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  1. 1.  Monroe County’s Official Tourism Promotion Agency Our mission is to AGGRESSIVELY sell and market GreaterRochester as a preferred destination—for meetings,conventions, business travel and leisure travel Increase visitor spending to enhance the economy Advocate for appropriate destination development Increase awareness, appreciation, and support for the visitorindustry.Who We Are
  2. 2.  A portion of the Monroe County Hotel Tax In-kind member and partner support/co-op programs Membership dues Matching grants funded by I Love NYRevenue comes from.Consist of 18 full time staff and approximately 20 part time staff
  3. 3. • Approximately 1.7 Million Visitors Each Year• Economic Impact Nearly $1 billion• Tourism accounts for 15,00 direct jobs in Monroe County
  4. 4. • Meetings/Convention Sales• Convention/Visitor Services• Communications/PR• Membership• Tourism Sales• Finance• Rochester Finger Lakes Film & Video OfficeDepartments:
  5. 5. • The VisitRochester Meetingsand Convention team activelyseeks out new business andleads by• Attending trade shows• Hosting potential meetingplanners• Organizing and hostingFamiliarization Tours• Identifying local contactsof regional, state, andnational organizationsMeetings and Conventions
  6. 6. VisitRochester is a membership organization with over 400 members inthe Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region representing….Sleep See & Do ShopCommunity Eat & Drink Services
  7. 7. All VisitRochestermembers get a listingon VisitRochester.comListing includes:• A description• Contact information• And a link to theorganization’swebsite and email
  8. 8. Members may also purchaseEnhanced listingsIncluding up to 4 imagesIncrease ranking500 word descriptionPage AdvertisementsSeveral advertisingoptions are available
  9. 9. Additional online benefits includeSpecial offers and discount listings (unlimited)Special Event Listings(unlimited)And both are FREE for members
  10. 10. Leads Leads Leads!Convention/Meeting Sales Leads—Information on the lodging and meetingspace needs for conventions andmeetingsConvention Service Leads—informationabout booked meetings or conventionsin need of servicesGroup Tourism Leads—informationabout tour companies who may beinterested in visiting the areaRelocation Leads—information onindividuals who have requestedinformation about our community.
  11. 11. The Convention CalendarThis guide provides the name, dates,contact information, and number ofexpected attendees for bookedmeetings and conventions, trade-showsand major events.• Information Resource• Direct Marketing to Meeting Planners• Direct marketing to ConventionDelegates• Specific Interests
  12. 12. Special Offers and Packaging• Special offers and Packages areposted on and unlimited).• Assistance in partnering withother VisitRochester members• Guidance on popular and newmarket trends• Educational opportunities tohelp create special offers andpackages• Seasonal ideas• Submission of special offersand packages to various mediaoutlets.
  13. 13. VIZ BIZ NewsletterA monthly newsletter thatincludes, the updatedconvention calendar, industrynews, important programs andactivities, marketingopportunities, and specialannouncements.
  14. 14. Brochure DistributionAt both our Center City VisitorInformation Center and AirportInformation Center.At major conventions and ourmobile information center atmajor festivals and events.When appropriate select memberbrochures are distributed atconventions and through themobile unit.
  15. 15. Customer Service Program and Hospitality UThe Magic of HospitalityVisitRochester’s on-site front-linetraining program. Free formembers once each year.Hospitality USpecial education programs ontimely subjects. Offered tomembers for a nominal fee.
  16. 16. Site Visits and Familization ToursThese tours and visits introduce the Greater Rochester area-tisfacilities, attractions, lodging facilities, restaurants and more to thoseclients who will influence travel to this area.Including:• National and internationaljournalists• Travel writers• Group leaders• Travel counselors• Tour operators• Meeting and ConventionPlanners
  17. 17. Visitor Industry CouncilThe working arm of the VisitRochester Membership• Monthly meetings provide up-to-date industry news• “Spotlight” segments showcaseVisitRochester memberorganizations• Member-to-member networking• Professional and personal growthopportunities through committeeand task force projects.• Opportunities to promote yourorganization
  18. 18. Legislative Issues and EventsVisitRochester works withNYSTHA (New York StateHospitality and TourismAssociation) to organizemeetings and tips to meetwith State representatives inAlbany and at home. Givingmembers an uniqueopportunity to meet face-to-face with important legislativerepresentatives.
  19. 19. Press Releases and ImagesThe VisitRochester PublicRelations department workswith travel editors, reporters,bloggers, writers andpublishers in promoting theGreater Rochester Region.They can assist in distributingmember information to theappropriate out of townmedia.An image database is availableon request to help assist inprojects such as brochuresand websites.
  20. 20. Visitor Guide and Marketing OpportunitiesVisitRochester memberorganizations are invited toadvertise at a discounted rate inthe official Greater RochesterVisitor’s GuideThere is also an extensive array ofaffordable, fee-based programsand services available exclusivelyto members.• Sponsorship opportunities• Website Advertising• Brochure Distribution• Out-of-Town sales missions &industry trade show participation• Visitor Coupon promotion• Presence at special events• And more
  21. 21. Other VisitRochester Programs and Co-Op Projects
  22. 22. THANK YOU!Visit us atOr follow usOn Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: