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Balan Inc_Press_Kit


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Balan Inc_Press_Kit

  1. 1. Balan Inc.the full service luxury lifestyle management agency
  2. 2. Initially conceived as an event-planning company, Balan Inc. has evolved into one of the most distinguished and renowned female owned luxury lifestyle agencies in the nation. Balan Inc. now exists as a three-component agency, with a multitude of capabilities: full service event planning, glam squad representation and a customized concierge service. Balan Inc. is the one-stop destination from the inception of an idea to the execution of it, no matter how large or small. Carline Balan and Michou St. Jules began Balan Inc. originally as event planners. As a result of their great success in planning clients’ extravagant celebrations, people started to seek the agency for personal service recommendations such as, personal chefs, wardrobe butlers, and much more. Balan and St. Jules seized the burgeoning opportunity and created a specialized concierge service. As the business expanded, Balan and St. Jules utilized their resources and decided to introduce another component of their company, a glam squad representation component. Today, Balan Inc. maintains exclusivity with some of New York and LA’s most sought-after stylists, designers, makeup artists, and photographers. Designing an image, pairing glam squads with clients, and creating a new identity for their clientele are their specialties. Balan Inc.‘s team will assist in shaping and designing your grandiose idea and transition it into a reality; whether it entails a chartered yacht to cruise the world, the creative production of a fashion show, styling the cover look of your favorite magazine or creating an extravagant party, mission possible. They truly are the masterminds behind the scenes. OUR STORY
  3. 3. COMPANY OFFERINGS Event Planning Our event planning team can take your event idea no matter how big or small and oversee everything to every minute detail. We specialize in focusing on the memorable tid-bits that make the event unforgettable. Concierge Our rolodex of resources and experts will lead you to getting anything and everything you want. The opportunities are limitless. Let us handle it for you, while you sit back and enjoy. Come explore our achievements and imagine what Balan Inc. can do for you! We thrive when facing new challenges and can assure you that we will deliver impeccable services and assist you in perfectly executing your vision, whatever it may be. . Glam Squad Our roister of celebrity wardrobe stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers use your body as their pallet and create spectacular works of art.
  4. 4. GLAM SQUAD Fashion Show Conceptualization Our creative fashion team can act as the visionaries for the showcase of your collection. Preparation for Specialized Events We have the best hair, make-up and clothing stylists in the business. We can help you look your best for any special occasion, this includes concerts, special appearances, editorial shoots, galas, couture shows and much much more.
  5. 5. EVENT PLANNING Pop-Up Shops We can turn any space into your ideal retail store. We know how to create a branded, buzz worthy, pop up shop that encompasses all of the components of your brand. We can bring in stylists, tailors and set the atmosphere with music and light refreshments. Big Birthday Blowouts Big birthday parties are our forte! We have been known to plan some of the best bashes in the industry. House Warming Parties We’ll invite your guests into the comfort of your home and make them feel comfortable and welcome while you entertain and show off your new residence. Themed Parties With an extensive resume of exceptional themed parties, nothing is impossible. We have done everything from era specific parties to creating deserts on rooftops in the winter, to staging mermaids swimming in a pool. Event Goodie Bags Let us utilize our relationships with established brands to get your guests all kinds of goodies to go home with.
  6. 6. CONCIERGE SERVICE Private Jet and Yacht Charters We can easily handle all of your transportation needs for your get-a-ways, business trips and concert tours. Wardrobe Butlers These fashion specialists will make sure that you make the best dressed list for your musical tour, book launch, speaking engagement and any other fashion forward obligation. Private Chefs We have a roister of exceptional private chefs that can construct menus for anything you could ever desire; from personalize day-to- day meals to a 400 person sit down dinner party. Interior Designers It’s important that your home is a reflection of you and acts as your sanctuary, we will call in the expert team to create any atmosphere that you desire.
  7. 7. CO-FOUNDER BIO Carline Balan Carline Balan has always known that she has what it takes to be a successful businesswoman. She has developed her career by establishing everlasting relationships and bringing her visions to full fruition. Being a determined visionary from day one; she started her first company, Black Raven Management while in college in 1997, a premature vision of Balan Inc. It’s simple to say that she has come quite a long way. Carline’s initial entertainment career interests were fully supported by The Boys and Girls club of New York, where she spent countless hours during her adolescence. With assistance from The Boys and Girls Club Carline landed her first internship at Elle magazine, after she discovered her interests in the music industry she then pursued an internship at Roc-A-Fella Records. Little did Carline know that her summer internship at Roc-A-Fella would jump start her future career in the music industry. After spending a decade and a half managing Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter’s life, as his lifestyle manager and running Balan Inc. simultaneously, she is now able to give her undivided attention to Balan Inc.; her first love. Carline and her business partner ‘Michou’ St. Jules are the Co-Owners of Balan Inc., the glam lifestyle agency. The two met while working at Roc-A-Fella records and, after initially  collaborating to  plan an unforgettable event, they later  decided over mac & cheese to start a business and never looked back. 11 years later, these two powerhouses are still trailblazing their way through the luxury lifestyle planning industry. Balan received her Associates degree in Broadcasting and Communications from Kingsborough College. Carline is also involved in a variety of civic causes. She currently serves on the board of Mary J. Blige’s foundation FFAWN (For the Advancement of Women Now), and is also a spokesperson and motivational speaker for both The Boys and Girls Club of New York and The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. On a more personal note, Carline considers herself an actress, cigar connoisseur, world traveler and collector of all fabulous art.
  8. 8. CO-FOUNDER BIO Michou St. Jules The fashion visionary in lifestyle planning, ‘Michou’ St. Jules has developed her career by bringing great minds together to create beautiful things. ‘Michou’ and her business partner Carline Balan are the Co-Owners of Balan Inc., the glam lifestyle agency. The two met while working at Roc-A-Fella records and, after initially collaborating to plan an unforgettable event, they later decided over mac & cheese to start a business and never looked back. Eleven years later, these two powerhouses are still trailblazing their way through the luxury lifestyle planning industry. St. Jules’s fashion background gives her the ability to envision new and innovative styles of clothing, make-up and hair. She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology and earned her degree in Fashion Merchandise Management. Prior to founding her own company, St. Jules spent her earlier years as a watch designer working for Kenneth Cole. She took risks and excelled exceptionally; at the young age of 20 her test watch design sold out in stores nationwide. While spending her time at Kenneth Cole she was responsible for seeing the execution of designs from start to finish; she designed pieces, chose materials and sourced manufactures in China. ‘Michou’ is also involved in a variety of civic causes. She currently serves on the board of Mary J. Blige’s foundation FFAWN (For the Advancement of Women Now). She also lends her time supporting various organizations including: (Work to Ride, Financial Literacy Program, Project Butterfly, Women’s Organization New York, and Meant to Mentor) Her personal interests include: traveling the world, volleyball, bowling, red wine, music, art, and documentaries.
  9. 9. CONTACT Balan Inc. 21 W 58th St Suite 5B NY, NY 10019 P 212-333-3522 F 212-572-9839 Public Relations