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Calit2 as a Model for Collaborative Innovation


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Invited Talk
San Diego Rotary Club
San Diego, CA
April 18, 2019

Published in: Technology
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Calit2 as a Model for Collaborative Innovation

  1. 1. “Calit2 as a Model for Collaborative Innovation” Invited Talk San Diego Rotary Club San Diego, CA April 18, 2019 Dr. Larry Smarr Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Harry E. Gruber Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD 1
  2. 2. Abstract I have spent the last 30 years building cross-disciplinary teams using cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems. The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, a UC San Diego/UC Irvine, is one of four Gray Davis Institutes for Science and Innovation in the UC system. I will share examples from our projects in digitally-enabled disruptions of Health, Energy, Environment, and Culture, driven by innovations in wireless and photonic telecommunications, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and virtual reality.
  3. 3. I Have Spent Four Decades Developing Collaborative Institutes National Center for Supercomputing Applications 1985 Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology 1989
  4. 4. California’s Institutes for Science and Innovation A Bold Experiment in Collaborative Research Launched in 2000 UCSB UCLA California NanoSystems Institute UCSF UCB California Institute for Bioengineering, Biotechnology, and Quantitative Biomedical Research UCI UCSD California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society UCSC UCD UCM2000
  5. 5. Two Calit2 Buildings Provide New Laboratories for “Living in the Future” • World-Class Laboratory Facilities • Over 1000 Researchers in Two Buildings • Drawn From 24 Campus Departments UC Irvine $100M From State for New Facilities UC San Diego Opened 2005
  6. 6. Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute Has Worked With 180 Industrial Partners to Date, Including These Companies Plus 130 More…
  7. 7. Calit2 “Lives in the Future” By Building Systems of Emerging Disruptive Technologies Co-Evolution of Personal Automobile and Highway/Petroleum Infrastructure Source: Harry Dent, The Great Boom Ahead Calit2 Works Here { Technologies Diffuse Into Society Following an S-Curve
  8. 8. Calit2 is a Framework for “Living in the Future” of the Digital Transformation of Society
  9. 9. Calit2’s QI Nanotechnology Clean Rooms and Microscopy Facilities Have Been Used by Over 70 Companies In the Last Year 550 UCSD Students Trained
  10. 10. Calit2’s QI Has One of the World’s Most Advanced Photonics Systems Lab DARPA Lockheed Google Nokia Sumitomo
  11. 11. Digital Archaeology in an Ultra-Resolution Virtual Reality Room: Egypt’s Luxor in QI’s SunCAVE 250 Times the Resolution of a Head-Mounted Display!
  12. 12. Being There: Streaming HD Video to Calit2’s 64 Million Pixel Wall From a Hydrothermal Vent 1 Mile Below Sea Level Photo by Tom DeFanti, Calit2 July 26, 2017
  13. 13. Calit2 and UCSD Are Designing and Building Robots in the Real World Working with Humans 3D Printing Lab Prof. Henrik Christensen, Director
  14. 14. Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space (QIIS) Incubates 17 Startups
  15. 15. Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute Has Hosted 180 Events In the Last Year
  16. 16. Calit2 Used Its New Building in 2006 to Host a Disaster Drill of the San Diego Metropolitan Medical Strike Team Involved Over 200 First Responders
  17. 17. Creation of a “Digital Twin”: Interactive Virtual Reality of San Diego County 0.5 meter image resolution. 2meter resolution elevation
  18. 18. Using Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute NexCAVE for CAL FIRE Research and Planning Thom Porter, San Diego CAL FIRE Unit Chief January 9, 2012
  19. 19. Real-Time Network Cameras on Mountains Connected by High-Speed Wireless for Environmental Observations and Fires San Diego County Red Mountain Fire Cameras • Southeast (left) “Highway” Fire • Southwest (center rear) “Poinsettia” Fire • West (right) “Tomahawk” Fire Source: Frank Vernon, Hans Werner Braun HPWREN May 14, 2014
  20. 20. Once a Wildfire is Spotted, Our WIFIRE Software System Can Predict the Future Path of the Fire Landscape Data WIFIRE Firemap Source: Ilkay Altintas, SDSC Fire Perimeter Real-Time Meteorological Sensors Weather Forecasts
  21. 21. WIFIRE Prediction in Lilac Fire Dec 2018 in Collaboration with San Diego Airborne Intelligence Reconnaissance System (SDAIRS)
  22. 22. Our NSF-Funded WIFIRE Project Has Reached a National Audience Ilkay Altintas, SDSC; PI WIFIRE
  23. 23. Qualcomm Institute Staff Created a 3D “Transparent Larry” From MRI Slices So My Doctors and I Can Study Me in Calit2’s Virtual Reality CAVE And 3D Printed My Diseased Colon!
  24. 24. The Ability to See Inside Myself Led to My Co-Planning My Own Surgery
  25. 25. Bringing Virtual Reality into the UCSD Operating Room on Tuesday November 29, 2016
  26. 26. To Find Out More…