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Music Video Analysis


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Music Video Analysis

  1. 1. Music video analysis Love How It Hurts – Scouting for Girls
  2. 2. What the Music Video is about?  The music video links in with the song with a nerdy boy trying to win over this girl but keeps loosing her to a thug. He does try to win her back by first making her a mix tape that the thug subsequently breaks. Then it fast forward 15 years and he Is still trying to win her and he propose to her but the thug throws the ring in the sea and walks off with her but the video is left on a cliff hanger as she pushes away from the thug and looks at the both of them
  3. 3. Characters  They do use the Vladimir Propp saying during this music video as you have the main character the boy. Then you have the girl he loves and there is the bad guy the thug and you know these three are the main characters as they are the only people to appear in the music video. The video gets across as well that the girls go for the thugs who don’t care about them instead of the nerds who would love them. Also that as they grow older you know which character is which because they wear the same clothes so you don’t get lost on which one is which
  4. 4. Themes  As said by Rick Altman they use both Semantic and Syntactic elements in the music video.  Semantic elements that are use are the clothes colours as the thug who is seen as the bad guy wears black and dark blue and these dark colours are seen as bad. Then the good guy is wearing right colours so he is seen as good and then that is the same with the girl.  Syntactic elements that is in this music video is love and rejection