Cambodia S Tour is a professionally managed Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia that has a hostof services to offer to clients...
We provide very professional tour guides and safe-clean transports with air-condition for        every tour.        We arr...
Benchmarked as a reliable Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia, Cambodia S Tour provides has beenbestowing clients with unparal...
By PlaneSiem Reap International Airport is the second largest airport in Cambodia. Its modernarchitecture is based on the ...
Pakse       Don DetThailand       To Bangkok the ticket is valid for the whole journey but you will change buses in Poi Pe...
Cambodia S Tour, a reputed Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia provides Phnom Penh Tourpackages to clients to serve their inte...
OrientationAll of Phnom Penhs streets are numbered; some major thoroughfares also have names. Thescheme is simple: odd-num...
common with both quality and cheapie bus line alike.The rather chaotic bus station at the southwest corner of the Central ...
There are 3 choices of boat to Chau Doc:        Hang Chau Speed Boat (no pickup, tour guide, water, snacks, insurance), le...
regime was driven from power, the bumpy highway to the capital was long notorious for banditry andthe beaches stayed empty...
tourist destination). Unlike even recent travel guides report, this trip now has become easy andstraightforward.By TaxiA c...
Reap. In a car, Phnom Penh is around 4 hr away and Sisophon can be reached in just less than 1 hr. Bybus, Phnom Penh takes...
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Description cambodia s tour


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Description cambodia s tour

  1. 1. Cambodia S Tour is a professionally managed Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia that has a hostof services to offer to clients. The company is managed by expert professionals who designtailor-made packages to give clients exactly what they want. We provide services like HotelBooking Services and Car & Coach Rental Services. We are also doing an outstanding job as anEvent Organizer and a Tour Operator. The Holiday Packages we offer includes some of the bestdestinations of Cambodia wherein you get an opportunity to visit the most exotic places of thecountry with a splendid stay in the best hotels of the country. These hotel accommodations arejust an ideal place to stay for anyone on a tour. You can also enjoy the most adventurous placesof Cambodia through our Adventure Tour Packages. Activities like scuba diving, snorkeling,fishing, trekking, bicycling, dirt biking etc are some of the most sought-after adventures in theland of Cambodia.We were established in the year 2008 under highly experienced and efficient tour operators whounderstood the essence of tailor-made services in order to run a business smoothly andeffectively. Our experts thrive to provide customized tour packages to clients in each and everystep so as to provide satisfaction to clients. At Cambodia S Tour, we believe that our clientsinvestment should prosper and be utilized in the most efficient way. We always believe inproviding value to our clients money and in doing so, we maintain the highest levels of honestyand commitment.Our Vision Promote sustainable tourism in the Cambodia and put Cambodia as one of Asias top destinationsOur Mission Provide up-to-date tourism and travel resources. Assist in promoting sustainable tourism and human resource development. Free technical and training support for local tour operators . Friendly website with modern technology for our local and international community. We believe in great product design that can deliver on this promise.Benefit Booking With Us We offer VERY special price for all Package Tour , Hotel Booking, Transportation with us that this price is much cheaper than others company. We offer the BEST package rate and premium travel services to our clients because we have! Outstanding connection with many hotel managements in Cambodia. We have our own office hire 100% skillful local employees and guides, hence our cost is low therefore the package rates must be cheaper than others. We always send our tour operator to meet and welcome clients upon arrival to sort out problem if any and ensure that they are satisfied with our arrangement.
  2. 2. We provide very professional tour guides and safe-clean transports with air-condition for every tour. We arrange very good hotels and restaurants for clients. We have strong commitment in serving and satisfying our guests. We continuously improve our service and all qualities to satisfy our customers and partners. Basically, we customize things base on our partners and customers’ needs-tell us precisely what to want, we will strive to get it for you. Please visit our website to get useful travel information for Package Tour in Cambodia and if you need more information please contact us again.Tour OperatorReckoned as a competent Tour Operator, Cambodia S Tour in Cambodia offers many specialized tourpackages to clients for a memorable experience. We as Tour Operators provide unparalleled servicesand packages taking care of each client’s budget and specifications. Our packages are designed in a wayto provide clients extreme comfort and satisfaction during their tours in Cambodia.We at Cambodia S Tour, cater to clients of any kind of budget and preferences. Due to our customizedpackages, our clients choose to be humbled to us and give commitment for a long term relationship.Hotel Booking ServicesCambodia S Tour, a renowned Tour & Travel Operator in Cambodia, has been serving clients withcustomized services for years now. We provide Hotel Booking Services to clients to serve their travelrequirements. We are associated with some of the leading and most sought-after hotels in Cambodia toprovide you the best luxury. These hotels have all the basic amenities to fulfill your needs.Depending on your budget, you can book a budget hotel, standard hotel or luxury hotels to suit yourneeds. You can have maximum comfort while on tours availing our Hotel Booking Services.Car & Coach RentalCambodia S Tour is one of the most sought-after Tour & Travel Agents in Cambodia that servesan esteemed clientele for years now. We are well-known for providing the best Car & CoachRental services to our esteemed clients who are travelling to Cambodia. We boast of offering awide range of taxis such as Tuk Tuk, Car with AC/Non AC, Van and Bus. You can choose yourown vehicle.These Cars & Coaches will take you in and around Cambodia to give you an exotic travelexperience. We ensure comfortable journeys with lots of fun-filled memories. Our services caterto all kinds of clients irrespective of their budget.Event & Mice
  3. 3. Benchmarked as a reliable Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia, Cambodia S Tour provides has beenbestowing clients with unparalleled travel services. Apart from a host of services to clients, we are anoutstanding Event Organizer that organizers corporate events, formal events as well as informal eventsfor our clients. Be it any kind of corporate meetings/seminars/workshops, wedding events, formal orinformal parties etc. we are always at your service.Our services are catered to all kinds of clients irrespective of their budget. Our services are muchpersonalized and customized in order to give clients exactly what they want.Siem Reap DestinationCambodia S Tour is a profitable Tour & Travel Company in Cambodia. We have manyspecialized tour packages for clients to serve their needs. One of our tours include Siem ReapTours wherein the tour is designed to meet visitor’s purpose. Professionals with more than 10years of experience are waiting for you to serve you the best services. Siem Reap Tour Packagesare well-designed and they are very reasonable. Our Siem Reap Tour packages are well-knownfor their quality. The visitors are taken around Siem Reap Cambodia by reliable drivers to showthem around. Best guidance is given to our visitors by these drivers about the local culture,traditions, people and places. They also ensure that the visitors are safe during the journeys.We are also associated with some of the best hotels in Siem Reap Cambodia wherein you get allthe basic amenities at low cost and high quality. The meals are hygienic and all the restaurantsare high standard ensuring quality food. Payments can be made through all kinds of credit Card:Visa, Master, Visa Debit, American Express and many more. It makes online payment easier andsafer for visitors worldwide and no additional transaction charge is taken as the prices are in NettUS Dollar.The name Siem Reap literally means "Siam Defeated". These days, however, the onlyrampaging hordes are the tourists heading to the Angkor Archaeological Park. This once quaintvillage has become the largest boomtown and construction site in Cambodia. It is quite laid-backand a pleasant place to stay while touring the temples. It is a nice compromise between observingCambodian life and enjoying the amenities of modern services and entertainment, thanks to alarge expatriate community. Since Siem Reap is a major tourist destination, prices in someinstances are higher than elsewhere in Cambodia. Expect to receive almost constant offers formotor dop and tuk-tuk rides, along with everything else which drivers may be able to offer toyou.Be sure to pick up your free Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide and the equally free and usefulSiem Reap Pocket Guide from your hotel/guesthouse. It contains lots of info on Siem Reap andthe Angkor Archaeological Park, including hotel/bar/restaurant/shop info, travel info, and maps.For the eco-sensitive tourist, check out "Stay another Day: Cambodia," a detailed guide withlocal spots that support the environment and community. Another address is the concert to touristoffice, a local NGO committed to raising the standards of responsible tourism and ecotourismactivities and providing information on the causes and effects of poverty in Cambodia,volunteering opportunities and contours.
  4. 4. By PlaneSiem Reap International Airport is the second largest airport in Cambodia. Its modernarchitecture is based on the traditional Khmer style. Its facilities are limited. There are separateterminals for international and domestic flights.The airport is served by: AirAsia (Kuala Lumpur) Asiana Airlines (Seoul – Incheon) Bangkok Airways (Bangkok) Cambodia Angkor Air (Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh) Cebu Pacific Air (Manila, Philippines) China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern Airlines) China Southern Airlines (China Southern Airlines) Jetstar Asia (Singapore) Korean Air (Seoul – Incheon) Lao Airlines (Laung Prabang) Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) Silk Air (Da Nag, Singapore) Vietnam Airlines (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Luang Prabang)The airport is around 7 km from the town Centre.By BusMajor companies include Phnom Penh Sorya Transport, Capitol Tours, and GST Express.If arriving from the west, consider getting off the bus as it passes through town on NationalHighway 6, say as it crosses the bridge over the river, before it reaches the bus station.If arriving from the east you have little choice but to face the touts.Capitol Tours buses, however, terminate at the companys office in the Centre of town, near oldmarket, making them the most sensible choice.Domestic Services Phnom Peh Kampong Cham Soung Battambang Sisophon Poi Pet Anlong Veng Koh KongInternational ServicesLaos
  5. 5. Pakse Don DetThailand To Bangkok the ticket is valid for the whole journey but you will change buses in Poi Pet From Bangkok: Agents in Kao San Road offer tickets to Siem Reap.If travelling independently to the Aranyaprathet/Poi Pet border, see those towns articles foradvice on how to reach the border, survive immigration and avoid theVietnam Ho Chi Minh CityBy BoatA more expensive and more time consuming option from Phnom Penh (6 hours) or battambong (5 hr) is to take a Soviet style Hydrofoil across the Tonle Sap Lake. These can be fantastic tripsgiving you the opportunity to view life on the lake, floating houses, working fishermen, and toget a sun-tan if you choose to sit on the roof of the boat. However, the trip can be ruined due tobad weather. Remember to use sunscreen and take a waterproof jacket. You will not be alwaysable to access your luggage during the journey (sometimes the baggage is available, sometimes itis not). If you have the time, it is better to visit the floating villages as day trips from Siem Reapthan to see them from the boat.By Shared TaxiThe quickest method of getting from the Poi Pet border to Siem Reap is a shared car. A fourseats car and takes 2-3 hr. Even if youre travelling solo, it shouldnt be too hard to find others toshare the expense.By HelicopterHelicopters can be chartered to go nearly anywhere in the country. They seat 5 or 6 people. fortrips to some of the temples north of Angkor Wat. Companies include Helicopters Cambodia andHelistar Cambodia. Battambang Phnom PenhTravel to and around the Angkor Archaeological Park is extensively covered in its own article.The following is a discussion of travel with Siem Reap.Phnom Penh
  6. 6. Cambodia S Tour, a reputed Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia provides Phnom Penh Tourpackages to clients to serve their interests. An old city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh wasestablished in 1431. There are many old buildings in Phnom Penh that were built during theFrench time. There still lie the remains like industries, factories, stadium, markets, Royal palaceetc. after the destruction during the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979). It was an abandoned city foralmost 4 years. However, the city has been liberated and re-constructed and it gradually changed.There has been a lot of development in the infrastructure, houses, official buildings, markets,shops, and factories etc. Phnom Penh is considered the most beautiful French colonial town inIndochina. It is a fast developing city in the world. You will find roads, public gardens, andunderground drains in the city.Phnom Penh Tours is considered the administration center and the commercial center of thecountry. At present, there are new sister towns like “Camco City” and “Koh Pich island City”and many other towns that are under construction. Phnom Penh acts as a transit town for some ofthe most beautiful places of Cambodia, such as Angkor Wat temple at Siem Reap and SihanoukVille province with beaches for leisure.Despite being liberated from the Khmer Rouge by the Vietnamese back in 1979, Phnom Penhhas long remained a bit rough. However, things are improving, though roads remain shabby,traffic chaotic and electricity strained.The city is slowly gaining high rise buildings and traffic lights. The beauty that made it a Parisof the East before 1970 is unfortunately well hidden, though there are few French colonialbuildings remaining. The wide boulevards and promenades envisaged by the French havebecome parking spaces and market stalls: pedestrians are not in favor.The most pleasant strolling is to be done along park-like riverfront, which hosts cafés andrestaurants aplenty. Standard tourist sights are few, which makes the city a place to relax, watchthe street life and absorb the local color. Phnom Penh is worthwhile destination for those whoenjoy an edge experience and can brave the downsides of reckless driving, noise, dust andperennial theft. Touts and beggars abound, the worst area is the tourist strip along the river. Befirm, though a polite refusal should work.Older or disabled beggars will be happy to accept 500 riel, though bear in mind that anyone oldenough to have survived the Khmer Rouge has had a tough life. Generosity here is no bad thing.Some older people may even invoke a blessing on you for your gift. Cocky young kidsdemanding a dollar should be not are encouraged.Weather is hot and humid, with showers in the late afternoon in the rainy season.HistoryIn 1975 Phnom Penh was choked with up to 2 million refugees from the war between the thenU.S.-backed government and the Khmer Rouge. The city fell to the Khmer Rouge in 1975,which completely emptied it of civilians and allowed it to crumble for several years. The cityssmall class of skilled or educated professionals was systematically murdered by Pol Pot, ordriven into exile. Cambodias developing economy and institutionalized corruption haveconcentrated wealth into a new rich class that now supports Phnom Penhs new fancy hotels andrestaurants. Increasing tourist numbers are also bringing about improving tourist infrastructure.
  7. 7. OrientationAll of Phnom Penhs streets are numbered; some major thoroughfares also have names. Thescheme is simple: odd-numbered streets run north-south, the numbers increasing as you headwest from the river, and even numbers run west-east, increasing as you head south (with someexceptions, e.g. the west side of what was Boeung Kak lake). House numbers, however, are quitehaphazard. Dont expect houses to be numbered sequentially in a street; you might even find twocompletely unrelated houses with the same number in the same street.By PlanePhnom Penh International Airport is the largest airport in Cambodia, located 7 km west of thecity. The following airlines operate service to/from Phnom Penh: AirAsia (Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok) Asiana Airlines (Seoul-Incheon) Bangkok Airways (Bangkok) Cambodia Angkor Air (Ho Chi Minh, Siem Reap) China Airlines (Taipei) China Eastern Airlines (Kunming, Nanning) China Southern Airlines (Beijing, Guangzhou) Dragonair (Hong Kong) EVA Air (Taipei) Jetstar Asia Airways (Singapore) Korean Air (Seoul- Incheon) Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) Shanghai Airlines (Shanghai) SilkAir (Singapore) Thai AirAsia (Bangkok) Thai Airways International (Bangkok) Vietnam Airlines (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane)The new terminal is a thoroughly pleasant and modern facility, and features a post office, bank(including ATMs), restaurants, duty-free shop, newsstand, tourist help desk, and business Centre.As of April 2011 there is no more departure tax to be paid at the airport - all taxes are nowincorporated into the ticket price, taxis from the public taxi stand at the airport and tuk-tuks.By BusCambodia is finally aiding its development through improving its roads. Since around 2008,asphalt has been blazing trails into unexpected and remote places making for faster, year-roundaccessibility. The main highways that run on either side of the Tonle Sap from Phnom Penh toSiem Reap, Battambang, Sisophon and Poi Pet. (for Thailand) are both well paved and in goodcondition.The quality of buses runs the gamut, with the less desirable buses being a few dollars cheaperthan more comfortable options. Safety standards are low and crashes (not always reported) are
  8. 8. common with both quality and cheapie bus line alike.The rather chaotic bus station at the southwest corner of the Central Market is the base for busesrun by Mekong Express, Phnom Penh Sorya Transport, Capitol Tours, and GST Express.International ServicesBorders are not open 24 hrs: some night buses will wait at the border until it opens. Bangkok (around 14 hrs) change of bus required at the Poi Pet border. Ho Chi Minh City (around 6 hrs) no change of bus. Pakse (around 14 hrs) The Four Thousand Islands region of Laos. Vientiane (around 27 hrs) A generally inconvenient and stressful trip. Shambolic border procedure, multiple bus changes, through tickets not being honored and nocturnal groping should all be expected. Travelling via Bangkok (theoretically also around 27 hrs but with tight connections) should be seriously considered as the 8PM Bangkok- Nong Khai (Laos border, 20 km from Vientiane) sleeper train (13 hrs) will be safer and more comfortable than any overnight bus through Southern Laos. Bangkok- Nong KhaiBuses arriving from Pakse enter the city at night (around 7:30 to 8:00 pm) via Monivong Ave,leaving tired and emotional travellers prone to being preyed on tuktuk touts. Watch out!Domestic ServicesPhnom Penh is the domestic transport hub and direct buses run to just about every provincialcapital, including far flung town like Pailin, Samraong, Banlung and Sen Monorom. Thecrowded peasant mover Paramount Angkor specializes in out-of-the-way towns, avoid it forintercity travel as its the same price as more genteel companies but does not guarantee a seat.More frequently visited destinations include: Siem Reap Sihanouk Ville Poipet for Aranyaprathet in Thailand Koh Kong Battambang Kampot SisophonBy BoatFerries connect Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and usually take 6 hr. these ferries offer the option ofsitting on the roof, which makes for a much more scenic, albeit less comfortable ride than thebus; take sunblock, a hat, and enough water to last you for several hours just in case the boat getsstuck. The boat leaves 7:30am. Fast boats leave every morning around 8AM from Chau Doc inVietnams Mekong Delta and take 5 hr to reach Phnom Penh. The boats make the return journeythe same day and leave Phnom Penh around 1PM arriving in Chau Doc in the early evening.
  9. 9. There are 3 choices of boat to Chau Doc: Hang Chau Speed Boat (no pickup, tour guide, water, snacks, insurance), leaves at 12:00, and takes 4hours. Dalta Adventure leaves at 08:30, 5hours. Mekong Tour Slow Boat, leaves at 7hr 30 min, takes 7-8hours.By TrainThere is a limited freight service running from Kampot to Phnom Penh on the Southern Line.Track repair is underway and passenger services on both the Northern (to Battambang and Poipet(for Thailand) and Southern (to Kep, Kampot and Sihanoukville) Lines are set to resume by2013. Bamboo trains operate in various towns along the line, though the one most pushed totourists is just outside Battambang.SihanoukvilleCambodia S Tour, a Tour & Travel Agent in Cambodia serves clients with the most customized packagesto fulfill their travel needs. We have Sihanoukville Tours for our esteemed clients who would wish toexplore the best attractions of Sihanoukville. Sihanoukville is located on the coast of Cambodia, on theBay of Thailand. The place is locally known as Kampong Som. The town is bordered with tropical beachesand islands from three sides. Some of the major attractions of the town are seafood restaurants, bars,empty and crowded beaches, Buddhist temples, hotels, casinos etc.Some of the most popular beaches you can visit during a Sihanoukville Tour are Serendipity Beach,Ream Beach, Ochheuteal Beach, Independence Beach, Sokha Beach and many more. You can also go forsome of the most sought-after adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkeling in Sihanoukville.Sihanoukville formerly Kompong Som and familiarly just Snookyville or even Snooky is a seaside townfeaturing Cambodias best-known beaches.In a land with thousands of years of history, Sihanouk ville is a colorful but tragic upstart. A mere fiftyyears ago, a French-Cambodian construction carved a camp out of the jungle and started building thefirst deep-sea port of a newly independent Cambodia. Named Sihanouk ville in 1964 after the rulingprince of Cambodia, the booming port and its golden beaches soon drew Cambodias jet setting elite,spawning the first Angkor Beer brewery and the modernist seven-story Independence Hotel which,claim locals, even played host to Jacqueline Kennedy on her whirlwind tour of Cambodia in 1967.Alas, the party came to an abrupt end in 1970 when Sihanouk was deposed in a coup and Cambodiadescended into civil war. The town – renamed Kompong Som – soon fell on hard times: the victoriousKhmer Rouge used the Independence Hotel for target practice and, when they made the mistake ofhijacking an American container ship, the port was bombed by the U.S. Air Force. Even after Pol Pots
  10. 10. regime was driven from power, the bumpy highway to the capital was long notorious for banditry andthe beaches stayed empty.Peace returned in 1993 following the historic elections organized by the United Nations TransitionalAuthority in Cambodia (UNTAC) and in the ensuing ten years Sihanoukville has been busy picking up thepieces. First visited only by a few intrepid backpackers, guidebooks still talk of walls pockmarked bybullets, but any signs of war are hard to spot in todays Sihanoukville, whose new symbol seems to bethe construction site. After 30 years of housing only ghosts, the Independent Hotel is up and runningagain, more and more Khmers and expats have settled down to run bars and restaurants, and theknowledge of what the New York Times dubbed "Asias next trendsetting beach" is starting to spread.Since Snooky is a relatively new city (1950) and did grow along with the steady growth of the tourists, allthe negative elements came along. It is not safe (even for men) to walk alone on the beach after 9pm,there are plenty of glue sniffing kids and a lot of Java (Methamphetamine) smoking girls and boys andprobably the worst Tuk Tuk Mafia (all with price agreements).By PlaneThe small Sihanoukville Airport is located 17km to the east of town, on the edge of Ream National Park.Cambodian Angkor Air started flying to and from Siem Reap on December 14th 2011 with three flights aweek.By HelicopterSokha Helicopters offers a VIP charter service between a private helipad at Sokha Beach Resort andPhnom Penh and Siem Reap. Charter rates start at US$1495 per flight hour plus 10% VAT & 10% SPT,with discount packages for stays at Sokha beach Resort. Helicopters are modern, French-built Eurocopter Ecureuils with luxury leather seating for 5 passengers. Licensed pilots are from Australia andEurope. Flight time from Phnom Penh is 55 minutes and Siem Reap1 hour and 40 minutes.By BusPhnom Penh Sorya Transport, GST Express, and Mekong Express operate hourly bus services fromPhnom Penh, taking 3-5 hours. The first bus leaves Phnom Penh at 7:00AM; the last bus leaves at5:45PM. All buses arrive and depart from the bus station downtown near the Central Market. Ticketscan be booked at the bus company offices, travel agencies, and many guesthouses. It is worth reservinga day in advance to be sure of a seat. National Route 4 between Phnom Penh and Sihanouk ville is oneof Cambodias best roads.Rith Mony, Bun Thou, and Virak Buntham Express operate daily air-conditioned minibus service leavingat 8:30AM to/from the border with Thailand at Koh Kong/Hat lek, taking about 5 hours. "Local" and"Tourist" minibuses service this route; they are always jam-packed, and the trip can be uncomfortable.In 2010, Virak Buntham Express started a bus service from Ha Tien in Vietnam to Sihanouk ville via thenew Xa Xia/Prek Chak border post. (From Ha Tien, there is a ferry to Phu Quoc Island, another popular
  11. 11. tourist destination). Unlike even recent travel guides report, this trip now has become easy andstraightforward.By TaxiA chartered taxi from Phnom Penh Central Market can make the trip in less than three hours. You canreduce the price by sharing seats, but be warned that Khmers will squeeze as many as eight people intothe car, including two in the drivers seat, so most people will need to buy two seats for comfort.By BoatBoats used to run daily from Koh Kong/Hat Lek (the border crossing with Thailand), taking around 4hours. However, the service was suspended in 2008 and its unclear if it will resume, since travel by roadis now cheaper, safer and just as fast. Several sources quote "persistent rumours" about a future ferryservice with the nearby Vietnamese Phu Quoc Island, but nothing happened yet.Modest numbers of cruise lines offer one-day port visits, usually along with more stops in Vietnam en-route to or from Bangkok, e.g., Oceania.By TrainThere are no passenger services on the Phnom Penh to Sihanouk ville railway line. It may be possible tohitch a ride with the freight train security guards - enquire locally for further information. As of autumn2010, there are efforts to make the Cambodian railways operational again. Since October 2010, a freightservice from Phnom Penh to halfway Sihanouk ville (Touk Meas) is operational.BattambangServing clients with unbeatable travel services over the years, Cambodia S Tour in Cambodia, boasts ofbeing one of the most well-known Tour & Travel Agents in the town. If you are a kind of traveler wholikes to explore something really new and interesting, then we have Battambang Tours for you.Battambang is a small town in Cambodia that is famous for its French architecture and the rubies andgarnets mined in the region.The place has an exotic beauty with so much to offer to tourists. The life in this small rural area isfascinating and mesmerizing. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Battambang. Some of them are theBattambang Museum, Statue of the black Ta Dambong, old pagodas such as Wat Kor, Wat Ksach, andVineyard etc.Battambang is Cambodias second most populous city, and a popular tourist destination due to themany nearby ancient temples, Buddhist shrines and the infamous bamboo railway. It is also the capitalcity of the Battambang province.By RoadNational Highway 5 is paved and from Battambang runs southeast to Phnom Penh and northwest toSisophon and Poi Pet. At Sisophon, National Highway 6 branches off to provide paved access to Siem
  12. 12. Reap. In a car, Phnom Penh is around 4 hr away and Sisophon can be reached in just less than 1 hr. Bybus, Phnom Penh takes about 5-6 hr. Siem Reap takes at least 3 hr. Highway 57 from Battambang toPailin was paved in 2010. Paramount Angkor Buses run twice daily from Battambang to Pailin (2 hr).By BoatOne boat a day travels from Siem Reap to Battambang, departing Siem Reap at 7AM. An interesting andvery scenic journey along small rivers, the boat threads it is way through numerous charming floatingvillages and past dozens of towering cantilevered fishing net installations. It can take between 4-12 hr,depending on the time of year (and hence the water level), however the time can be fairly accuratelypredicted by checking the time that the same boat arrived yesterday.During the dry season, when the water level gets very low, the boats cannot get all the way toBattambang and the journey is completed by minibus or pick-up truck.By RailCambodias defunct rail system is due to be regenerated by 2013. The line runs from Poi pet on the Thaiborder through Sisophon and along the southern side of the Tonle Sap Lake to Battambang and PhnomPenh.The city Centre is pretty compact and can be mostly explored by foot. Bicycles can be rented from mosthotels or private companies. The driving habits of locals are hazardous. Police may try to fine tourists onmotor bikes. If pulled over, stay calm, smile, take the key out of the ignition (to prevent the police tryingto ransom it), and pay a small fine of US1-2. Arguing, waving your driving license in their faces orotherwise upsetting the police is not smooth behavior.Tuk-tuks and motorbike drivers hang around popular tourist areas as most of the interesting and usefuldestinations are quite close to each other. More distant trips like Phnom Sampouv (the killing caves)can be combined with other destinations. Small boats act as ferries and cross the river in front of themarket.