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By s ubmitting your entry, you automatically agree to the contest rules:1. Purpose: CONTEST num. 1 is the first writing & ...
CONTEST num.1 by Caligae Travel Files: PDF presentation
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CONTEST num.1 by Caligae Travel Files: PDF presentation


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Participate in the CONTEST num.1 by Caligae Travel Files & win your cash prize! Challenging topic: “Friendly & humorous typology of modern society in your country. Describe & illustrate the most representative, emerging or curious social groups & strata”. The submission period is from the 01 Feb 2012 to the 30 Apr 2012. Check the rules in the PDF presentation and get started! Help to promote this event: download the file, print out the poster on the first page and make it circulate! The farther, the better. Thank you!

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CONTEST num.1 by Caligae Travel Files: PDF presentation

  1. 1. By s ubmitting your entry, you automatically agree to the contest rules:1. Purpose: CONTEST num. 1 is the first writing & art contest 7. Prizes: $500, $300 and $200 in cash for the first, secondorganized to promote the debut launch of Caligae Travel Files and third winner respectively (US dollars) .[= CTF] and sponsored from its own funds. Read more about CTFon www. caligae. info. 8. Notification & prize delivery: the winners will be announced on the 15 May 2012 on www. caligae. info (news2. Contest topic: “Friendly & humorous typology of modern section) , in a special newsletter release and on CTF s pagessociety in your country. Describe & illustrate the most on Facebook and Twitter (search for Caligae Travel Files) .representative, emerging or curious social groups & strata”. Each winner will be contacted by the editor for the prize delivery arrangements.3. Material : 1 article (up to 500 characters, in English) + atleast 1 illustration (drawing, sketch, painting, cartoon, 9. Organizer rights & disclaimer: CTF reserves the right tocollage, photograph, etc. ) per social type. The number of rej ect or disqualify those contents that violate a thirdarticles & illustrations is unlimited. party’ s reputation, privacy or intellectual property rights and declines all responsibility for any damages to third4. Terms: send your entries from the 01 Feb 2012 to the 30 Apr parties and intellectual property rights infringement by the2012 at editor@caligae. info. The qualified submissions will be entrants.permanently published on CTF s website and temporarily postedon CTF s Facebook page for the public “like” voting. 10. Licenses & agreements: you warrant to be the author and rights holder of the submitted texts & artworks and grant CTF5. Qualification & tips to win: submit original & unpublished a limitless license to use them within the bounds of thetexts & artworks of your own creation. Your typology should be proj ect without any compensation.complete, accurate, up-to-date, well-written, artisticallypictured, concise, entertaining, informative and useful to 11. Other terms: general terms of use (see below) aretravelers & students. applicable to all the entries published on CTF s website, Facebook page and in a specially dedicated e-book to be6. Eligibility & judging: this is a worldwide contest open to released in June 2012.any person or company. Minors should be represented byrelatives of the full legal age or legal guardians. The 12. Arbitration: in case of claims or disputes, common sensequalified entries will be evaluated by Ms. Anna Shemonaeva premises and international laws should apply. For further(CTF editor) on her sole discretion and taking into account information, please contact the organizer atthe Facebook poll results. editor@caligae. info. Caligae Travel Files general terms of use:1. Caligae Travel Files [= CTF] is aimed at collecting brief 6. CTF itself commits to the non-lucrative use of your contentfactual information illustrated with author s [photo] graphic with an exception of its selling for fundraising.artworks [= content] . 7. If you are the holder of copyright on your content, by its2. Submission, viewing and sharing of content are free for submission, you license CTF for its use within the bounds ofevery user [please mention CTF s website: www. caligae. info] . the proj ect [see above] without limits.3. CTF reserves the right to moderate content in different 8. CTF warrants the confidentiality of your personal dataways [= correct, update, delete and rej ect it] . unless you license public access to it.4. By submitting content, you automatically authorise its use 9. CTF is not responsible for the accuracy of the publishedby CTF for solidarity or charity purposes, including information, for the forms of its use by third parties, forreprinting, public exhibition and its selling for fundraising. any contents linked from this website and for any infringement of the copyright and intellectual property laws by the users.5. By sharing and copying others content, you commit to thenon-lucrative use of it as well as to copyright and 10. Any other terms not specified here should be discussedintellectual property laws observance. with the editor through general contact form. ute the Help promote this event: print out anddistrib r! CONT E Tnum. 1 officialposte S Participate & win! you! T nk ha www. caligae. info