The Value of Online Career Fairs to streamline recruitment


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A presentation on the value of online career fairs and how they can be utilized to add efficiency to the recruitment process. This presentation also includes an introduction to the online career fair platform.

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The Value of Online Career Fairs to streamline recruitment

  1. 1. Using innovative technology to bridge the gap between candidates and employers The Value of Online Career Fairs
  2. 2. Why Are Companies Going Online?  Cost: Cut out the traditional costs of attending a physical event. Less staff time and overhead.  Comfort: Employees can be at home or in the office. No need to travel.  Coordination: All candidate interactions are in one easy to access location.
  3. 3. Benefits For Employers at Virtual Events  Customizable company booth to fully display company brand  Accurately portray company culture and work environment to attract the right candidates  Initiate contact with candidates by searching through database before the event begins  Easy to use chat function (1 on 1 and group chat) with both text chat and phone integration  Easy to manage and easy to setup  Unlimited job postings  Access to their new candidate pipeline after the event to add to current database
  4. 4. Streamlined front pages that are easy to navigate to ensure a more engaging experience
  5. 5. Smart scheduling system that allows candidates and employers to book one-on- one interviews days before the event begins Meaningful Conversations
  6. 6. Mobile Compatible We understand that candidates are always on the go, so that’s why we made our platform fully mobile compatible. Candidates can view the event anywhere on any device.
  7. 7. Streamlining The Candidate Experience
  8. 8. Display Company Brand and Culture Every company is different, and that’s why our booths are fully customizable.
  9. 9. Less Managing, More Engaging View resumes and make notes during the interview
  10. 10. Efficient Online Recruiting Recruiters can engage in both a one-on-one chat and group chat simultaneously making their time more efficient Know who is viewing your booth and who is next in line for an interview
  11. 11. Employers use text or phone chat to connect with talent Interviewing Options All chats are stored for the employer to reference
  12. 12. Easy For Organizers Organizers will only have to promote the event while all of the heavy lifting is done by us. We offer support for both students and employers to make your event stress free.
  13. 13. Event and Booth Analytics Employers and Organizers get real time analytics during the event and a summary afterwards to track ROI.
  14. 14. Ways to Utilize an Online Career Fair  Combat Physical Restraints: An event can now exceed the number of maximum booths allowed by inviting excess companies to the virtual event held at the same time as the physical event  Join a Region Specific Event: Join with other organizations in the area to co-host an event to bring a broader range of employers to the members  Further Your Reach: Have more out of town and international employers come to the events