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  1. 1. Social Action and Community Media Existing Product Research
  2. 2. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: Aims: 2Creative Media Production 2012 To bring about Local, National or Global change This advert is meant to spark a global change based around the worrying topic that is talking on your mobile phone whilst driving. To change Attitudes. Despite people being very understanding of the possible dangers of driving whilst being on your phone it is still one of the most common offences that people are caught for on the roads. To raise awareness The aim of this advert is to address the issue that is Talking on your mobile phone whilst driving. They are trying to relate to a matter that many people can sympathise with. They are trying to lower the amount of deaths related to the use of mobile phones whilst driving. Using shock imagery they hope to scare people into being more cautious when they drive.
  3. 3. Techniques: How have they got the message across ? The advert shows a graphic image of blood spraying from a mobile phone with the tagline “Don‟t talk while he drives.” The creators of the adverts ( The Mudra Group ) say that hopefully the use of such a frightening image will raise the awareness of the problem that is using your mobile phone whilst driving as it is a problem that needs to be addressed. Target Audience The target audience for this campaign in particular was anyone over the age of 18 in India. The reason for this is that the campaign was made in India for the purpose of Indian drivers however I feel that this advert conveys a message that can be understood anywhere. The nature of the advert doesn‟t leave much to the imagination and I‟m sure will grab the attention of anywhere regardless of where they are in the world. Colour, Layout, Images, Text, Font. The image in this advert shows one of the most powerful messages that I have ever seen. They use some really impressive techniques to convey their message. The colours used are primarily very bland. The woman is dressed in dull clothes in a background primarily made up of grays and whites. The background colours allow the Dark red splash of blood to be the main focus point. Your eyes are directly drawn to it. I feel that this is why they also put the tagline “Don‟t talk while he drives” to ensure that you get the message that they are putting across. I feel that the way they kept the woman in the main frame stationary but blurred the rest of the background is a very clever way of indicating that it feels as if the woman is also in the car crash. Even though she may not physically have been there the loss of a loved one would make her feel that way. You can also see from her facial expression which I feel shows pain, sadness and fear all at once that she is incredibly upset about what has happened. Tone/Mood I feel that the tone of this advert is very dark, the use of extreme photography and graphic images is meant to shock the viewer into realising that something needs to be done about this problem 3 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  4. 4. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 4Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Sadly based around the information that I have managed to gather it appears that this campaign has been relatively ineffective as the rate of fatality in India due to car accidents has almost doubled in the past 10 years. Whilst this cannot be directly related to deaths due to the use of mobile phones I feel that there should have been some sort of decline if the campaign had been successful. Below are links to the rate of deaths related to cars in 2011 and 2010 for India. There is a lot of information and as you can see the result is a steady increase in fatalities over the past few years. - 2011 - 2010
  5. 5. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: 5 To bring about Local, National or Global change This advert is intended to start a global changed based around the worrying causes of global warming on the world. To change Attitudes. People are very quick to act as if global warming isn't real or to act like it isn't happening as fast as it is. This poster is designed to change those attitudes and hopefully make people realise what is happening. To raise awareness As previously mentioned people are very quick to act like this isn‟t happening, this poster is aimed to raise the awareness of the effect of Global Warming To Provide information AIMS : The aims of this campaign I feel are to raise awareness of a problem that many people choose to ignore. Many people believe that global warming is not a real thing and that everything will work itself out. This isn‟t the case ice caps are melting and water levels are rising. Here are 2 lists one about facts and the other about statistics based around the effect global warming is having on the world.
  6. 6. Techniques: How have they got the message across ? The advert gets the message across in a very clever way. Most people believe that hands are made for creating things and are used for building and helping. This advert takes that generalisation and turns it upside down. It shows that hands aren‟t always used for creative purposes and can in fact be used to destroy as well. In a way the image is conveying the message that the future of global warming and the earth is in our hands. Target Audience The target audience for this campaign I feel would be anyone who is old enough to understand what global warming is and understands that they themselves can make a difference. Maybe from the ages of 16 upwards. The audience is definitely a worldwide scale as this is a problem that cannot be solved with only a few people changing their ways. Colour, Layout, Images, Text, Font. The image used in this advert is a very clever one, it simply shows a human hand holding an ice cube. I feel that the ice cube is meant as a representative for the polar ice caps and the human hand is there as a representative to all people around the world. It is a very effective image that will draw people in. I think that the use of an ice cube is a great idea because you can also see how wet the hand is in the image, I think that this shows the speed in which the polar ice caps are melting which is the exact message they are trying to get across. The only text in the entire image is actually in small print in the bottom corner, I feel that without reading the text the image would not really make sense. I feel that the tagline “The human hand isn‟t always creative” could perhaps have been made bigger. The font is very standard Sans-serif font and appears bold on the tagline however I still do not feel that the font is big enough to have its proper effect. If someone were to pass this sign by at a distance they may not understand the meaning. Tone/Mood The tone of this advert is definitely a serious one. As I previously mentioned they are using the ice cube to represent the speed that the polar ice caps are melting. 6 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  7. 7. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 7Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Whilst I could not find any information regarding the drop in global warming I feel that there are a few points that need to be made in relation to the impact of this campaign. Global warming is an ever increasing thing. I feel that at the minute there is no amount of campaigning that can actually change that. It is down to the people of the world to decide they want to make a change and that they want reduce emissions around the world to ensure the slowing of global warming. That being said due to campaigns much like this one, more people are now aware of the severity of global warming and are starting to understand that maybe things do need to be done. The facts about global warming are terrifying to anyone who reads them.
  8. 8. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: 8 To bring about Local, National or Global change This advert is meant to spark a national change in the decision on who runs the country. To change Attitudes. People are often quick to vote for whoever has the most media coverage or whoever is mentioned by the people around them. This advert is designed to show the truth behind the people in power. To raise awareness Graffiti artists very cleverly used their „talents‟ to ridicule David Cameron as he was running for prime minister. This was made to raise awareness of the bad decisions he had made. To change voting behaviour As previously mentioned graffiti was used to try and make people see the errors that he had made. To Infiltrate mainstream media This eventually caught the eye of the mainstream media and was shown all over television and spoke about on the radio. To camapign I feel this was an un intentional campaign to bring another party into power by people who were not happy with the way that the country was currently being ran. Aims : I believe that there were a number of aims for the defacing of these billboards. I think primarily it was to attempt to start an uprising to ensure change was made in the country Another aim was to ridicule David Cameron in any way possible, the picture above is one of the funnier ones but there are some serious ones as well, who would miss out on a chance to deface a massive airbrushed face on a billboard? I think that the artists behind this were hoping that it would get its way into the mainstream media as it would ensure that many more people would see it.
  9. 9. Techniques: How have they got the message across ? The artists behind this have used a combination of serious facts and humour to come up with some ideas on how to deface the billboard images of David Cameron. Over to the right hand side of the page you will see one of the more serious pieces of graffiti and then a piece that was edited on. Eventually a website came out so that you could make your own defacements of David Cameron and became so popular there are now numerous blog pages and websites that focus around the best edits that people have done. Target Audience The target audience for this particular piece is anyone that is old enough to vote in the UK. I think that many teenagers see voting as something that they are not interested in or that it is something that adults will do so they don‟t have to worry about it. I feel that this graffiti art may have added a unique idea that perhaps may have got more teenagers interested in politics even if it was for the wrong reason. Perhaps it will have inspired them to go and look into politics to see if what the graffiti artists were saying was true. Colour, Layout, Images, Text, Font. The images are definitely the main focal point of this campaign. David Cameron had his face put on billboards with sentences that involved the words Ill cut and we cant go on. I'm sure many people had seen them and made jokes around them but the graffiti artists took it to the next level and actually wrote these things onto the billboards. The text is also very important as it provides the main source of the graffiti in most cases. Other than the images where David Cameron has had a new haircut or obscene items the text is the only provision of humour. Tone/Mood This campaign has 2 different tones. In some cases it is incredibly humorous and is making a mockery of what is deemed an important public figure on the other hand it was very serious. It was the publics way of showing that they are not happy with the decisions being made and that they wanted change. 9 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  10. 10. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 10Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Many people would argue that this campaign was a failure as David Cameron did technically still come into power. Others would argue that the campaign may have had its success. David Cameron was forced to form a Coalition government with another political party as they did not muster enough votes to take a majority. This lead to a coalition government between The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. Whilst there is no one you can put the entirety of this happening down to this one social action, this alongside the other campaigns from other parties definitely added together to cause this.
  11. 11. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: 11 To bring about Local, National or Global change I think that this social action was taken to create a National change to give those who are perhaps less able to have the chance to get into media. To change Attitudes. This is a great way to change attitudes towards disabled people and what they can and cant do! To raise awareness This is a great way to raise the awareness of disabled people within the media, it will allow for others to hear about it which may give them opportunities within the station. To Create access to media for non traditional groups This Radio station provides a great opportunity for disabled people to get into media, they otherwise would not be seen in mainstream media. To Create or strengthen community ties I feel that this will strengthen the bonds of the disabled community and allow them to have an outlet where they feel at home. To challenge dominant representations or agendas. To Build Relationships With Subjects. Aims: The radio station aims to give Disabled people a way into media which can be a very rewarding opportunity for them. They aim to show that no matter what a persons lifestyle or experience that they can take part in media. To spread the word of the radio station to allow opportunities for disabled people to feel at home.
  12. 12. Techniques: How have they got the message across ? If we are to take a look at their website they strongly state that they are focusing on the ABILITY in DISABILITY which is a great tagline. They broadcast a positive message based around the fact that they run a radio station for disabled people. Target Audience While most would probably think that the target audience for this would be disabled people of all ages I would think that they are wrong. After doing some research further into the company they actually take on a lot of volunteers and the radio station is available on the internet which really broadens the availability and target audience that this can reach out to. Colour, Layout, Images, Text, Font. As previously mentioned the tagline of the radio station is really inspiring. I love the concept that they have gone for. The website is very professionally laid out and I feel that it really shows the talent of the disabled people who run it. Now I realise that may sound offensive but it is a horrible stigma that people think that because someone is disabled that that person is unable to do things that they could do. I feel that is one of the aims of this program. Tone/Mood Whilst the website layout is very professional and indeed the entire thing looks very professional, it also looks like everyone that is working there is enjoying themselves and having fun which I think is definitely the main thing that this social action hoped to achieve. 12 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  13. 13. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 13Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Your station at the heart of your community. Able Radio was founded in 2006 by a group of volunteers passionate about improving the everyday lives of disabled people, many of whom you can read about on Able People. The enterprise grew rapidly through demand and now plays a pivotal role within the disabled community. Beyond on-air broadcasts, Able Radio engages with numerous organisations and individuals across the UK via training, outside broadcasts and remote satellite centres. Funding from The Big Lottery has assisted in this rapid development with the introduction of a small professional management team to drive operations and future expansion. Underpinning all activities are a team of dedicated volunteers, most living with a disability themselves. This was a quote taken directly from Able Radio‟s website, this shows the massive growth and impact that the radio station had in such a short period of time. The group also managed to gain funding from the national lottery which has helped them progress the program even further.
  14. 14. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: 14 To bring about Local, National or Global change Whilst Rhinos do not populate the entire earth but actually only really in Africa and Asia I feel that the program is still to create global change as they are looking for people all over the world to come together to save the rhinos. To raise awareness When I think of Endangered animals I don‟t necessarily think of Rhinos and I‟m sure there are others who feel the same. I feel that this campaign would help to raise the awareness of this animals endangerment. To Campaign Aims: The company want to try and reduce the rate of rhino reduction. They are trying to build a bond with animal lovers To increase the number of rhinos in genetically viable populations in the wild To enhance the integrity of ecosystems To ensure that local communities benefit from conservation activities.
  15. 15. Techniques: How have they got the message across ? In this case the message has been put across in a way that makes you feel sorry for the animal. By creating a campaign with such a powerful message with the image I feel that people will take note. The image itself is very well done and I will further discuss that in the section about layout. Target Audience The target audience for this particular piece would be incredibly large, they would be attempting a full global reach despite the Rhinos only living in African and Asian countries. This campaign would actually be very hard for people to help with due to the location of the animals however I‟m sure this campaign could spark other campaigns and possible donations to help fund reservations for the rhinos. Colour, Layout, Images, Text, Font. The colours of the image are very vibrant but this is due to the location of the images. I believe they were taken in Africa. The image used is powerful, it shows another animal, I think it‟s a gazelle with a rhino horn strapped to its head. With the tag line, “Nothing we do, Will ever bring them back” it creates a powerful representation of how the Rhino‟s are disappearing quickly and something needs to be done about it. The images are very clearly photoshopped which you can see upon closer inspection the horns themselves and the straps which are holding them in place are clearly edited, except on the zebra image where the straps actually look very realistic. Perhaps the point of the images looking so real was to address how real this problem is. Tone/Mood I feel that this campaign creates a somber mood that almost guilt trips people into wanting to do something about the problem that they are having. 15 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  16. 16. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 16Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Over the past century Rhino numbers have dramatically decreased. Every species of rhino has been in decline, this is due to the value of Rhino horn so poachers would hunt them to sell their horn or use it to create ornaments or put into certain medicines. They were also killed during the civil wars, usually for food whilst the battles were going on rather than for horns. This is an image of the current Rhino populations as of 2012. Whilst this may not be entirely accurate now, in the past 10 years Rhinos have actually flourished. With southern white Rhinos increasing from only 50 being left to being over 20,000 as of right now. This shows the positive effects that conservations and wildlife parks are having on the species.
  17. 17. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: 17 To bring about Local, National or Global change This campaign by Crimestoppers is to try and bring change in two different areas. I feel that since crimestoppers are a UK based organisation they are attempting to create a national change, however they also bring about a local change to many different locales. To raise awareness This advert will help to raise the awareness and current profile of criminals on a national and local scale which will allow more opportunity for them to be caught. To Provide Information See above paragraph ^ To Create Or Strengthen Community Ties This kind of organisation ask for constant help from the public to ensure that criminals can be caught as fast as possible, this should lead to communities working together to try and ensure that the criminal is caught as fast as possible. AIMS : To ensure that criminals are kept off the streets. To strengthen community ties and encourage communities to work together. To create a bond of trust with local communities to ensure that they are co operative. To improve the security of communities.
  18. 18. Techniques: How have they got the message across ? The company have used a sinister looking man in a hooded jumper to portray a criminal. Using the popular current stereotypes will allow the people who see the poster to feel like they can relate to it which may help them get in touch. Using a large image with a bold tagline allows for the message to be received very clearly. Target Audience The target audience for this kind of campaign is anyone and everyone that lives in a community or wants to be a part of their local community. Everyone wants to keep their local area safe so if everyone chips in together they can help increase safety. I think the primary ages of a show like this would primarily be somewhere between 16 – 40 as I believe that is the target demographic of the show on television, however, that does not exempt those who are older or younger from getting involved. Colour, Layout, Images, Text, Font. The colours that are used with this poster are all very dark. This is a representative of the darkness of criminals and the seriousness of the situation. The image that was created is in my mind, one of the greater campaign posters that I have seen so far. The original image is of a man in a hooded jumper concealing the majority of his face. However Crimestoppers are saying with their tagline “Your tips help expose criminals” they now know the identity of the hooded man which is shown through his face appearing in the hood with a transparency effect, or to be given the effect that his face is being projected onto the hood, much like his face will be projected through communities. The text on the image although very little is very effective I feel that the image and the text compliment each other perfectly. I do not think that perhaps the text is necessary for the poster to be effective however I do believe that it will help people to understand if they do not know what crimestoppers is. Tone/Mood This campaign poster creates a dark mood based around criminal activity. However I believe in a way that it also creates a sign that community bonding and friendship can help abolish crime in local areas. This conflict of tones create a 18 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  19. 19. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 19Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Crimestoppers is having a positive impact in more than one way. One of the reasons is the way that it is bringing communities together in the fight against crime. Whole towns will work together to try and ensure that the streets are safe for each other which is something that everyone wants. It provides a great way to get communities talking and thriving. It is also ensuring that places are kept safe – “20 People a day are arrested thanks to Crimestoppers” – Crimestoppers statistic 2012 – 13 This statistic shows that there is a positive impact. Arresting that many people per day around a nation will lead to decreased rates of crime. 7,084 criminals have been arrested and charged We received 99,696 pieces of useful information about crime £2,999,815 worth of stolen goods have been recovered £65,790,619 worth of illegal drugs have been seized