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PwC & AIESEC Global Coordinator - Information package 12/13


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PwC & AIESEC Global Coordinator - Information package 12/13

  1. 1. PwC Global CoordinatorTN-In-BE-MC-2012-1807 Information Package GC 2012-2013
  2. 2. The Global Coordinator positionGeneral Information Background and role of the GC Name of the Global Coordinator AIESEC Partnership The Global Coordinator role was implemented for the first time 17 position years ago in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) by Keith Bell, one of the Department Global Human Capital earliest AIESEC champions in the firm. It started as a personal assistant position to help him handle the AIESEC partnership, but Reporting to Karel de Baere over the years it has gained a lot of independence and functions as a role. Location Brussels, Belgium Currently the Global Coordinator reports to Karel De Baere, CEO of PwC Belgium, and is based in Brussels. This gives the coordinator easy Start date 15.06.2012 access to both AIESEC International and AIESEC Champions in PwC. The main role of the coordinator is to build, manage and maintain the Duration 12 months partnership between AIESEC and PwC on the global level. The coordinator needs to synthesise the views and expectations of the most important stakeholders, from partnership champions and supporters, to interns and alumni within PwC, as well as AIESEC as anSelection steps organisation. The coordinator needs to have a vision for the future of the partnership and execute strategies to achieve it. There is also a set April 19th, 2012 Deadline for submitting the application budget which the coordinator will manage for the year. April 23rd -24th , 2012 Round 1 Interview (current GC and AI VP The coordinator will operate within very different environments of the ER) two organisations and work with people from different organisational levels and location. Therefore, the coordinator would need to take the April 25th -26th , 2012 Online Test (Numerical and logical) needs and characteristics of each particular group into consideration, and design a suitable approach for each. April 27th -30th , 2012 Round 2 Interview (HR Specialists) The coordinator is also part of the PwC Belgium Employer Branding team, and would be given the possibility to be integrated into the firm April 2nd -3rd May, Final interview with the Global AIESEC through working on projects in the area of Human Capital, Marketing 2012 Champion: Karel De Baere or CSR. Through these activities the coordinator will learn more about June 15th, 2012 Start Date how the AIESEC exchange programme and other involvement opportunities can potentially fit into PwC’s sourcing strategy.PwC 2
  3. 3. Global Coordinator Job Description 85%- Coordination of the Global PwC-AIESEC partnership 15%- Marketing, Human Resource, CSR activities for PwC Belgium1. Communication with provide support for the partnership. AIESEC champions and supporters in PwC; 5. Internships management AIESEC alumni in PwC; Promote the internship program within PwC as appropriate; AIESEC interns in PwC; Coordinate internship selection processes on some occasions; AIESEC executive boards (AIESEC International, Regional Boards, Track past and existing internships across the network; National Committees, etc.) Track the retention of AIESEC interns across the network; Ensure quality of the exchange process within PwC.2. Coordination with AIESEC International Manage the delivery of all sponsorships and review the progress of 6. Maintain the online communication channels: initiatives; Develop and implement the social media communication plan. Identify and work with AIESEC International on new initiatives; Update content for the Global PwC wiki page, Facebook profile, Negotiate contract. Linkedin and Facebook groups of the partnership. Activate forum discussions around the partnership as relevant;3. Coordination of PwC involvement and branding at AIESEC Update and design partnership presentations, case studies , reports global and regional conferences and announcements for PwC Offices, AIESEC chapters and Alumni. Invite the most appropriate PwC representatives to attend global Constant research of channels to expose the partnership inside and and regional conferences; outside PwC Design and prepare the PwC presentations at various global and regional conferences; 7. Promotion of the AIESEC partnership within PwC Arrange all the logistics for the PwC delegation to be present; Identify the potential AIESEC champions within the firm across the Attend global and regional conferences where appropriate; globe and introduce AIESEC’s services. Arrange meetings when relevant or according to requests from Keep an updated record of AIESEC alumni and interns at PwC and AIESEC countries; maintain a close relationship with them; Follow-up and report on the conference. Design and send out the PwC AIESEConnect newsletter at least once a quarter;4. Support the establishment and development of national partnerships 8. Selection and transition of the next PwC Global Keep track of the partnership developments in all AIESEC territories Coordinator and maintain the information database; Give input/advice on AIESEC proposals and provide PwC contacts 9. Participate in the PwC Marketing, Human Resource team and endorsements to AIESEC local offices as appropriate; or CSR activities Communicate with the PwC contacts in different territories to PwC 3
  4. 4. The Global Coordinator’s profile1. Background: How to apply? Extensive AIESEC experience and understanding of AIESEC; 1. Prepare you application package comprising of: Strong practical experience in partnership management and servicing; Cover letter (1 page) International exposure; CV (maximum 2 pages) Understanding and knowledge of the PwC & AIESEC Global EP Form Partnership Completed application form (download from Endorsement letter from your Member Committee or AI2. Personal Attributes: Endorsement letter from an external organisation you have Energetic, determined and motivated; worked with on an AIESEC partnership Creative and self starter (the person should be able to come up with (The endorsements should include names and contact details so new ideas, identify opportunities and implement them successfully); we can contact them) Independent and flexible (working without a team requires the 2-3 min video presenting yourself and the motivation to apply coordinator to be very independent and self organised; working with a for this position and for the company (upload the video and large number of stakeholders with diverse backgrounds requires a strong send only the link) ability to adapt to any situation and to understand the needs of different leaders and at the same time, deliver to the various needs of the 2. Name your application package: “Name_Surname - Country partnership); of citizenship” Persistence and perseverance; 3. Send your application package in a .zip format to3. Skills with the email subject: “GC Excellent English is vital as the role is primarily based on Name_Surname - Country of citizenship”. communication; Strong communication and networking skills; Note: The deadline to apply is Thursday, 19th of April Presentation skills; 23:59 GMT. Applications that do not meet all of the criteria Project management experience; mentioned above or are sent after the deadline will not be Computer skills (Microsoft office applications, AIESEC systems – accepted. especially, HTML); Excellent personal management and organisation (including Contacts: portraying a strong sense of self discipline and self awareness) Claudia Calinescu AIESEC Global Coordinator at PwC, +32 491 7214604. TN ID: TN-In-BE-MC-2012-1807 Prashant Søegaard VP ER at AIESEC InternationalPwC, +31 10 443 4371 4
  5. 5. Looking forward toreceiving yourapplications!Contact us:AIESEC members and Alumni:AIESEC Alumni, Interns, Supporters in PwC: