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Medal offered by prefecture Timis County 1996.PDF

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Medal offered by prefecture Timis County 1996.PDF

  1. 1. R r(D n/rl A tNl fl 1A PREFECTURA JUDETULUI TlMl$ C:,1 :W 'r00 Timisoarao BulevardulRevolutiei1989,nr.17o Telex.71236 o Telefax 056,1931-q2o Terlefon:056i193667:193668:190295 6tL:rut%*"rttt qrr,rr,rrtt/rn Vd*a 3E* ""'rrr."t/"trt"//r.rrr"t V" acq^rntezruffiru, AhMh /n Mngoto, cna/rp/t'a/taN lurnrt op,cthdhteanh,eglrrrrarnb il gl*/rrr/rlfu 9/"grrra, h &r*rrl"tr*, a?0/ah & -t I I,l ;lI I i /6 rc7.hrn/nrn/ggt ?r,Qrlrrrt* dfrr/"/rr/r- gu-t{ & "n?rn o d-lb u/ree eorate,matenldanelteflen'mentclturac. g* rcu4r:h ta, lo-o ,thri cum l*.d"/t"Z a/nlt n h&;Wb ttm. %rt,rat 7* ffi/le LrA 1*/rrr, o @'rorrilal;t /, n?,a/,@/Fe& e.nnoe,irnentu,lircrnndzrooEhhfuk; h cah or"hrtrht nn/r/lrharle /rn rndouzea ternn/,u,fi,e'ohhrrfu a M. o9*e€/xit?/n/e/*efiute, ud o/erirn a'ceath dtlb. @".@o*%.?* 3"&"h/ &r>rrrp*, /***-rlt*rb /gg6