Deconstruction conclusions


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Deconstruction conclusions

  1. 1. DECONSTRUCTION CONCLUSION Black Hawk Down (BHD) Star Wars: A New Hope (SW) Green Zone (GZ) The Longest Day (TLD) Callum Brown
  2. 2. What do the opening two minutes of my film deconstructions have in common? <ul><li>BHD SW and TLD all start with non diagetic sound in the form of a soundtrack to set the tone of the film. As well BHD, TLD and GZ start with inserts to let the audience know when and where they are in the world, while background music is still being played. After the opening music has faded out, all four films go into some sort of action e.g. SW ship attack and the GZ bombing to get the audience really hooked from the beginning. All of them at some point show an establishing shot of an area with BHD showing the barren desert to SW showing the deep space and TLD showing the vast Normandy beaches. The four films all show the main characters right at the beginning with some close up shots to get us attached to the character. The opening 2 involve a lot of jump cuts to get you involved and many inserts so the audience know what's happening so the film can continue without confusion of the audience. </li></ul>
  3. 3. What is generally established in the first two minutes? <ul><li>All four films establish where you are in the world e.g. Baghdad (GZ) Normandy (SW) Somalia (BHD) and Space for (SW) they do this through inserts. All four films give you some background knowledge so the audience understands what's happening with (BHD) letting you know about the civil war, (GZ) reporting the bombing of Iraq and (TLD) showing you the beaches of Normandy in WW2. As I know all four films well, no big main characters are seen from the very start and in some cases SW, BHD, TLD all showing other characters which are not involved as much. All immediately establish that we are in the action genre as well with the bombing of Iraq, a space ship being attacked and lots of WW2 soldiers. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Can you detect any similarities in the use of the four technical codes? <ul><li>Similarities include the use of the insert which is the most frequent editing technical code to show the audience the geographic location and some background information about what's happening. All four include non diagetic sound in the form of soundtracks and synchronus sounds in the form of explosions, bullets and vehicles. The camera shots used are a wide range of shots with the most common shot the jump cut and establishing shots, these are used to make the film feel intense and to let us know where we are. The mise en scene is mostly props such as weapons and uniforms which are the biggest similarity in the films. The locations are places which are mostly havens where there are conflicts such as the middle east and Africa. All four technical codes are widely apparent within each of the four films with many similarities linking them. </li></ul>