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questionnaire analysis


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questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. I used survey monkey to carry out a survey.
  2. 2. The graph shows that there are more people satisfied with music magazines then there is not satisfied. This means my music magazine will need to be unique and different to other magazines to be successful. 60% said yes they are satisfied and 40% said that they are not satisfied.
  3. 3. The graph shows that the thing that attracts people to buy magazines the most is the main cover image. 60% said that the cover image impacts their decision on weather they buy a magazine or not. 10% said that the music associated with the magazine affects weather they buy the magazine or not. This shows that if the magazine has popular artists and bands on the cover they are more likely to sell magazines. Another popular choice was the colours used 50% of people said that they buy a magazine based on the colour scheme, target research may show what colours I can used on my magazine to get the best results.
  4. 4. The graph shows which magazine is most popular. The most popular magazines where VIBE with 30% of votes and Other got 50% which means I have to research more hip hop magazines and ask my audience again.
  5. 5. The artist on the front cover of the magazine was a big selling point. I asked who's your favorite hip-hop artist the replies I got where Drake Eminem ASAP Rocky and other popular hip hop icons. This shows that well known commercial hip hop artists are very popular and would be a good people to have on the front cover to incise people to buy my magazine.
  6. 6. The replies I received for what interests you about hip hop over other genres. Some of the comment where the colours associated and the clothes they are wearing. And also I like to be involved I could do this by posting promotions on the magazine such as the opportunity to write reviews to be posted in the next magazine this would get my audience involved in the magazine. I could also add a clothing guide into the magazine and show the readers how to dress like their favorite rapper.
  7. 7. On this the question was what do you want to see in hip hop magazines. The comments where pictures interviews and adverts up and coming tour dates and new music. From these comments I can make a two sheet spread of information on new concerts and gigs coming up interviews of artists and tour dates and useful information.
  8. 8. I asked what colours people accosiate with hip hop the most popular colour was black at 70% and the least popular was green at 10%. Red and gold was also very popular in the questionnaire. I will use these colours in my magazine to entice people to buy the magazine. Colours used was also an important reason for people buying magazines this means it is very important to use certain colours.
  9. 9. This graph shows what entices an audience to buy a particular magazine the most popular reason by far was the band/artist on the front cover. This means to make my magazine successful I need to make sure I have interviews pictures articles and information on well know commercial artists as the fans of these artists will then buy the magazine and read it. An unpopular choice was the loyalty of the magazine this shows loyalty does not guarantee the audience will buy the magazine.