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California Solar Innovators Energy Checklist


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California Solar Innovators Energy Checklist

Published in: Environment
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California Solar Innovators Energy Checklist

  1. 1. These tips can prove beneficial for homeowners and businesses alike • Replace any damaged caulk or weather stripping. • Apply window films to block UV light during the summer. • Choose light-colored curtains to prevent sunlight from overheating the room. • Change filters every month for optimal efficiency. • Use programmable thermostats to avoid running HVAC when no one is in the building. • Clean out ductwork regularly. • Replace incandescent light bulbs with high-efficiency LED or CFL alternatives. • Use timers or motion sensors to turn lights off when rooms are not in use. • Fluorescent tube lighting is more energy-efficient for workspaces. • Install low-flow fixtures with automatic motion sensors. • Check for leaks in plumbing regularly. • Keep water heaters insulated to prevent energy loss. • Make sure doors don’t have gaps underneath. • Keep doors closed when heating or air conditioning is used. • Use weather stripping along the bottom edges of doors. • Install solar panels, which typically pay for themselves over time, increase your property value, and reduce energy costs by thousands of dollars per year in some regions of the country. • If the option is available, consider selling excess energy to a power company to make solar energy even more cost-effective. • Unplug electronic device chargers when not in use. • Utilize power-saving sleep mode on equipment such as copiers and printers. • Look for ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. COST-EFFECTIVE WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY WINDOWS HVAC SYSTEMS LIGHTING WATER DOORS SOLAR POWER APPLIANCES/OFFICE EQUIPMENT