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Why You Should Have Trauma Insurance - A Case Study


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This case study explains the importance of having a trauma insurance to protect you in your critical times.

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Why You Should Have Trauma Insurance - A Case Study

  1. 1. Insurance Fundamentals Part - IIIOnly 3% Australians have a Trauma Insurance Cover,while the figure should be higher.Brian and Lynn Boggs are happy to include traumainsurance as part of their financial plan, as when bothwere undergoing treatment for critical illnesses,trauma insurance helped them recover.Here’s their Case Study
  2. 2. The importance of trauma insurance: A Case StudyBrian and Lynn Boggs included trauma insurance (a cover that pays a lump sum ifyou suffer a critical illness) when they made insurance arrangements as part of afinancial plan in the mid-1990s.Five years later, Brian was diagnosed with prostate cancer and five years after thatLynn with a brain tumour. Brians trauma claim was paid promptly and in full.When his wife, Lynn, lodged her claim for a non-malignant tumour in the carotidartery leading to her brain, which required radical surgery, she had a fight on herhands in more ways than one. While the specialists said it was a brain tumour, theinsurer said the site of the tumour was not what it envisaged when it developed itspolicy.The Boggses won the argument and the insurer eventually paid.
  3. 3. Low Trauma Insurance Coverage in AustraliaOnly 3% of Australians have a trauma cover, while the figureshould be higher.Having trauma insurance helped the Boggses to spend timerecuperating and not racing back to work.It provided them the ability to get their head space right, of coursethere is no alternate to the medical condition they are in.
  4. 4. What does Trauma Insurance Cover?Trauma insurance is designed to help your finances keep going. A lump sumpayment is made if you are diagnosed with a wide number of serious illnessessuch as:- Cancer- Benign brain tumor- Burns- Serious injury- Heart attack- Diabetes- Stroke- Coronary artery bypass surgery-AngioplastyThere are more illnesses that this insurance covers.Buy now or get professional advice.
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