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An overview of our services and features.

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Overview Brochure

  1. 1. Provided by the THE E-LEARNING PLATFORM OVERVIEWReach. Retain. Empower.
  2. 2. Welcome to the future of educationCaliQity is a new way of thinking about education and the classroom.It’s about how teachers teach and how students learn. CaliQity is aboutunleashing imagination as well as technology. It’s about choices andflexibility, not barriers and arbitrary time periods. CaliQity is the e-learningplatform that enables teachers and students to realize their potential. The future is already here for many students These days, the lives of many students revolve around technology and the Internet. They enjoy socializing and working online. Most students today are not strangers to web-based activities. Colleges and universities are offering more online studies, and with CaliQity, you now can offer your students the education of tomorrow. CaliQity is the nation’s best e-learning system CaliQity expands the traditional classroom and redefines the parameters for learning, offering classrooms without walls and opportunities to virtually expand traditional schools to more effectively reach students. However you use this e-learning platform, CaliQity will offer students and teachers the tools they need to unleash their creativity. The CaliQity e-Learning Platform offers the most comprehensive, feature-rich, online education system anywhere. Flexibility is the key in using CaliQity. The system can be tailored by you to meet your students’ needs – whether they are full-time distance learners, or are working in a traditional blended classroom. CaliQity offers flexibility in content and high reliability in hosting services. 2 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  3. 3. California +IQ + Acuity =CaliQity is for teachers and students, providingan online e-learning platform of “rooms” organized ina familiar school framework. This powerful platform offersvirtual counterparts to the traditional Home room, Classroom, andGradebook, along with a variety of exclusive tools. The best e-learning system with the most exclusive features Developed by educators and technicians with years of experience in e-learning for K-12 students, the CaliQity e-learning platform offers the ultimate virtual education today. CaliQity hosting services have the same high-security, high-availability and high-reliability as systems built for major banks and transportation systems. Compared to competitors, CaliQity offers many more exclusive features. They include: Reactor , the most comprehensive learning object repository in the world, TM allowing teachers to create and share curriculum content back and forth with teachers from around the state and across the nation. Access to core curriculum and assessments tailored to meet State Standards, from the nation’s best online content providers. Access to thousands of free and fee-based learning objects, and the freedom to publish custom content! Effective for students AND cost-effective for school districts CaliQity assists school districts in facing the pressures of financial difficulties, accountability, declining enrollment, and shifting demands on teachers and students. We offer the most competitive pricing of any Learning Management System (LMS) on the market. Many exclusive features are included in the CaliQity e-learning platform – at no additional cost! 3
  4. 4. reactor repositoryReactor™ is the most powerful and easy-to-uselearning object repository availableCaliQity’s Reactor helps to provide your students with a better education, and it offers your teachers accessto a continually growing repository of learning objects and full courses from vendors all over the country. With Reactor, teachers can easily search for, preview, and then drag- and-drop learning objects directly into their classroom. Once the item is in the classroom, it is ready to be used as is, or teachers can customize the item to fit the specific needs of the district, the classroom, or even a single student. Learning objects within Reactor include lessons, videos, assignments, labs, study guides, games, and more. To make finding and using these valuable objects even easier, Reactor can be searched by keyword, author, topic, grade level, user rating, or other parameters. Simple functionality provides increased control. From within the Classroom, a teacher can view any lesson page, and in a few clicks find many other Learning Objects that are aligned to the same Standard as the page being displayed. 4 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  5. 5. The learning objects within Reactor come froma variety of sourcesWhile most of the content comes from award-winning industry-leading curriculum providers, much of thismaterial comes from the caring and innovative teachers who choose to use the CaliQity collaborative toolsto create standards-based lessons with teachers and curriculum coordinators within and across districts.All of the educational elements in Reactor are reviewed, vetted, and rated by a team of experienced educators. Additionally, teachers are capable of rating each object they use to benefit other teachers. You can search learning objects by State Standard. Searching for content by State Standard allows the educator to trust that their material is accurately preparing students. Add learning objects by drag-and-drop without leaving the Classroom. After selecting an object, it may be placed into your classroom by simply clicking and dragging the “page” icon from the list into the classroom, at the exact spot in the sequence where you wish it to ap- pear for your students. 5
  6. 6. e-learning platformComprehensive and feature-richThe CaliQity e-learning platform bridges the gap between online and physical classrooms. It is ideal for cre-ating a blended learning environment. Teachers and students work together online, but the processes andtools feel familiar. In an online Homeroom, they share announcements and calendars for Class Events. On aClassroom’s Home Page, students and teachers find announcements, schedules and lessons. Administratorshave access to a virtual Registrar where they can manage their CaliQity School. For such a comprehensive platform to allow for so much, BRIDGE REACTOR BRIDGE LMS IQityU many separate components come together. Each piece is seamlessly integrated into the DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT LMS, so users can simply enjoy receiving and delivering the best e-learning opportunities available. e-Learning Platform School events are in red, class events in yellow, and personal events in green. The Homeroom “anchors” teachers and students with school announcements, a closed-circuit message system and a Homeroom Calendar of Events for the day, week and year. 6 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  7. 7. Delivering for educators and learnersAn online Grade Book that allows students and parents to access grades and login history in real time?Faculty members accessing shared documents in an exclusive Main Office? A Content Manager thatpermits the mixing and matching of acclaimed content with customized courses producedby teachers? With CaliQity, students and educators truly are in charge. Personalized Home Page with specific contact instructions. The Classroom is the main action section. Teachers host students, customize and manage all course content and resources, make and monitor assignments, and interact with students via dropboxes and discussions. CaliQity can be customized by the teacher, by the school, and by the district. Curriculum content is intuitively organized and easy to access Best available online curriculum content available. School ad- ministrations may change data within course or create custom courses, mixing and adding con- tent for ultimate flexibility 7
  8. 8. e-learning platformMessage Center offers exclusive featuresThe Message Center is a secure internal messaging system that can only be used within the CaliQitye-Learning Platform to communicate with other CaliQity users. It is best for K-12 students because thepermission process prevents inappropriate communication among users. In a traditional classroom, studentsare not left alone to communicate freely. The same is true with CaliQity’s Message Center. Traditional email fields like sender, subject, and date. Administrators control the communication process to ensure safe, appropriate communication between users. Teachers and administrators have the ability to allow or deny recipients’ ability to reply to each message. Tools for creating and managing messages. Exclusive with CaliQity, the Message Center allows for fully permission-based communication among students, teachers and administrators. Users utilize a rich-text editor for customized, dynamic messages. 8 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  9. 9. The Gradebook: Much more than just gradesTeachers can post grades for every class quickly and easily. Students can check them under the Gradebooktab, instantly. Exclusive with CaliQity is an Access Log to trace every student click, for increasedaccountability. No other e-learning system offers the innovative, intuitive tools of CaliQity’s Gradebook. Simplicity: pick a classroom and get the grades. The Gradebook’s Class Schedule is simple; The user selects a class to view grades for that class. Students are shown only the grades for classes in which they are enrolled. Detailed login times and click tracking – only with CaliQity. No online system approaches the comprehensive capabilities of CaliQity’s Access Log for showing detailed student access information. It shows every click students make in the system; every test they take, every lesson page they read, and every assignment they submit. Plus, all this information is archived for future reference. 9
  10. 10. curriculum marketplaceWhat is a virtual curriculum marketplace?Imagine a single source for locating, importing, storing, sharing, selling, and delivering a nearly endless sup-ply of electronic standards-aligned curriculum, courses, activities, and other learning objects.That’s a virtual curriculum marketplace! The combination of leading curriculum providers and educational technology has allowed CaliQity to further empower teachers and students. Teachers can use the standards-aligned courses and objects available through CaliQity, or they can create their own content – whichever best satisfies the needs of the school, the teacher, and (most importantly) the student. In effect, the CaliQity Platform serves as a giant supermarket, filled with standards‐aligned courses and learning objects. Curriculum directors, school administrators, teachers, and other educators can browse the courses from multiple providers and select the ones that are best for his or her class, school, district, state, or region. Regions, states, districts, and schools can choose multiple options for each course or subject, or they can choose just one. They can even choose to offer only free materials. Then, the districts, schools, or individual teachers can choose the options that are best for their specific situation. Teachers also can customize the courses to the specific needs of their classroom or a particular student. Once a teacher has searched and found the correct course, he or she can then use the CaliQity Learning Management System within the CaliQity Platform to teach their students in a traditional bricks‐and‐ mortar classroom, a distance‐learning program, or a hybrid environment. Quickly search for and browse through course offerings from multiple vendors See straight-forward pricing and license information Create a purchase order online! Visit marketplace.IQ-ity.com for detailed information about current vendors.10 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  11. 11. Why is it the ultimate content library?The CaliQity team of online educators has led the e-learning revolution in America for the past 10 years.Now, thanks to the CaliQity ReactorTM Repository and partnerships with award-winning curriculum provid-ers, CaliQity now offers an almost endless array of curriculum options, ensuring both content neutrality andCaliQity’s role as the industry leader. An effective curriculum marketplace requires many powerful tools working together: • Digital Rights Manager (DRM) allows the district or organization to have control A over the content, in addition to ensuring vendors’ content is protected and that the payment process is secure. • An Integrated Repository enables teachers to easily search for content by keyword or academic standard, and effectively drag and drop the learning objects into their classroom in a seamless manner, without leaving the classroom environment within the LMS. • A Robust/Feature-Rich Learning Management System (LMS) allows users to modify curriculum by reordering, renaming, enhancing, and adapting content to create a true prescriptive learning environment. • A Customizable LMS allows local schools, districts, or the state to meet specific educational needs. • Control Systems allow content to be controlled at the state, district, or local level. ’s marketplace offers all of this... ...and more! 11
  12. 12. IQity uA wealth of free, flexible training resourcesCaliQity staff will prepare your administrators and teachers for anything and everything via free, online trainingsessions tailored to your organization’s needs. Following training, your users will also have free, on-demand access toa myriad of instructional resources through the CaliQity U Learning Center.Engaging self-paced courses, comprehensive video tutorials, and intuitive reference manuals will aid new CaliQityusers and experts alike. Together with free live training, anyone can master CaliQity! Content is tailored around the user’s role in CaliQity There is no need to sift through piles of inappropriate articles. Users only see tutorials that apply to them. Tutorial Videos cover every process in the LMS, for all users Voice narration and real-time video make tutorials feel live! PDF Manuals are easy to navigate, save, and print Indexes are fully interactive, making the search for desired information a breeze. 12 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  13. 13. Personalized CaliQity Support is always freeThe CaliQity Support team is proud of their dedication to each and every client’s concerns. Whether e-mailingSupport or speaking with a familiar specialist on the phone, you will always feel like our most important client –because you are! E-mail You may have a question, a concern, a suggestion for new functionality, or you may simply be in need of a how-to refresher. Whatever you require, e-mailing support gets you attention from experienced CaliQity specialists. All e-mails are personally addressed and replied to within one business day. support@iq-ity.com Toll-Free Phone Sometimes, school administrators require immediate assistance with high-priority questions and concerns. Calling CaliQity’s toll-free number can provide live assistance and, most importantly, peace of mind. Weekdays 8:30 AM - 5 PM (855) 564-7151 For support outside of business hours, contact us at support@iq-ity.com CaliQity Tickets CaliQity Tickets is a powerful online support tool. Through a simple web interface, you can submit a support ticket easily and track its status in real time. Tickets are addressed by the same team managing your e-mail and phone communication, so there’s never a “disconnect.” Even better, when the ticket’s status changes, you will receive an e-mail automatically! Available to CaliQity Administrators 13
  14. 14. Why ? CaliQity offers more. In addition to enabling you to enroll students, make assignments, administer tests, track and calculate grades, and use all of the other expected functionality of a learning management system, CaliQity also offers an unmatched repository of learning objects through ReactorTM. Reactor does more. TM Reactor, the most comprehensive learning object repository in the world. It is fully integrated into CaliQity’s learning platform, and allows teachers to create and share curriculum content back and forth with teachers from around the state and across the nation. Reactor offers more. TM This ever-growing source of learning objects is fed from established, award-winning curriculum suppliers, as well as caring and experienced teachers from across the country. All of this content is reviewed, vetted, and rated by a team of experienced educators. Plus, teachers are encouraged to rate each object they use to benefit other teachers. Reactor empowers teachers. TM Reactor can be easily searched by keyword, state standard, or one of the many other search criteria, all from within CaliQity. Once the learning object is located, it simply can be dragged- and-dropped directly into the CaliQity classroom. Plus, CaliQity and Reactor allow teachers to customize existing learning objects or create their own. CaliQity is affordable. There is no extra hardware, software, or licenses to buy. In fact, even the CaliQity Learning Management System itself is free to school districts. The only necessary investment is a small per-student fee assessed when fee-based content is chosen. CaliQity is flexible. CaliQity is ideal for utilizing e-learning technology into a traditional classroom, for enabling effective distance learning, and for creating a powerful blended learning environment that combines the best of both worlds.14 For more information call 1-877-474-8966 or find us online at www.caliqity.org.
  15. 15. Who Does What?CaliQity is the platform through which districts and schools can provide e-learningopportunities to their students. The chart below explains who is responsible for what. Schools: • Provides a complete e-learning • Choose curriculum that’s best for platform and virtual school. their particular situation. • Features easy-to-use interface. • Create classes that fit their specific needs. • Provides access to award-winning curriculum. • Administer, manage, tailor and maintain the school’s CaliQity • Offers access to Reactor for environment. creating, accessing, and storing user-created curriculum. • Use the CaliQity e-Learning Platform to more effectively teach • Provides access to IQity U, students. CaliQity’s Learning Center, where you can access support materials • Have access to IQity U, and all ranging from interactive courses relevant training materials. to manuals and video tutorials. Minimum Technical Requirements for Using the CaliQity LMS 15
  16. 16. ™ is a unique and comprehensive online e-Learning Platform, including: • The most complete collection of integrated tools available for online and hybrid learning. • The Reactor™ Learning Object Repository, allowing vendors nationwide to offer the world’s first content-neutral curriculum marketplace. • Powerful administrative and course-authoring tools, at no additional cost. • Free training, support, and access to IQity U, CaliQity’s online reference library. The CaliQity e-Learning Platform is high-tech and low-hassle with top-notch hosting services of high reliability, security and availability. You can tailor the entire CaliQity platform to accommodate your school’s needs right down to your mascot. Our extremely competitive pricing will accommodate your school or district’s budget. Sign up for a live online demonstration at www.caliqity.org FIRST CLASS PRESORT US POSTAGE PAID COLUMBUS, OH PERMIT #2609440 W. Nationwide Blvd. Ste. 140Columbus, OH 432151-877-474-8966www.caliqity.orgpurchase@iq-ity.com