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Calibration site flyer to industry


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Caltrans flier on IRI webinar.

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Calibration site flyer to industry

  1. 1. Caltrans Inertial Profiler CertificationAttentionCaltrans would like to announce the opening of acertification site for contractor/consultant inertialprofilers for use in California.LocationThe certification site is located in the median of I-80 atthe Watt Light Rail Station in the City of Sacramento.BackgroundOn February 22, 2013, Caltrans posted SSP 39-1.12for HMA and SSP 40-1 for PCC. These specificationsrequire that all paving projects use the Inertial Profilerfor measuring pavement smoothness in lieu of theCalifornia Profilograph.The specifications currently require that certification beperformed by the Texas Transportation Institute forboth the device and operator. This will no longer berequired with the opening of the California site.Tentative opening date is July 2013.For further information regarding the new certificationprocedures, please log into an informational webinarscheduled for June 13, 2013.For smoothness related information/updates, pleasesee the Caltrans smoothness website at the followingaddress: June 13, 2013 from 9:00 amPlease register at the following webpage: Certification Site Certification Testing Schedule Certification Testing Requirements Review smoothness specifications AASHTO guidelinesWEBINAR