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  1. 1. Demographics and genre conveyed; rock, British, punk, indie, ska etc. Title, simple big, iconic, red reflects style Tagline: Famous bands, ‘Worlds Greatest’ target audienceFirst name, recognizable,no last name needed Colour stands out, and namesControversial quotes of bands attract audiencefrom main article,draws in audience. Popular musician with interesting quote Alternate genres persuade a widerOne simple main image, audienceyet effective. Famous,clothing is part of style Other featured bands,and amplifier shows the shown in smaller font,music side not very eyecatcing
  2. 2. Range of good quality and Comical little drawings, part of the style intriguing photos House styleCover storynotexclusivelypromoted,giving otherstories roomto shine. Overall, clear, Shows layout, this section is for those who Page numbers, understandable regularly pick up magazine, areas that are titles and layout Advertisement Small labels, stand out, consistent in style throughout descriptions, easy of magazine style. to comprehend
  3. 3. High quality photo, Nice looking feature – ribbon style article title conveys genre Name of section and Magazine‘Adam Ant’ bold,along side quote More quotes Professional and captions layout Consistent style, bold Excerpt in large red box, fits in with Older photo reflects former years question, normal font house style and also catches answer. attention of reader. They’d read quotes then want to read article
  4. 4. Introduction; establishes Large, off centre, main image, style, uniform, simple interesting layout and choice of Name promoted image.Caption ofpicture Stylish box for quote Interview style article, formal content, like a conversation
  5. 5. Pictures frequentlyKeeping in line with captioned inlayout and style. Range of quality images magazines Musicians nameCurved not pointed promotededges Continuation of Q and A Issue month and page number Recurring housestyle and consistency of fonts: format, very formal. Attract a target audience
  6. 6. ConclusionOverall the magazine looks like a good exampleof a professional magazine. There are someissues with the front cover with reference to theamount of space that is left unused, but thiscould have been a purposeful aesthetic choice.Although I really like it, I’m not sure if I want touse it as a style model, as I still need to usequestionnaires to figure out what my audiencewants.