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SilverStripe Community Meetup 17-07-2013

Community member Cam Findlay will present some of the outcomes from his last community talk & brainstorm session back in 2012, around how we can build bridges between the different levels of participation in the wider SilverStripe Developer Community.
Following on from this, Cam will present a case study about how SilverStripe CMS was used to successfully overhaul - one of New Zealand's largest online architectural specification websites.

Link to the case study video

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SilverStripe Community Meetup 17-07-2013

  1. 1. Participating in the SilverStripe Developer Community Brainstorm Outcomes
  2. 2. Communities of Practice “…groups of people who share a passion for something they know how to do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better” .
  3. 3. Lots of useful knowledge and SilverStripe goodies… all the meetup talks are here!
  4. 4. Levels of Participation Peripheral Active Core Group
  5. 5. Building Bridges to Core • Clear guidelines for core contribution, more concise, more visible. • Buddy system/mentors – XP/Pairing? • Advanced Workshops. • Employment opportunities for core contributors or on-call experts. • Hack-a-thons. • Community questions passed to experts, problem solved and make public. • Provide examples of high quality commits.
  6. 6. Building Bridges to Actives • Clearer way to raise bugs - Now on Github! • Documentation – Standards for contributing documentation – quality tutorials on a wider range of topics – links from 3rd party tutorials to documentation/api • Support the newcomers. • Intermediate workshops. • Meetups (come speak at the next meetup) • Forums (currently have this, perhaps it could be structured better?)
  7. 7. Building Bridges to Newcomers. • Offer SilverStripe introduction workshops. • Social media promotion, target distinct groups and promoted capabilities of SilverStripe CMS. • Promote at technical institutes, perhaps provide guest speakers from SilverStripe? • Case studies – what can you do with SilverStripe CMS? • Ease of installation - Composer! • Create connections with other communities that have something in common or a need for a good CMS.
  8. 8. Come speak at the next meet up! Share your knowledge. Come and have a chat with Sam or myself during beer time… 
  9. 9. Case study
  10. 10. Overhauling websites with SilverStripe CMS Like A BOSS!
  11. 11. Overhauling websites with SilverStripe CMS Like EBOSS
  12. 12. Goals • Remove technical debt. • Consolidate the 2 sites and branding. • Give architects quick and easy access to technical information and files. • Future proof technology to grow the business. • Lead by example and add value to industry.
  13. 13. Approach • SilverStripe 3. • Bootstrap CSS Framework. • Small team of distributed developers. • Agile Scrum/Lean approach. • Combination of open-source modules and custom code. • Contributed back new modules as outcome of the project.
  14. 14. Modules • silverstripe/silverstripe-blog • unclecheese/silverstripe-bootstrap-forms • micsck/silverstripe-excludechildren • icecaster/silverstripe-largeblog* • icecaster/silverstripe-versioned-gridfield* • cam-findlay/wordpressimport-redux* (complete rewrite for SS3 by ‘tractorcow’ - Damian Mooyman)
  15. 15. Dealing with lots of SiteTree child pages in the CMS.
  16. 16. ExcludeChildren Module
  17. 17. How we migrated EBOSS’s content 1. Migrated 2500+ Wordpress articles using Wordpress-Redux module into the Blog module. 2. The site tree doesn’t like this… 3. Implement ExcludeChildren (hide BlogEntry) 4. Install VersionedGridField module. 5. Automagically adds action buttons to any Versioned models managed through ModelAdmin.
  18. 18. Other awesome things on EBOSS built in SilverStripe 1. CAD Downloader Tool – Bundle Files. 2. Quickfind navigation – get to anywhere. 3. RESTful API – EBOSS has useful data. 4. Vendor CMS - can update products themselves. 5. Mailchimp and Google Custom Search Engine integration.
  19. 19. Thanks @cameronfindlay