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Statistics-Consultation offers top-notch Dissertation Data analysis help at extremely affordable prices. We are a leading SPSS help provider firm having a team of highly trained statisticians working towards helping the worldwide clients.

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Dissertation Statistics Help

  1. 1. Statistics-Consultation
  2. 2. About Us We are a premier Dissertation Statistical Services firm located in New Delhi, India. All our statisticians possess formal degrees in statistics and a rich experience in undertaking the statistical data analysis using varied statistical tools.
  3. 3. Dissertation DataAnalysis Help Our team of top-notch statisticians is there to offer you excellent help on the data analysis for your dissertation. Choosing us for hiring a statistician for dissertation would prove to be a brilliant decision for you.
  4. 4. Segregation ofStatistics help Sample size determination Justification of the sample size Data collection methodology Justification of the data collection methodology Non parametric statistical tests Descriptive Statistics Inferential Statistics
  5. 5. SPSS Help We provide complete and integrated support for statistics in research studies with special emphasis on SPSS help. Our holistic approach includes the following steps: Identification of the type of data Assessment of the objective of the study Zeroing on the exact tests that need to be formed Analyses of the results of the tests as well as interpreting the same
  6. 6. PhD ThesisStatisticsAssistance Our PhD thesis statistics assistance plan includes the following: In depth research design Sample size determination Justification of Research Methods undertaken in research design or even sample size chosen Various statistical tests – both descriptive as well as inferential statistics Both parametric as well as non-parametric statistical tests under Data Analysis and much more.
  7. 7. Data Analysis usingE-Views E-Views has emerged as the best tool for analyzing data related to forecasting of marketing conditions, population, demographics and many such vital fields. At Statistics- consultation, we offer expert guidance to researchers in using E-Views in the best possible manner.
  8. 8. DissertationProposalHelp At Statistics-consultation, we even offer you excellent assistance on writing the proposal for your dissertation. Our services in the dissertation proposal phase include: Selection of research topic Preparation of list of books, journals and other reference materials for the study Writing the proposal of the research on behalf of the researcher or student
  9. 9. Benefits ofStatisticalConsulting Inclination towards quantitative techniques Better way of justification of any aspect of the study Established frameworks to abide by Interpretation of data becomes much easier and channelized Your research paper gets accepted by academic fraternity all over the world
  10. 10. A look at our team Our team of expert statisticians comprises of the below listed esteemed professionals: Dr. N S Gowda: PhD in Statistics Dr. K P Dhingra: MSc, PhD Dr. Nagoi Ishiwara: MPhil, PhD Dr. Seema Lahiri: PhD (Business Statistics) K Viswa Rao: MSc Statistics
  11. 11. Why Choose Us? Over 1500 PhD candidates consulted in the US and Canada alone Guaranteed on-time project delivery Experienced statisticians on-board Assistance on using a wide range of statistical testing tools Fair pricing with no hidden charges
  12. 12. Contact Us Statistics Consultation - A unit of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 510, 5th Floor, Best Sky Tower, Pitam Pura, New Delhi, 110034 India Contact No- +91-11-45768222 Email: info@statistics-consultation.com