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07 steve healow


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Presentation by Steve Healow with the Federal Highway Administration on federal transportation initiatives at the California Asphalt Pavement Association Spring Conference April 25, 2013 in Ontario, CA.

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07 steve healow

  1. 1. Federal Funding forTransportation under MAP-21California Asphalt Pavement AssociationSpring ConferenceOntario, CAApril 25, 2013
  2. 2. Overview• MAP-21 overview• Projected spending• PerformanceManagement• Asset Management• Enhanced NationalHighway System (NHS)• Individual Programs
  3. 3. MAP-21 major themes• “…First major overhaul of surface transportation legislation since ISTEA(1991)…”• The Federal-aid highway program enters the era of PerformanceManagement– Performance measures established by USDOT after consultation with State DOTs, MPOs– Target values established by State DOTs, MPOs– Asset Management Plans for the NHS prepared by State DOTs• Not as complex as previous surface transportation re-authorizationlegislation– < 600 pages– No earmarks– Fewer programs and fewer (larger) pots of money– Emphasis on accelerated project delivery (e.g. Every Day Counts, EnvironmentalClearances)Focus on the National Highway SystemFocus on Freight
  4. 4. MAP-21ProgramSAFETEA-LU Program Obligationlimit forFY2013% oftotalMAP-21SectionNationalHighwayPerformance(NHPP)NHS, IM, Bridge (portion), $21.8B 58% 1106SurfaceTransportation(STP)Any bridge*, any F/A highway,ferry boats, borderinfrastructure, truck parking, etc.$10B 27% 1108CMAQ CMAQ $2.21B 5.9% 1113Highway SafetyImprovement(HSIP)HSIP, high-risk rural roads $2.4B 6.4% 1112TransportationAlternativesTransportation Enhancement,Rec. Trails, Safe Routes to Schools$809M 2.1% 1122* Includes new set-aside for off-systembridges
  5. 5. FY 2013 Highway Trust FundAllocations
  6. 6. The Enhanced NHS includes all local principlearterials, urban and rural
  7. 7. National Highway Performance Program (NHPP)§ 1106Purposes:• (1) to provide support for the condition and performance of theNational Highway System (NHS);• (2) to provide support for the construction of new facilities on theNHS; and• (3) to ensure that investments of Federal-aid funds in highwayconstruction are directed to support progress toward theachievement of performance targets established in a State DOTsAsset Management Plan for the NHS.
  8. 8. What is asset management?• Asset management is a strategic and systematicprocess of operating, maintaining, and improvingphysical assets, with a focus on engineering andeconomic analysis based upon qualityinformation, to identify a structured sequence ofmaintenance, preservation, repair, rehabilitation,and replacement actions that will achieve andsustain a desired state of good repair over thelifecycle of the assets at minimum practicablecost.
  9. 9. National Highway Performance Program(§ 1106),• Requires State DOTs to develop a risk-based Asset Management Planfor (at a minimum) pavements and bridges on the NHS and include– Inventory and description;– Objectives and measures;– Performance gap identification;– Life-cycle cost and risk management analysis;– Financial plan;– Investment strategies;• Rulemaking Oct. 1, 2012 -April 1, 2014 will establish the process to developthe State Asset Management Plan for the NHS;• Oct. 1, 2015 (approx.) deadline for State DOTs to present their Plans, includingperformance targets;• State DOTs will report progress on performance targets every other yearthereafter;
  10. 10. Surface Transportation Program(§ 1108)Eligible Projects on Federal-aid routesPavement work• Construction• Reconstruction• Rehabilitation, Resurfacing,Restoration• Preservation• Operational Improvements• 24 othersBridge work• Replacement• Rehabilitation• Preservation• Protection– Scour– Seismic– Impact– Security– Extreme Events
  11. 11. Section 1116 “Prioritization of Projectsto Improve Freight Movement”• Eleven categories of projectseligible for 90-95% federalshare– Construction, rehab,operational improvements– Grade separations– Truck only lanes– Truck parking facilities– Improvements to truckbottlenecks– Traffic, parking, roadwayconditions information systems
  12. 12. Performance Elementsto be implemented by state DOTs pursuant to MAP-21• National Goals• Performance Measures• Performance Targets• Performance Plans• Target Achievement• Special Performance Rules• Performance Reporting
  13. 13. Strategic Goals are similarMAP-21 National Goals• Safety• Infrastructure Condition• Congestion Reduction• System Reliability• Freight Movement and Economic Vitality• Environmental Sustainability• Reduced Project Delivery DelaysCaltrans Strategic Goals• Safety• Mobility• Delivery• Stewardship• Service
  14. 14. MAP-21 National Goals(Section 1203)• Safety - reduce traffic fatalities and injuries• Infrastructure Condition - maintain in a state of good repair• Congestion Reduction – achieve significant reduction• System Reliability - improve efficiency• Freight Movement and Economic Vitality – National FreightNetwork, rural connectivity• Environmental Sustainability - protect and enhance• Reduced Project Delivery Delays - ease regulatory burden,improve agency working practices
  15. 15. “NATIONAL GOALS AND PERFORMANCEMANAGEMENT MEASURES” (§ 1203)• “Statement of Policy: Performance Management will transform theFederal-aid highway program and provide a means to the most efficientinvestment of Federal transportation funds by refocusing on nationaltransportation goals, increase accountability, transparency and improveproject decision-making through performance based planning…”• Requires the Sec’y of Transportation, in consultation with States, MPOsand others, to establish performance measures in the following areas:– Condition of pavements and bridges on the NHS– Performance of the NHS– Traffic congestion– On-road mobile source emissions of criteria pollutants in maintenance areas and non-attainment areas (i.e. sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter)– Freight movement on the interstate system– Fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads
  16. 16. Section 1203 Timeline• 4/01/2014 USDOT issues final rules on:– NHS performance measures;– State DOT Risk-Based Asset Management Plan for the NHS• 4/01/2015 (approx.): States & MPOs set performance targetsin support of those measures.• 10/01/2016 (and every other year thereafter) each State DOTwill report on– Condition and performance of their NHS routes– Effectiveness of their investment strategy/Asset Management Plan– Progress in achieving performance targets– Mitigation strategies for freight bottlenecks
  17. 17. ‘Pavement Preservation’ is defined in MAP-21 under§ 1507 ‘MAINTENANCE’• ``…’pavement preservation programs and activities means programs andactivities employing a network level, long-term strategy that enhancespavement performance by using an integrated, cost-effective set ofpractices that extend pavement life, improve safety, and meet road userexpectations...
  18. 18. Buy America Provisions(§ 1518)• Law in effect since 1933• More stringent now than ever before• Contractor certifies steel wasmanufactured in USA and fabricationoccurred in USA
  19. 19. Online resources available
  20. 20. Conclusions• MAP-21 begins the transition from allocation byformula to allocation by performance measures.• MAP-21 emphasis areas include the NHS, PerformanceManagement, Asset Management, the National FreightNetwork, and Buy America provisions;• Enhanced NHS has more miles of pavement and morebridges;• Pavement Preservation projects are Federal-aid eligibleunder NHPP and STP;• > 100 Rulemaking processes are underway, includingthose for performance measures and State DOT AssetManagement Plans for the NHS.
  21. 21. the endSteve HealowFHWA California Division650 Capitol Mall, #4-100Sacramento, CA
  22. 22. references•••••
  23. 23. National Highway Performance Program§1106MAP-21ProgramNational Goal Recommended Performance MeasuresNHPP InfrastructureConditionNHS bridge condition: % good, fair, poor, weighted by deck areaNHS pavement condition: % good, fair, poor based on IRIand (someday) pavement structural health indexNHPP SystemReliabilityNHS performance: annual hours of delay, reliability indexCMAQ CongestionReductionTraffic Congestion: annual hours of delayCMAQ EnvironmentalSustainabilityOn-road mobile source emissions: criteria pollutant emissionsFreight FreightMovement andEconomicVitalityFreight movement on the interstate: annual hours of truck delay andtruck reliability indexHSIP Safety Serious injuries per VMT: 5-yr. avg.Fatalities per VMT: 5-yr. avg.
  24. 24. Section 1115 “National Freight Policy”• Policy: Improve the condition andperformance of the National FreightNetwork• Goals– Within 1 year designate a National FreightNetwork to include 27,000 centerline milesmost critical to freight movement– Within 3 years publish the first NationalFreight Strategic Plan– Prioritize projects to improve freightmovement– Use ITS and advanced technology toimprove safety and efficiency of freighttransportation– Improve intermodal freight connectivity