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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Tracy Cambre
  2. 2. I am the Managing Partner at Morales Associates. What does a managing partner do? Everything. I’m like the roadie for the band. Business Development Client Relations Marketing Communications Finance Information Technology Program Management
  3. 3. I get to work with great companies to deliver organizational development services on-site and for a great price.
  4. 4. Before I did this I worked for an elected official for five years. I was the office manager and elected’s scheduler and was commonly referred to as “the glue” for our 11 member staff.
  5. 5. Before that, I began a marketing communications consultancy where I developed visual & written content for websites, worked on brand management & developed marketing collateral.
  6. 6. 15 years prior, I worked in the legal industry in Honolulu & San Diego in every capacity except lawyering: legal secretary, paralegal, recruiting, office manager, and most recently, director of marketing.
  7. 7. I derive my professional happiness from: Producing and accomplishing a whole heck of a lot in a single day. Working with dynamic, diverse people who are smart , compassionate , fun and want to exceed client expectations . (No mean people.)
  8. 8. I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, raised in Kailua, Hawaii, and attended college at the University of San Diego where I received my Bachelor’s in English. San Diego’s been my home for 29 years.
  9. 9. About Me Personally.... I’m a stickler for making sure it’s done right. I’m always looking for creative & innovative approaches to solutions. I’m a computer nerd. I like honey badgers because they’re the fiercest animal on the planet. I like gimlets because they’re so darn tasty. I appreciate and use the power of social media. I write a blog, Cajun Wahine, where I share “Polaroid vignettes” of life in the 21st Century. (You can G o o g l e it.) I cherish my book group - I’ve been a member since 1995. Cooking & hosting dinner parties bring me much joy. I have two personal mantras: “ If you want it, go get it. ” “ You get what you give .”