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CBS Schedule

  1. 1. Course Schedule Professional Baking & Desserts French Cooking Class Italian Cooking Class Professional Culinary Arts Program European Culinary Arts Recreational Culinary Program – Baking and Desserts Recreational Culinary Program – European Cuisine Recreational Culinary Program – Japanese Fusion Recreational Culinary Program – Korean Fusion
  2. 2. A Baker typically performs the following•Check baking production schedules on a daily basis.•Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients (following recipes) to make dough, batter, fillings, and icings.•Work with large mixing/blending machine bowls to combine products.•Knead, roll, interweave, twist, cut, and form prepared dough into various shapes for cookies, tarts, pie crusts, etc.•Pare, cut, and prepare fruits for pastry or pie fillings.•Determine and use a wide variety of sheets, pans, and molds.•Set oven temperatures and baking times, and monitor products while they bake.•Prepare and apply icings, glazes, and a wide variety of toppings to finished baked products.•Decorate fancy pastries and special cakes (done by some Bakers).•Check equipment to conform to safety and health rules and regulations.
  3. 3. Program 1 Program 2Bread & Pastry Cookies 8 Weeks 4 WeeksThis course is designed to introduce Throughout this course, students willstudents to skills and techniques re- gain understanding of ingredient func-quired in the production of yeast tionality specific to pastry as we coverbreads, short pastry dough’s, cus- multiple mixing methods for basictards, pate à choux and cake batters. cookies, quick breads and cakes thisUpon successful completion of this week. Products include various classiccourse, students will be able to American cookies, Rocher meringues,demonstrate 1) Making a baguette; brownies, biscotti, tuiles, cream2) Production of baked, steamed and scones, butter scones, madeleines, fi-cooked custards; 3) Making pate nanciers, muffins, coffeecake andbrisee, sucree, sable and American pound cake.Pie Dough; 4) Production and appli-cation of sweet and savory pate achoux.Morning Class :10:00am—1:00pm Morning Class :10:00am—1:00pmMorning Class :10:00am—4:30pm Morning Class :10:00am—4:30pmNight Class : 6:00pm—9:00pm Night Class : 6:00pm—9:00pm
  4. 4. Program 3 Program 4 Desserts Cake Baking & Decoration 4 Weeks 12 WeeksThe focus of this course is on traditional The focus of this course is on cake bases, creams, fillings and cake assembly includingand contemporary plated desserts, basic decorative piping skills. Mixing methodslearning the technical aspects of ice will include creaming, high-ratio, and multiplecream, gelato and sorbet. Students will egg foam (sponge) methods. Cake bases in- clude angel food, chiffon, chocolate buttermilk,work with baked custards, sauces, frozen Sacher cake, génoise, biscuit Viennois anditems, tuile and sugar garnishes, dacquoise. Creams and fillings will includepoached and roasted fruit, foams and French, Italian and Swiss buttercream, lemon curd, chantilly, crème mousseline, creamcakes. Students will also practice plating cheese icing and ganache. Split, fill, mask andand discuss conceptualizing desserts, ice cakes including Black Forest, Le Fraisier, Opera, Lemon Raspberry and Chocolate Hazel-including balancing temperature, tex- nut. Students will learn the skills of buildingture, visual appeal and designing a sea- upon cake assembly and decorating skills withsonal and practical dessert menu. a focus on designing and creating a tiered wed- ding cake. Students will work with rolled fon- dant, gum paste, pastillage and royal icing to decorate their cakes. We will also begin build- ing up components needed to produce mousse cakes, including gelée inserts, glazes, cake and Morning Class :10:00am—1:00pm Morning Class :10:00am—1:00pm Morning Class :10:00am—4:30pm Morning Class :10:00am—4:30pm Night Class : 6:00pm—9:00pm Night Class : 6:00pm—9:00pm