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Sr Sue Trglobalembed


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Sr Sue Trglobalembed

  1. 1. Sally Rumsey ORA Service & Development Manager University of Oxford SUETr Event: February 2009 Going global Institutional repositories in an international context
  2. 2. The Brand
  3. 5. DAMS: Service Oriented Architecture Users ORA access Application FEDORA Storage: SUN Honeycomb FEDORA FEDORA acts as middleware between storage and delivery applications etc Application Application
  4. 6. Image collection Other digital collections FEDORA John Johnson collection Fedora underpins multiple repositories and digital collections View View View View
  5. 7. 1. Visibility & Access 2. Development 3. Advocacy/publicity 4. Projects Aspects of embedding at the global level
  6. 8. 1: Visibility & Access
  7. 9. OAI-ORE Aggregated resources RDF Triple See Rumsey, S. & O’Steen, B., (2008). OAI-ORE, PRESERV2 and Digital Preservation. Ariadne, Issue 57, October 2008 Repositories Transport Company Fedora mart AcmE-Prints .doc Text file PDF Text file JPEG image Revised version Data set MODS meta- data DC meta-data Public-ation Diagram Revised version Public-ation Exten-ded version Text file DOI ‘ thing’ 1 ‘ thing’ or ‘string’ 2 isRelatedTo Resource Map Aggregated resource dcterms:isVersionOf Resource map creator (mandatory) Resource map last date modified (mandatory) Text file (has URL) MODS DOI Image (has URL) Text file updated version (has URL)
  8. 11. UUIDs Universal Unique IDentifiers
  9. 13. 2: Development
  10. 15. BID : Bridging the Interoperability Divide Medieval Libraries of Great Britain ( MLGB3 ) 3: Projects Cultures of Knowledge : 17th Century Union catalogue An Intellectual Geography of the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters. PIRUS : Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics
  11. 16. 4: Advocacy & Publicity
  12. 18. Time commitments
  13. 19. Contact details Sally Rumsey ORA Service & Development Manager [email_address]