought Leadership and leading edge thinking applied to client projects (2) Feb 2009: Energy Harvesting Device patents and patent applications, industry report with the Integrated Products Manufacturing KTN Oct 2008: Climate Strategies on patent landscape in Clean Coal/Super-critical applications, Climate Strategies Report Oct 2008: The Patent Landscape of AIM, publication with Growth Investor in Business XL magazine Aug 2008: Toward Phase 2 in the Evolution of IP Intelligence, article in The Innovation Handbook Jun 2008: Member of Technology Licensing for Renewables Group at the Licensing Executives Society, presentation to LES, “Renewable Energy: Emerging Challenges to the Patent Licensing System” Dec 2007: Corporate uses of IP Intelligence, Industry survey of 29 leading corporations sponsored by EEDA 24 © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved
  25. 25. Thought Leadership and leading edge thinking applied to client projects (3) Our experts regularly conduct training and executive education: China-UK showcase: King’s College London ‘Chinese University patenting trends and China-UK business opportunities’ AIM company executives: Business Excel Live event ‘Intellectual Property – how to keep it safe’ CleanTech companies: Cambridge Network: ‘Global Patenting Trends in Key Low-Carbon Energy Technologies: Results of Joint Research with Chatham House’ WIPO, Geneva: Patent trends in low-carbon energy systems and emerging markets technology transfer University TTOs: PRAXIS Technology market research master-class ‘Marketing patents’, Health Technology companies: KTN webinar ‘Developing a fact based IP strategy’ Displays & Lighting corporations: KTN tutorial: ‘Patent strategies’, Licensing Executives: LES Workshop 'Advanced corporate uses of patent intelligence', Licensing Executives: LES Annual Conference ‘Emerging Challenges to the patent system’ © 2009 CambridgeIP. All rights reserved