French colonies of north america


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French colonies of north america

  1. 1. Brianna Filips History 140 71183
  2. 2. French America 16- Emigrants Part of 1663 Canada Belonged to a trading company of New France. The French learned that they needed more colonists to defend Quebec; of course not from the Indians but from there enemies. 1632 a peace treaty was claimed. Eventually in over the years, with colonists growing
  3. 3. Chapter-16 Continued 1650- 700 colonists 1663- 3,000 colonists By 1660 the English had 58,000 colonists In New England & the Chesapeake. Around 1663 new emigrants came through from the northern and western seaports of France.
  4. 4. (16) During this time it was very difficult to get food as an immigrant. In 1636 a Priest promoted Canadian colonization In this 17th century they had a short amount of food and did the best they could as immigrants.
  5. 5. (16) Within building the largest military in Europe Luis, XIV expanded his army from 20,000 men in 1661 to 300,000 in 1710. Frances loss but Britains gain; 10,000 Huguenots moved across the Atlantic to become stronger in British America.
  6. 6. 5 - Canada and Iroquoia1500-1600 During the 16th century English, French, and the Dutch mariners crossed the Atlantic Ocean to put down Spanish shipping and to conduct trade. When the French discovered in Florida during the 1560’s the Spanish were powerful and was able to destroy any colony within easy reach. 1541 the Spanish Empire decided to decline a block to the French Expedition to colonize the St. Lawrence River in Canada.
  7. 7. -5- 1541 the Spanish Empire decided to decline a block to the French Expedition to colonize the St. Lawrence River in Canada. 1610 the French; Allies & enemies were great hunters and different kind of traders. Over the years the Dutch became better at being armed than their enemies. The French made a lot of enemies.
  8. 8. The Fur Trade- 5 Around 1580- To hold up the firewood, fresh water, and room to sun-dry their fish or to render whales into oil, the fishermen and whalers had camps in sheltered coves. Now with the Natives they loved alcohol.
  9. 9. Canada-5 They had some poor places such as the St. Lawrence Valley for agricultural colony. The growth with food was short and winter was long In June of 1609, Champlain and French and soldiers joined a large allied war party that went south to attack the Iroquois. These Iroquois had there own weapons unlike some other allies that don’t.