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Inventory Replenishment Software By ControlERP


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Inventory replenishment software for supply chain which helps retailers to avoid stock out situation, sell more & get better profit. For More information, Visit:

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Inventory Replenishment Software By ControlERP

  1. 1. Inventory RReepplleenniisshhmmeenntt SSooffttwwaarree Reduce Inventory Costs & Keep Service Levels High
  2. 2. About Replenishment  Inventory replenishment is process that involve in making the stock full again in order to avoid stock-out.  Replenishment can help you sell more & get better profit.  Customers buy what they want to buy, not what retailers want them to buy.
  3. 3. About Replenishment  In supply chain, replenishment strategy equalize the tradeoffs of the supply chain delivering ultimate service levels at the lowest cost. Many retailers already empowered with systems & processes to raise forecast accuracy and enhance replenishment processes. Yet, many best retailers are still guarded by the current technology leading to out-of-stocks & lost sales.
  4. 4. How Replenishment Assist Retailers?  Improved retail performance through more accurate merchandising planning  Replenishment and forecast is included in one system and is updated real-time  Minimizes inventory investment, storage costs while ensuring sales are maintained
  5. 5. How Replenishment Assist Retailers?  Mitigating the risk of demand and supply volatility  Optimize safety stock, ensure lesser lost sales due to stock shortages and decreases unnecessary out-of-stock situations  Delivers higher profits due to less markdowns.
  6. 6. Replenishment Features :  Automated Order Generation  Allocation Of Inventory  Forecast Or Open-To-Buy  Interactive Multi-Location Replenishment  Extensive Sales Order Analysis  Overseas Orders Produced In Foreign Currency  Full Import Costing
  7. 7. Benefits of Replenishment :  Reduces inventory and improves inventory turns  Increases in-stock availability and customer service levels  Decreases markdowns, obsolescence and waste  Increases replenishment system user's efficiency
  8. 8. Contact US! Website : Email : Contact No : +1 631 897 7276 Linkedin : Facebook : Twitter :